How to Win a Girl Back?


Winning a girl back can be more complicated than getting her in the first place. To get a girl back you need to be better than you used to be. She knows your flaws and where you lack therefore getting her back would be tougher than catching the eye of a new girl. You have got to show her how much you have changed for good. Read this article to win a girl back for sure.

How to win a girl back

Tips to Win a Girl Back

1.) Start with a Text to Win a Girl Back

Seldom absence causes the heart to become affectionate but in other circumstances, it creates that heart to try out for a different person. Do not call her first. Start with a sweet text, not one that will make her think that you are desperate to get her back. Recall about anything that you experienced mutually that might warm her heart. For instance, you can say that you were listening to songs and suddenly heard that song which you used to sing for her and it reminded you of her. With it, you can ask her how she is doing? If she replies that means she also wants to get back or maybe she still has feelings for you.

2.) Give Her Time to Win a Girl Back

The initial task you should do is to give the girl some alone time. If you begin beating down her door and calling her every five minutes she’ll only pull distant away from you. If you had a serious relationship then you will need to give her more time to settle her thoughts.

  • Do not bother calling her every now or then. It might upset her and she can get bored with you.
  • If you see her publicly, be polite and say hi, but make it obvious that you are not bothering her.
  • Do not let the gap be too much or else you may lose her. Keep her on the hook but do not keep bothering her every time with your messages.

3.) Apologize for Your Fault

If you truly desire her to get back, then you have to be the man and apologize for whatever you did wrong. If you were the one who hurt her then probably she would want to stay away from you to not get hurt. Take responsibility for your actions like a man and say sorry to her. Nothing is wrong in apologizing for your wrong deeds and that does not make you any less manly.

  • When you go to apologize to your girl then you need to do it in person. You are the man and take responsibility for your action. Do not email or text her that you are feeling sorry for your actions because it shows that you are not much sorry for your action.
  • When you apologize to her then you should look her in the eye. Do not apologize because that is what you should do, but apologize because you really are sorry for your actions.
  • When you apologize, be specific and give her details which she wants to know. Give her proper attention and make her feel that you are really sorry. When she will feel that you really are sorry then she will forgive you.
  • Do not lose hope if she takes time to think about it and does not forgive you instantly.

4.) Do Not Beg to Win a Girl Back

Begging does not work if it would have then everybody would have begged to get back into the relationship. Whatever the reasons were for breaking up it cannot be mend by just begging it will only make you look miserable. Begging will make you look weak and you will start losing your self-confidence. This will even make your ex look superior and she will think that you are not right enough for her.

5.) Change Yourself Positively to Win a Girl Back

Making a certain difference in your physical condition is going to give you a new appearance. You are going to feel different and you are going to feel better. And when your ex sees you after the no connection time, she is gonna notice a different you. Few things you can do are as follows.

  • Go get a new look by getting a haircut. Find out the look which will suit you the best and get that.
  • Join a gym and get a perfect toned body. A body that your ex would die for. This will help you to get the attention of your ex. Doing exercise on a regular basis will keep you happy as well as it releases endorphins which make you feel better.
  • If you feel your style is boring then buy new clothes according to latest style. Wear dresses which will make you look good and also you should feel comfortable wearing it.

6.) Analyze Your Relationship

You recently had a breakup and you are feeling miserable. Therefore, you want to get back together with your ex. Maybe this is right for you and you ex. You should try to move on instead of trying to get back. Try to figure it out if it is really a good option for you to get back together with your ex? If your relationship with your ex was not pleasing or if it was abusive then it is better to move on from that person. Getting again together would not make it any good. Unless your ex has realized her fault and she wants to improve herself, do not go back with her.

  • Every relationship has problems and couple often face ups and downs. It does not mean one will break up, if you broke up that does mean that you must be facing a really hard time and think if it would be wise to suffer all that again?

7.) Show Her that You Have Become Better

One should always keep on progressing in their life. If you feel that you can be better then go for it. There must be many things in which you can improve. Make you ex see that you are not the same person you used to be in fact you are the best version of yourself. If your ex complaint that you are not mature enough then show her your mature side. Remember things which she did not like about you and if those issues were genuine then try to change it. Convince her that you are a completely different person and do not convince her by telling it but by showing it to her.

  • Be confident to go again in front of her.
  • Be a responsible person and show her that you are good at your job to make her like you again.
  • Try to avoid doing things which she hated about you.

8.) Make a Move

Once you know that it is best descion for you and you feel like she also responds well then try to move ahead. Tell her how you feel about your breakup. Maybe she is also feeling miserable and she wants to get back too. Tell her about your feelings as any good place where you know she will listen to you without being distracted. Tell her with confidence otherwise, she may not take you seriously. Be honest while sharing your problems.

9.) Confess Your Feelings to Win a Girl Back

If she accepts to give you another try then make her feel how much you have missed her. This will help you to make her feel your emotions and she may actually start thinking of getting back together. Opening your heart out to her will also make her feel that you really love her a lot. Once you reach to this stage start asking her out again and hang out together often. This time, do not repeat the same mistake.


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