How to Know If a Guy Likes You?


After writing how to get a boyfriend?, how to get a guy to like you?, and sign a guy likes you, we are now writing how to know if a guy likes you? Sarah walks in the park every morning, and find some guy stares at her from the corner. Jane has a crush on David (the handsome hunk of her college) but she does not know if he feels the same. In both the situation, one thing is common and both do not know that the guy likes them or not. Both Sarah and Jane may be curious to know if they are liked by someone. So, we tell you the signs to know if a guy likes you or not.

Know if a guy likes you

Different Ways to Know If a Guy Likes You Or Not:

1.) Examine Body Language to Know if a Guy Likes You

If a guy likes you, this will also be reflected in his behavior. So, notice of  any change in behavior or attitude of the person. The change in body language will give you the hint to know if a guy likes you. This is very easily noticeable. He might fumble whenever he comes before you, or may do stupid things that might cause your attention. Some body language signs may include following:

  • He stares and look for you very often.
  • Check out his gestures while sitting.
  • Check out if he leans towards you a lot.

2.) Know if a Guy Likes You by Making Eye Contact

Make an eye contact with him. If he likes you, you will notice this affection in his eyes. He might be shy as well to take his eyes off you. So, let the eyes do the talking. If he breaks the eye contact and starts looking somewhere else, then maybe he is shy or not interested in you.

3.) Feel Nervousness to Know if a Guy Likes You

While talking to you, see if he gets nervous. If he likes you, he may become nervous to express and show it out. You can easily find this out while you talk to him.

4.) Look For Excuses 

If he likes you, he might also look for an excuse to talk to you. So, he may give nonsense excuses for this. You may also see him appear wherever you go.

5.) Notice The Compliments

See if the guy gives you compliments every now and then. This shows his interest in you. Notice all his positive compliments are turning towards flirting with you then it’s easy to know if a guy likes you or not.

6.) Makes You Feel Special

If the guy really likes you, he will also do something to make you feel special. This might come as a gift, or a card, or maybe even a bigger surprise. If he does not compliment you then don’t get disheartened as some guys are not straight forward in giving out compliments very frequently.

7.) Know If a Guy Likes You by Request Following

On an advanced stage of this liking process, the guy might express his interest to do anything you say. This clearly shows his affection and love for you. So, if a guy eagerly does something you say, or always try to help you out, then he might also be the one who likes you. However, this is also true for a friend. Therefore, judge yourself if it is friendship or something else. If he always tries to do whatever you say then it is a sign maybe he likes you. Since guys have a huge ego for not being governed by anyone but still he listens and acknowledge things said by you.

8.) Check Out Perception About You and Other Girls

See how your guy talks to you and the other girls and notice the difference. You can easily figure this out if he really likes you. He may act protective towards you than others around. Try to analyse his nature, whether he is flirting with every girl around or only with you. You can ask your friend to observe him and his actions when you are not around.

9.) Measure His Affection

How often do you guys meet? Once a week? Twice? Or daily? His interest to meet you every now and then shows his affection towards you. He prefers talking to you than going out with his friends, which is a clear indicator to know that a guy likes you. He starts showing interest in things you like to do which previously he did not like when you mentioned.

10.) Try Stalking to Know if a Guy Likes You

If you are really too desperate to know if your guy likes you, then you can start stalking him. Well, stalking does not mean to interfere too much in his personal area, but you can get a lot of information on the social media, if he has one. Facebook will be a great idea in this case. You can be friends with him on Facebook and start stalking! Or even you can check may be he would be stalking you and happen to be there wherever you go.

11.) Check His Interest in Touching You

Feeling each other physically is an important sign in a relationship and to check his feelings while touching you. He may hug you while greeting or expressing his feelings. If he is a shy guy then maybe he would never initiate to touch you. If the guy is a playboy he would never leave any occasion to touch you or feel you. Check out for playboys if they are same with others around. If he touches you mildly and protects you from everything around when you are in a crowded place or crossing the road, these are a few signals that the guy likes you.

12.) Know if a Guy Likes You From his Friends

Often it has been seen that whenever a guy likes a girl, he discusses it with his friends. So, knowing from his friends is also a way to know if a guy likes you for real. You can directly ask their friends if they know something about it or you can interrogate them. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel very comfortable to ask all by yourself, then you can ask your friends to help you out. See if any of his friends makes a comment that the guy likes you a lot.

Additional Tips to Know if a Guy Likes You:

  • Guys love challenges so don’t be easy for him to sweep you off your feet.
  • Don’t talk about the things which upsets him.
  • Try to tease him with a few things.
  • Be friendly with him.
  • Don’t misread his signals.
  • Compare his body language when he is with his friends and when he is around you.