How to Tell if a Boy Likes You?


After writing how to get a boyfriend?, how to know if boy likes you? and how to kiss a boy? we are writing, the ways to tell if boy likes you. It can be easily concluded whether a boy likes you or not by watching his body language. Every human being almost shows same signs of likeness therefore, it is easier to tell if a boy likes or not by reading few of the very obvious signs. Signs such as he trying to spend time with you are very easy to notice you just have to start giving attention to his actions. Read on to know what to do if you want to tell if a boy likes you.

How to Tell if a Boy Likes You

Steps to Tell if a Boy Likes You

1.) Notice if He Treats You Different

When a boy likes you he would act if you are the most important person in his life. When a boy likes you, he will try to keep you his priority and his full attention will be towards you. To tell if a boy likes you or not start reading his body language when he is with you. Does he try to get closer to you? Does he stay with you very often? You will even find him to make excuses to be with you. Even in the group, he will give you most attention and he would be there to keep you company whenever you feel bad or sad.

2.) He would Try to Keep You Smiling

If a boy likes you he will not be able to see you sad. You will find him doing stupid things to make you laugh. He would crack silly jokes and even would make fun of himself just to cheer you up. To tell if a boy likes you notice if he gives you company whenever you are sad or not? Does he make efforts to keep you happy? If yes then it can be said that he is into you. Even if he is very bad at cracking jokes he would do it just to make you happy.

3.) To Tell if a Boy Likes You Look if He Gets Involved

People usually don’t give any damn about anyone else. This world is becoming small but the distance between heart has increased. When you want to tell if a boy likes you or not then look if he is interested in your personal matters. He would not hesitate to ask you the cause of your sadness. He will be direct and would ask you directly to tell if you have any family problem or any personal problems. Unlike many others, he would feel it as his duty to keep you happy.

4.) He Make Efforts to Look Good

When a boy will like you, he will try to make efforts to look good for you. He will ask your opinion on the way he looks. You will find him dressing better whenever he is with you. You will even find him repeating the shirt on which he got complimented by you or wearing the same color shirt very often. It might not matter to him if he is getting noticed or getting attention by anyone else but he would go crazy if you will not give him proper attention.

5.) Your Opinion Would Matter to Him

Your opinion would be most welcomed, when you want to tell a boy likes you check if he asks about your take on any matter. He will share his matters with you and you will get to know that he values you very much to get you involved in his life. Your opinion would matter to him and he will consider it seriously. If a boy likes you he will treat you as an important part of his life and therefore, would not hesitate to ask your opinion now and then.

6.) He Makes You Feel Special

You will feel good around him. He will do all sort of things to give you attention and make you happy. To tell if a boy likes you or not look how he treats you? Does your happiness matters to him? Does he try to make you feel good? When you will notice these things done by him then you can be sure to tell that he likes you.

You will feel yourself that whenever you are with him, you always smile and stay happy and gets all of his attention. Whenever you both meet you would see that he treats you different from anyone else and you do not have to make efforts for his attention.

7.) See if He Gets Jealous

Jealousy is a strong factor, where there is a love there is jealousy. To tell if a boy likes you or not look if he gets jealous or not? Try to talk about your crush in front of him to know how he reacts. He would make fun of your crush or he might even get serious. Depending on his nature he will show a change in his behavior. His behavioral change very much depends on how his nature. He might even tend to stay away from you after that or he might try harder to impress you.

8.) He Will Remember Small Things

Small things about you which no one ever tried to listen is remembered by him. If a guy is into you, he will try to remember as much as he can about you. To tell if a boy likes you observe if he remembers what you said about your likes and dislikes. He would be able to tell that you do not like hills very much, would know that you do not want to miss a day at your gym. He will know things about you not because you told him but because it matters to him and he notices.

9.) Tell if a Boy Likes You if He Flirts

When a guy likes you he will flirt. To make you sure about his feelings you will find him flirting with you. Nobody wants to get stuck in the friend zone and he will definitely not want to stick there. He will not cross his limits while flirting but he would definitely try the healthy flirting appreciated by you. Look if he flirts with you and he does not do it with anyone else then you can tell that he is into you.

10.) How He Stares at You

It is hard for a person to talk his eyes off of you if he is into you. Many times you would watch him staring at you. Try to look at him accidentally to know if a boy likes you or not. Do not get sure when you see it one or two times. To tell if a boy to likes you check it for few times to be sure about it. Few guys will get nervous when you will catch them watching you. And few daring ones can hold the gaze and would pass a smile along with it.

11.) He Compliments if He Likes You

To tell if a boy likes you check if he compliments or not? Since he notices you a lot, therefore, he will be able to tell the slightest difference about you. He will compliment you for your look, behavior, and nature and he would mean it. Compliments from him will be very common for you and you too will start looking for his compliments. Compliments are good ways to express how they feel about you.

12.) He Find Ways to Touch You

If he finding ways to have a physical contact then you can be sure to tell if a boy likes you or not? When a guy likes a girl it becomes hard for him to stay away from that girl. If he is really into you then he would do the same. You can even initiate the touch yourself and check his reaction. Accidentally brush your arm against him if he does not try to move his arm away then it can be said that he likes you however, a shy guy would not do it and he would get nervous. Whenever he will meet you he will try to touch you playfully like punching your arm to make a physical contact.


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