How to Make Him Miss You?


Few times in relationships, you and your partner become so close that the fire starts to dim. The excellent way to rekindle the sparkle is to make him miss you and do not forget what was it that made him fall for you in the first place. You can easily make your ex-boyfriend or your boyfriend miss you. You just need to remember what it was like when the relationship was going great. To make him miss you despite the reason, create some distance, talk less, and use implied hints like the scent, and willfully forgotten belongings to make him miss you when you are not with him. Very soon, your man will be longing for you and will crave for the same passion again.

How to Make Him Miss You

Steps to Make Him Miss You

1. Get Someone Else

To make him miss you try to move your attention from him to someone else. When you will focus on something else then you will think of something else more than him. It will make you talk less to him and eventually will make him miss you more. Live your life the way you want and dress classy. It does not mean that you should start seeing someone else. It only means that you should try to start spending time with someone else to divert your mind.

2. Dress Great to Make Him Miss You

Dress to impress is common but you should dress to make him miss you. When you will dress sexy and hot it will be hard for him to resist you. Girl in a sexy and hot avatar is every guy’s weakness. If he will see you in a great look he will not be able to keep you out of his mind.

3. Limit Online Activities

If you are the one who is always online then you should stop doing it. Otherwise, he may check you out on social networking site and this way he will never miss you. Try to limit how much time you spend online. Social media feels people connected and that way they will never feel like missing you.

If you will be less socially active then they may find that you are not in their reach and they may start missing you. Limiting communication in every form will help you to make him miss you. If you are talking to him online then there will be no use of it.

4. Be Mysterious to Make Him Miss You

Do not tell him everything about yourself when you meet a guy. Do not tell him about you when you meet and talk to him. Reveal yourself one by one. If you will tell him all about himself at once he will not bother about knowing you more. Tell him about you one by one and keep him asking you for more. Make you curious about you and leave him wanting for more to get a guy to like you really fast. This will excite him to know more about you and he will think of you which will make him miss you.

5. Wait for Him to Call or Text

Do not call him always or text him first if he does not reply do not bother to text or call him again. When he will get free he will call you. If you will keep on trying to talk to him then you are not giving him any time to think about you or miss you. When you want to make a guy miss you try to do things which will make him think of you more and by continuously texting or calling him you are not going to do that.

Even when he answers do not pick on the first ring, you can even let it ring and let it go to the voicemail. Do not sound as you were available but pretend as if you were really busy. Also, do not reply to his text as soon as you get it, let him wait for a while. When he will wait for your response and to talk to you then you will miss him more.

6. Leave Things with Him

Another method to get somebody to miss you is by forgetting behind your trivial yet precious things at his place. For instance, when you are away, noticing your belonging as an earring, bracelet or even hair clip can keep you running in his memory every now and then, and therefore, is one of the best ways to make someone miss you. This is certainly a typical and reasonable way of getting him misses you when you are not with him. Furthermore, when you perform such smart gesture, he will not only miss you but will also keep waiting to meet you again for giving back that thing.

7. Leave Him Notes to Make Him Miss You

One other way to make him miss you is by writing a small note to him and putting it quietly inside your man’s car or room or any place before you leave. When he will spot it later he will start missing you immediately. You can write anything on a note before leaving his place and keep it behind his bed when he will find it he will call you to tell you that he got it. It will make him feel good and he will also love this action of yours.

8. Show Him Your Worth to Make Him Miss You

A guy would not miss you if he would think of you as something not precious. Generally, guys do not want to waste their time on something which is not any use of them. If you really want to make a guy miss you then try to show him that you are worthy. Once he will see your worth he will never let you go. Guys like to go after things which are out of their league. Show him that you are not an easy bait and they will take it as a challenge. When he will take you as a challenge then he will try anything to get closer to you. This will make him think about you more and if he would not be able to contact you he will miss you.

9. End the Conversation First

Girl if you are the one who always tries to keep on talking and he is the one who ends the conversation then you should stop doing it right now. This way you are being easy and you will not find him getting interested in you. Try to get him interested in you and leave him for more to make him miss you. Do not reply to him as soon as you get the text and also be the one to end the conversation first. You may be are all over him and wants to talk more with him as much as you can but this might make him disinterested in you. While texting if he replies late then tell him to talk to next time and first to finish his work. This way he will also give you more attention.

10. Stay Happy with Yourself

This is probably the best advice if you want to make a guy miss you. Be a woman who does not need any guy to make him happy and you can get any guy you want. To make a guy miss you show him that you do not need him for your happiness. Also, do not be happy to show him be happy because you deserve it. Do things which make you happy. Keep yourself engaged. When he will see you happy with yourself then he would want to join you too. Everyone wants to live with a happy person in their life. People who wait for someone else to make them happy never gets happy. You are the one who is responsible for your happiness.


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