How to Get Girls to Like You?


You finally met a girl who is amazing, beautiful, intelligent and even matches your crazy level. Of course, you want her to be in your life and be a part of your world too. To get girls to like you, first of all, do not be very much nervous to impress her or that way you can scare her off. Also, try to stay away from getting into friend zone as nothing is more important than that. To know how to get girls to like you better read this article as we have sorted the best tips to do so.

How to Get Girls to Like You

Steps to Get Girls to Like You

1.) Understand what Girls Wants?

It is a good idea to know how and what makes girls most happy and what they desire most from a man. Getting to know what girls want, in general, will also help you to impress a particular girl when you will need to. The more girls like you in general, the better you have chances to impress any particular girl whenever ou want.

  • A lot of myths out there about things that girls don’t like which are not true such as being a nice guy, being sensitive, etc. Do not believe in those myths.

2.) Stay Approachable

When you strive to get a girl’s attention, then you have to make it look like you are really interested in her. You may not consider it as a big factor but you’ll be amazed by how unapproachable you may look just because you’re nervous about approaching to the girl and it may make hard for girls to approach you. If you want a girl to like you, then you should act like you’re not too much busy,  try to stay cool this way girls will be attracted towards you. If any girl tries to approach you then do not use your phone, stop looking around, and give her your full attention by focussing on her. Few tips to look approachable are added below.

  • Do not forget to smile at girls or any girl who passes by you.
  • Don’t stand around with your arms crossed rather using open body posture would be helpful.
  • Keep a friendly facial expression. Do not look too serious.
  • Do not look nervous.

3.) Non-Verbal Attraction

Non-verbal ways can be the best way to show that you are interested in girls. Most of the men believe that they know exactly how body language works and how to use it right in order to attract any woman but they are not right most of the time. If you are also one of them and still striving to get positive results then you are obviously doing it wrong and needs some improvements. WhenI you show right body language then you will not have to work too hard to get any girl’s attention. If you can get a girl’s attention without speaking to her then you can make her like you more. There are many ways which would help you to attract women such as given below.

  • Dressing neat and properly can help you to grab any woman’s attention.
  • Showing confidence in your actions can help you to attract girls easily.

4.) Be Yourself to Get Girls to Like You

When you try to be someone else, she may love the fake you. There is nothing wrong in becoming better and improving yourself. If you feel like that you can improve yourself and you can be a better version of you then you should definitely do it but do not copy someone else as you may lose yourself. If you are not being yourself, then girls will be able to find out and she won’t be impressed with your true self maybe she doesn’t even know who you really are. Remember that, you have to make fall for you, not for someone else.

  • If you are embarrassed about any of your characteristics then you need to keep it yourself in the beginning. Let her like you for who you are.
  • Start loving yourself and try to be a better person than copying someone else.

5.) Have a Proper Communication

Communication is a very important part in any form of relationship. If you can communicate well and you are good at reaching your thoughts to the person sitting in front of you then you can easily get girls to like you. Work on your communications skills to make girls to like you. Try to hide your nervousness even if you are a lot nervous and show confidence while talking to a girl. A meaningful conversation will make girls like you and you can win them easily. Girls like guys who can talk maturely and are firm with their decisions. To have a proper communication try talking with strangers, smile at them and they will smile back at you. It will build your confidence and you will be very good at it. To have a Good communication follow these tips.

  • Give proper attention to whatever she is saying.
  • Do not forget to give your feedback whenever required.
  • Make her feel that you are fully attentive towards her.

6.) Show Your Funny Side

Girls want a guy that have an ability to turn their mundane day into an interesting one, girls like to have some fun. Make girls see that you are a guy who goes out with, who makes them laugh, and is easy to have fun with. No one likes a person who is always complaining about something and spoiling the whole mood. Given below are few ways to be fun to be around:

  • Do something adventurous and funny. Plan a group outing to make girls get attracted to you. Be the guy who is always active and have new ideas to have fun. Do something which is wild and crazy and you will be like by every girl.
  • Try not to be a complaining guy and do not say no to trying new things. Do not be prejudiced about any game without playing it.
  • You can even joke about yourself to make people laugh and this will differentiate you from others.

7.) Give Compliments to Get Attracted to Girls

If you really want to get girls to like you, then you have to know how to give her a meaningful and a genuine compliment. Complimenting casually about common things would not relate her with you. If you will give compliments like she is looking very hot then probably won’t win her over because it won’t make her feel like you really do not mean what you are saying. To get girls to like you, you need to make them feel special. Be a careful observer to get attracted to girls. Few compliments which would make her immensely happy are:

  • “You are a kind-hearted person.”
  • “You smile is the best things in the world and can make anyone smile.”
  • “Your eyes speak what is in your heart and it shows you have such a clear and pure heart.”
  • “I am lucky that I have met you in my life.”
  • “You can cheer up anyone. How can you be so great at it”

8.) Do not be Easy to Get

If you do not show to girls that you are a challenge and they have to win you over then you cannot be attracted by any women you want. Men who are mature and experienced know that women do not like it too easy.Even if you give compliment then she may get flattered but she will not get attracted to you because of just a compliment. Do not be easy and desperate to get her attention. Never make a girl feel that you want her when this is your first time meeting her.


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