How to Forget about a Girl You Love who has a Boyfriend?


Getting someone is life to love is very lucky and it is luckiest to get loved back from that person. Not every one of us is that lucky. Sometimes we get late to find our soul mate and she already has someone else in her life. You can even try to get them apart if she is not with the right guy but if she is happy and satisfied with her current love life then it would be better to forget about that girl as it will be better for both of you. Indeed it would be tough but since you love her you will be able to do it in order to keep yourself happy and watch her happy as well. Read this article to forget about a girl you love who has a boyfriend.

How to forget about a Girl You Love who has a Boyfriend

Tips to forget about a Girl You Love who has a Boyfriend

1.) Know How Happy She is

You love a girl and therefore her happiness is the most important thing for you. You do not want her to be sad at any cost and you would also not like it if you will be the reason for her to have a breakup. She is already in a relationship and she is happy in her relationship therefore, you need to understand the fact that she deserves to stay with the guy with whom she is in a relationship.

You can try to look things from her point of view and check out if she is really happy or not? When you will find that she is having a happy time with her partner then you would feel satisfied watching her happy. Therefore it is very essential for you to know that she is happy and having a good time.

2.) Move on From Her to Forget Her

Moving on would be the best option to forget about a girl who has a boyfriend. Move and avoid her if that is what takes to move on from her. Do not keep on thinking about her every time and do not wait for her to give you attention. You can even try taking interest in someone else to forget about the girl you love. Stop behaving like a sad person and do not go into depression thinking about her.

You have your own life and you have to life it happily. Stop listening to sad songs and switch to better songs. Watching her pictures and listening romantic songs would also make you miss her more therefore, avoid doing such things. Listen to rock and hip hop music as it will divert your mind and keep you engaged.

3.) Find Someone Else to forget about a Girl You Love who has a Boyfriend

Yes it may be hard for you to get as perfect as her for you but this is not the end and she is happy with her partner. You need to find someone perfect for you too. You need to move on from her and finding a person to love would be the best option to do now. When you will find someone else then you will stop thinking about her and will start thinking about the new person you have in your life. Maybe you will find the better person and she will keep you happier. Start going on dates to forget about a girl who has a boyfriend.

4.) Have Fun to forget about a Girl who has a Boyfriend

Having fun would be the best way indeed to forget about a girl who has a boyfriend. Do not start living your life as there is nothing left in your life. Remember there are a lot of other girls out there and you have friends with you. Go out and have fun with your friends and your family members to have fun and stay happy. Try various ways to have fun and make your life easy. Do not forget to have a purpose in your life. Instead of keep thinking about her utilize your time to do some productive work and keep yourself busy staying happy. Do not wait for her to get you happy. Do not think that there would e no happiness in your life without her.

5.) Avoid Thinking Negative

This happens a lot when people tend to get rejected in love. This could even lead you to go into depression. It is wise to keep yourself happy and stay away from negative thoughts. Think about positive things and she is not the world therefore even if she is not with you have to stay positive and stop thinking that you are not attractive or you are good enough to get a girl in your life.

6.) Stop Saying Yes to forget about a Girl You Love who has a Boyfriend

When we love someone it gets hard for us to say no to that person. But you need to learn how to say no to her to move on and to forget her. Yes, it would be hard to say no to the person you love but this is an efficient way to stay away from her and forget her easily. Stop doing her favors and stop treating her as if she is the most important person in your life. You have got to hold your emotions for her to forget about her.

7.) Maintain Distance to Forget about a Girl You Love who has a Boyfriend

The more you will see her the more you will think about her and the harder it will be for you to forget her. When you want to forget the girl you love then start maintaining a bit distance with her. Do not stop contacting her all at once start doing it slowly. It would be a great way to forget your feelings for her. You need to live your life without her as seeing her daily would give you pain and make you unhappy. You can take few steps initially to forget about a girl you love who has a boyfriend. Stop seeing her daily even if she asks to meet you can say no. Avoid calling and texting her on a regular basis without any important work.

8.) Stop Giving her Importance to forget about a Girl You Love who has a Boyfriend

You need to stop doing that right away. If you think that she is the most important person in your life then you are in a big trouble. It will be hard for you or almost impossible for you to stop loving her if you will carry on with your thoughts; to forget a girl you need to stop keeping her on your top list and you need to give importance to other people in your life. You should start thinking about the people who love you when you will give her priority.

9.) Do not get Stuck to Past

Maybe you both had great time together in the past but that is not what you need to think about all the time. You have to look forward not to stay in the past to keep yourself happy and forget the girl you love fast. Do not wait for her thinking that she will come to you someday. She is happy in her life with her partner and you need to move on in your life and leaving past behind is a great way to do that.

10.) Think You Deserve Better to forget about a Girl You Love

Telling yourself that she was not good enough for you would help you to get over a girl you love who has a boyfriend. Try to think of something which you did not find good about even a stupid thing would do and think about getting a better person in your life than her. Thinking you deserves better would higher up your spirit and you will also not feel sad about letting her go. Have thoughts in your mind meeting a perfect girl whenever you think about her shift to the imaginary perfect girl in your thoughts and have faith to get her someday.


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