How to Make Your Guy Friend Want to Date You?


You like your guy friend and wants him to like you back maybe he likes you back too but is shy to get forward. It happens when two people are good friends then even when they develop feelings for each other they tend to hide due to the fear of losing their friendship. Maybe he is the one meant to be with you and he is perfect for you. If you think he likes you and you are sure about it then it is easier to make your guy friend want to date you but if he does not look at you like that then you will have to work up a bit to make your friend like you and to ask you out for a date.

How to Make Your Guy Friend want to Date You

Steps to Make Your Guy Friend Want to Date You

1.) Flirt with Him to Make Your Guy Friend Want to Date You

Your flirting will give him hints that you do not just want to be his friend. Maybe you both are friends from a longer time since when you were a kid but now you both have grown up and now you should change the way you have always interacted with him to make him feel about your feelings. If you will not show him that you have feelings for him then you might get stuck in the friend zone forever and he will start dating someone else. Send him flirting texts in the late night to make him feel how you feel for him.

Whenever you meet him instead of doing your old way of meeting start smiling and make an eye contact with him. You can even flirt physically with him to make him feel your emotions. You can hug him if you always meet with a hug then make it more romantic this time by hugging him longer.

2.) Compliment Him to Make Your Guy Friend Want to Date You

If you have never complimented your guy then start complimenting now. Your compliments will tell him that you are different from before and he might get hints that you have special feelings for him. Tell him that he is cute and it would be a hint for him that you are interested in dating him. Do not give fake compliments your compliments should be genuine to make your guy friend want to date you. Do not tell him directly yet, just give him hints and let him think more about you. Compliment him about his looks, talents, intelligence whatever attracts you the most.

3.) Initiate Touch to Make Your Guy Friend Want to Date You

Try to make contact with him as much as possible. Guys love it when girls make physical contact with them. Make bold moves and hug him for longer whenever you see him, while watching a movie cuddle up next to him. Do not be afraid to initiate the physical touch. While talking touch his arm and for an extra bolder move you can sit on his lap. If you feel him getting uncomfortable then smile and pretend that there was nothing bad in it. Stay cool and confident while making physical touch. You can even kiss on his cheeks when you feel happy or while complimenting him about his looks.

4.) Look Jaws Dropping

Whenever you go to meet him dress great. If you want to make your guy friend want to date you then looking jaws dropping is the only option. When his friends will get after you, he might even get jealous and start feeling something for you. When only both of you go out together then put extra efforts in your dressing style to make him feel that you have dressed up for him. This will make him feel special in your eyes. Stand tall and maintain a good posture. Smell good as it is easier to draw guys towards you when you smell great.

5.) Do not Hang Out in Groups

If you guys will keep on hanging out in a group then you will never be able to make him feel about your feelings for him. Either hang out alone with him or hang out with you girlfriends to make him miss you. Also, it would be better if you would keep other guys out of your conversation while hanging out with him. Do not make him feel that you are interested in other guys or he would never think of dating you as he would not think that you are interested in him. Hanging out in a group will narrow your chances to make him fall for you therefore, it is better if just both you hang out together.

6.) Go on Dates to Make Your Guy Friend Want to Date You

Do not directly ask him for a date but set it up like that. Go out with him for a dinner and spend time alone with him. It may trigger his senses that you are a social person in his life. When there will be no one else then his all attention will be on you. When you both will spend more alone time then there will be greater chances for him to develop special feelings for you. Do not act nervous when you ask him out. You are friends and you can ask him out whenever you want. He will not feel awkward or weird.

7.) Find Out About His Dream Girl

Try to know what kind of girl he wants to have in his life. Ask him questions about the girl he would like to date and it will give him hints about your intentions. Know what is most important for him in his dream girl and which qualities can be considered. Guys are very bad in understanding hints therefore, you will have to ask him directly about his dream girl type. Try to be the girl he wants to have. Ask him a lot of questions which will give you a fair idea of what kind of girl he wants to be spending his life with.

8.) Behave Like His Girlfriend

Act like you both are in a relationship. Ask him how his day was and support him in his sport, games or competitions in whichever he is active. Care for him and ask him how is he feeling? Show interest in the things he shows interest. Ask him how was his day and if he is feeling alright or not? Give him priority whenever you are with him. Also give him full attention when you are with him. When you will act like his girlfriend then he will start thinking you as one.

9.) Give Him Hints About Your Feelings

Let him know how you feel about him by giving him hints. Tell him how great it would be if you both were together. Make him realize that he is missing out a great girl. After telling things pass on a grin or a wicked smile to put him in confusion. When you see other couples then tell him that “we are better than them”. These types of direct hints would make him think for you more than just friends. Ask him questions “if we were a couple” type questions to give him a direct hint and to make him feel what is going on in your mind.

10.) Ask Him Out Directly

If he has not made any move then it is time for you to take actions. Tell him how you feel for him, do not give any more hints and tell him that you can be a great couple together. Make him feel how much special he is to you and make him realize that you guys will be the best couple around. There is nothing wrong in giving a chance to each other. You are already a great friend and you will have better understanding and chemistry. Ask him out for a date being serious this time, if he hesitates to go into a relationship then tell him that you both can be friends again if it won’t work out that way.


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