20 Different Bangs for Round Faces


Only girls with round faces are blessed with the dimple on the cheeks and the rounded line of hair growth. Girls with round faces look extremely feminine and cute. But if the haircut and the style are not suitable then you can even look worse. Bangs are very much popular and are a blessing for girls with round faces. Properly cut bangs can elongate a round face and make it look slimmer. Side swept bangs are an excellent choice for round faces as they reduce the fullness of the face. Read this article to discover more about the different bangs for round faces.

List of 20 Different Bangs for Round Faces:

1.) Cute Flowy Side Bangs for Round Faces:

cute flowy side bangs different bangs for round faces

Flowy wavy hair gives an amazing style. The texture of hair plays an important role while deciding the type of bangs for round face shape. How you style your natural hair depends on your patience level in the morning. But side bangs look perfect on wavy hair.

2.) Curtain Bangs for Round Face Shape:

curtain bangs for round faces

These long curtain bangs are considered perfect for a round face. These bangs are slightly parted off the center due to which a diagonal elongation is created for a round shape. Curtain bangs end up above the jawline and create the illusion of a slimmer face.

3.) Accurately Trimmed Bangs for Round Faces:

accurately trimmed bangs for round faces

This is one of the best bangs for round face shape because they offer the versatility of styling. You can wear them brushed or straight or on the side, depending on your mood and style. It is an excellent option for women with a certain budget.

4.) Punky Blunt Bangs:

punky blunt bangs for round faces

Only daring women can go out of the way to try something new and exciting. The choppy layers in this green layered hair with blunt bangs will give you an absolutely stunning look. The bangs look amazing when they are styled straight.

5.) Wavy Hair with Straight Bangs:

wavy hair with straight bangs for round faces

Straight bangs look awesome on round faces when you combine them with edgy waves. The waves feature the sharpness due to which the face looks elongated.

6.) Copper Bombshell Bangs:

copper bombshell bangs for round faces

This American actress Christina Hendricks looks improbable in this side part hairstyle. Due to the layers and the beautiful color, you will look equally good whether you leave the hair open or tie a ponytail.

7.) Pixie Style with Short Bangs:

pixie style with short bangs for round faces

This is one of the cutest pixie styles in the pixie world. Going super short with your hair makes bangs the star of the show. You just need a little pomade to style the short bangs.

8.) Blunt Bangs for Straight Hair:

blunt bangs for straight hair bangs for round faces

Girls with naturally straight hair should definitely try this hairstyle once. Blunt bangs do not always look good on round faces but this one is surely breathtaking.

9.) Half Updo with Wispy Bangs:

half Updo with wispy bangs

The combination of straight bangs and curly hair is amazing. The loose curls on the top and the spiral curls towards the end will make you look stunning. Pair this pretty style with natural makeup.

10.) Swoopy Bangs for Round Faces:

swoopy bangs for round faces

Swoopy bangs instantly slim down a round face. These wavy locks with a deep side part will give you an extra feminine and romantic touch. Pair it with light makeup and enjoy the compliments.

11.) Textured Bangs for Round Face Shape:

textured bangs for round faces

The hairstyle is exemplary to counter the roundness of the face. These bangs with a choppy texture are half an inch above the brows. Just because the bangs are hitting above the eye area the face looks elongated.

12.) Graphic Bangs for Round Faces:

graphic bangs for round faces

Most of the hair experts say that graphic bangs do not look good on a round face. But this is not the truth. These bangs are cut above the brown due to which the face looks elongated.

13.) High and Off the Face Bangs:

high and off the face bamgs for round faces

These high and off the face bangs create height for the face. It is a great idea to style your bangs for a round face. You just need some styling gel to hold your bangs this way.

14.) Side Swept Bangs for Round Faces:

side swept bangs for round faces

This layered hairstyle with a deep side swept is perfect for women who want a dramatic look. These longer bangs create a strong diagonal line due to which the round face appears longer.

15.) Side Layered Bangs Grazed with Colors:

side layered bangs grazed with color

If you are searching for a hairstyle for formal events, then this can be your ideal style. The layers all over with the blend of two colors will make you look stunning. The side swept bangs will make you look younger.

16.) Funky Side Swept Bangs for Round Faces:

funky side swept bangs for round faces

Adding streaks of some bright color on your bangs can really change your look. The combination of electric blue and teal throughout the front is going to give you an edgy hairstyle.

17.) Light Jagged Bangs:

light jagged bangs for round faces

If you are having fuller cheeks, then you should pick a hairstyle that offers edginess. Edginess will come from the right cut and the right way of styling. Light and pointed jagged fringe can do wonders.

18.) Messy Horizontal Bangs:

messy horizontal bangs for round faces

This hairstyle is great for both formal and casual settings. The messy horizontal bangs this hairstyle more stylish and edgy. You can even make a side Updo and allow the bangs to shift the focus towards the expressive eyes.

19.) Wavy and Thick Bangs for Round Faces:

wavy and thick bangs for round faces

This hairstyle looks flattering on girls with thick and wavy hair. You just need a little dose of product to tame the wavy hair. Messy bangs blend easily with the thick waves.

20.) Candy Colored Asymmetrical Bangs:

candy colored asymmetrical bangs for round faces

The combination of wispy bangs and soft curls look amazing and the fairytale colors make it look different in the crowd. It is a high maintenance style but styling the colored hair daily is really fun.


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