Sign a Guy Likes You


When a person likes someone then their body language tells about it. To know if a guy likes you or not you need to know the signs which guys shows when they like someone. Guys are very bad at hiding their crush and they tend to get emotionally attached to the one they like. When a guy will like a girl then he will be extra careful and possessive for that girl. You will see changes in his behavior towards that girl. If a guy likes you then he will tend to be extra possessive towards you. There are a lot of signs which will help you to find out whether a guy feels something for you or not. We have assorted some major and common sign a guy likes you in this article read on to know more.

Sign a Guy Likes You

Read Sign a Guy Likes You

1.) He is Extra Careful when it Comes to You

If a guy likes you he will be very much careful towards you. He will take care whether you are feeling comfortable or not? He will try to make you feel comfortable and will look if you are feeling good or not. You will find him getting extra careful towards you. You might find him holding your hand while crossing the road or getting coffee for you when you feel sleepy. If he has never done this before to anyone and he is doing all these for you then is it a great sign a guy likes you. He will also check if you reached home safely or not and will check up on you when you will not go to school, college or office.

2.) He Tries to Spend Time with You

You will watch him making plans to go out with you; you will also find him in most of your plans because he made it. Whenever you go out in your mutual friend’s group then you will definitely find him there and most of the time he would be the one hosting the party. He would ask you out often either in the group or alone just as friends. You will find him asking you out about your weekend plans.

You will find many excuses from him like he is having an extra ticket or ask help from you in shopping or anything which would require you to go out with him. When you feel like he tries to spend most of his time with you then it is a great sign a guy likes you.

3.) You will be His Center of Attention

Does not matter if you are in school, college or a working woman if a guy likes you he will keep you his center of attention. Guys like to have one goal at a time and unlike girls, they do not like to keep busy with too many things. When you will see that you are the center of attention for a guy then probably he has fallen for you. It will be clearer when you will be in a group and he will be standing close to you and keeping the focus on your needs. These are clear signs to tell if a guy likes you or not.

4.) He Shows These Body Language Signs

a.) Makes Eye Contact

Making eye contact is a good way to tell a person that you are interested in them. You will find him making a lot of eye contact with you. Many times you might have caught him watching you. It is a great sign to notice to make it clear if a guy likes you or not. Try to look at him and see if he holds the gaze or not? If he is a shy guy then probably he would get nervous and break the eye contact and if he is not the nervous type then he may even hold the gaze for few seconds.

b.) Smiles a Lot

If he is into you, you will also find him welcoming you with a huge grin daily. Whenever you will catch his eyes you will see him smiling seeing you. You will feel the happiness in his eyes when he will see you after a long time. This is also a great sign to tell a guy likes you.

c.) Sign a Guy Likes You; Stand Closer to You

When a guy likes a girl then it becomes hard for him to stay away from his girl. To know if a guy likes you look how often he tries to make a physical touch. If he cannot do a hug you will see him doing handshake on a daily basis. If he is bit bold then he might even try to hug you and pretend as it was nothing big. In a group he would be standing near to you even in a crowded place you will find him holding your hand and standing next to you.

5.) Sign a Guy Likes You; He Treats You Differently

To know if a guy likes you see if he behaves differently with you or not? When a guy likes a girl then he automatically becomes different towards her knowingly or unknowingly. You will watch his behavior changed towards you different than he behaves with other girls. He may be very cool in front of others and can easily get nervous in your company or vice versa. He will be more concerned towards you than others. He can act cooler in front of you or he may actually be a cool person and can be a quiet person in front of you because of forming a wrong impression over you.

6.) Sign a Guy Likes You; He Gets Jealous

If a guy likes you he will definitely get jealous watching you with any other guy. To be sure if he is into you or not then try to watch how he reacts when you mention other guys in front of him. You can tell him that you like a guy and see how he reacts.

Reaction may vary from person to person either they will make fun of your guy or will get curious to know your crush more. There will be a thing sure that he will start different towards you than he used to do. If a guy gets jealous then he is definitely after you. You can even ask him to look a suitable guy for you and watch how he reacts to it.

7.) Sign a Guy Likes You; He Notices

If a guy is into you, he would definitely like to keep the tracks of small changes into you. When you will get an undistinguishable haircut which even your best friends did not notice but he did this tells that he is surely into you. He is a good observer hence; he would know a lot of things about you because he remembers small details about you. You will be amazed to see how much he remembers small details about your likes and dislikes which no one else does. These are great signs to tell if a guy likes you or not?

8.) Share Same Interests with You

If you mention that you are like a particular genre of song he would also get ready to listen to it with you. You will see that you both have various things in common and he would do it so that he could stay close to you. If you will tell him that you are going to join any particular club or going to start to learn any particular thing then you would find him getting interested in the things which you do. He would do anything which will get him closer to you and which will help him to impress you. If you will say that you like a particular movie and want to watch it then even if he hates that genre he would pretend as if he loves to watch and he will go along with you.


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