How to Get Him Back?


It is one of the hardest pain to deal with having a breakup with someone you love. Those who have never felt it can’t empathize this pain. Those painful feelings are not easy to deal with and you can not make others feel your pain too. But do not worry as the good news is that these feelings don’t have to last long and you can get your ex-boyfriend back faster if you work a bit hard. There are few proven strategies which you can start implementing immediately to get him back. You can get him back it doesn’t matter how terrible your past with him and no matter whatever was the cause of your breakup. Nothing is impossible in this world and you can learn to win him back and get him.

How to Get Him Back

Steps to Get Him Back

1.) Analyze the whole Breakup Part to Get Him Back

What was the cause of the break up what each of did which reached you both to this stage? In most of the relationship, troubles are built over time and they do not come out of a sudden. If it was not a one-sided problem or if it was your ex’s fault and you are ready to forgive him then only use this way. Take some time before reaching the conclusion and do some self-assessment before you attempt to get your ex back.

First be sure that you are not going after something which does not deserve your time and energy. If it was your fault then try to be a better person and think if you can really avoid doing what caused your breakup?

  • It is important to know who caused the breakup. Do not analyze with one-sided fact as most of the time people ignore to see their faults.
  • Know the reasons and analyze if it is good to back into the relationship with the same person.

2.) Be Sure if You Really want Him Back?

Breakups are never easy to handle especially when you loved that person. It is important to think whether you really want to get your boyfriend back or not? If you just want to get back together only because you are sad or feeling lonely then you probably should think about it. Just because you miss being in a relationship does not mean you should be with him.

These feelings are temporary and will go away eventually, although it may take some time to forget about your relationship. If you genuinely care for your ex and you can see yourself having a future with him and therefore want to get back together, then it would be better not to give up on him.

  • If you were not happy in the relationship and your boyfriend never valued your presence in your life then you need not go back in the relationship.
  • When you feel that you can do better and it was his fault which caused the breakup and it was not a silly mistake then also, you should be careful before getting into a relationship.

3.) Stay Alone for a While to Get Him Back

The end of a relationship is often devastating, it’s best to give yourself and your ex some space and time away from each other before you try to get back together. Remember, it was not easy for both of you and therefore you both need to heal a bit before getting back together. It will also make you both realize what you really want?

  • You do not need to start the feeling of hatred for each other as it might make the situation hard for both of you. If you both go to the same school or college then do not avoid him bitterly and even if you both are not in good terms still do not try to completely avoid him badly.
  • Let your ex know that you both can get a bit time to think and analyze the whole situation.
  • Giving him space might also make him realize that how much you are important in his life.

4.) Apologize if You Did Wrong to Get Him Back

There is nothing wrong in apologizing if you were at fault. Stop giving your ego importance more than your relationship. May times people tends to say things at the end of the relationship or during the break-up, that they might not mean and regret after saying it. It’s never too late to apologize of your wrong doings.

  • If the break-up was the result of your actions and you were the cause of it, then you should definitely take the first step to apologize. Your ex may like the fact that you know your mistakes and he may even try to forget all that happened in the past.
  • Realizing and accepting mistakes makes a relationship happier and it is also the secret of a long-term relationship.

5.) Improve Yourself to Get Him Back

In this world, everything which does not keep changing and adapting gets destroyed. You should analyze what are your shortcomings and what you could do to be a better person. Now is the time if you want to make any changes otherwise, it can be too late. Take this breakup as an opportunity to improve yourself and try to become the best version of you that you can be.

  • Do not anything or any improvement just for your ex, rather do it for yourself. If you are not happy with your look then get a better-toned body and he will be glad that you have done such efforts. It is also a great way to attract your ex towards you.
  • Start doing something which you always wanted to do or which will help you to enhance your personality for better.

6.) Find Out if Your Ex is Still Interested

Before going further and start trying to win back your ex’s heart, you need to know whether your ex is still interested you or not? Try to know if your ex still cares about you or is interested or not as is the fist and foremost step. To find if your ex is still interested and has not moved on you need to take help from your mutual friends.

  • Wait for a good period of time to let your ex heal but do not make it too long as he might move on.
  • Breakup or patch up does not matter if feelings are still there. If you find that your ex is still interested then do not waste your time and try to get him back as soon as possible.
  • You can even initiate to have a conversation to know how ex feels about you.

7.) Have a Fresh Start to Get Him Back

Start everything new, initiate Contact When you’re ready to start spending time with your ex again. Casually ask him if he’d like to go out with you as friends.

You can ask him to have a drink with you, or can attend any sporting event or can watch a movie. When you go out with him act like a friend, not as a girlfriend.

  • Do not beg in front him to get back into the relationship. Do not show him that you are very desperate to be with him.
  • Have a talk when you feel like you both are comfortable with being each other. Talk about your relationship when you start feeling comfortable in each other’s company.

8.) Casually Hang Out with Your Ex

Do not commit in the start just casually hang out with your ex in the starting even when you both agree to get back together. Go slowly towards each next step as anything which might evoke your temper can be harmful to your rebuilding relationship. Behave like friends in the start and make each other realize how much both mean to each other.

  • Any relationship with firm base has long life to live. Friendship is a great base for any relationship therefore, be great friends first.
  • This would also give you a feeling of having a totally new relationship.


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