20 Elegant Updos for Long Hair


Take a look on trendy and elegant updos. Don’t make your long hair boring or lifeless. Just rock your long tresses with plenty of stylish updos. These creative updos are best on ordinary days and special occasion. we have shared low buns, twists, top knots or simply pinned up curls that are highly in the trend. Treat your better with these elegant updos for long hair.

20 Elegant Updos for Long Hair

1.) Rolled Chignon

Rolled Chignon is one of the elegant updos for long hair. You need to get all the hair into a ponytail and then stretch the elastic down towards the shoulder blades. To achieve the perfect look, you need to flip the ends of the hair and roll them up to the nape of the neck. Secure the updo with pins and also secure the sides if needed.

rolled updos for long hair

2.) Messy Bun with a Crown Braid

Every updo don’t have to look polished and sleek. The lazy strands and wispy styles are highly in trend. Make your hairstyle more amazing with a messy braid and a crown braid that fabulous on the special occasion. The hairstyle works best in the long hair which height and volume in the hairstyle. You can add highlights to your look with different shades of colors.

Messy bun with a crowd braid updos for long hair

3.) Triple Stacked Bun

The hairstyle looks complicated but very quick and simple. You need to brush your hair straight back and pull them into three ponytails. You have to form three buns like halfway pulled back pony, then another one beneath that, then create the third one. Twist each bun around the finger and secure it with hair pins.

tripple stacked bun updos for long hair

4.) Bow Updo

 Bow updo adds fun and style to the hairstyle. The hairstyle is best for an everyday look. There are plenty of tutorials you can search it online. So take a look and decide which suits you best. To get this hairstyle, you need pull all your hair into a mid length ponytail. Instead of looping, you can divide the hair into the two sections and secure it with the hair pin.

bow updos for long hair

5.) Double Knot Ponytail

 The hairstyle is best for the wedding day and elegant enough for the office look. The style looks complicated, but it is very easy enough. You can achieve this look by simply dividing the hair into two sections. You just have to twist them and secure the hair into knot twice. The double knot ponytail is one of the gorgeous updos for long hair.

Double knot ponytail updos for long hair

6.) Easy Updo with Fabric Maiden Braids

The easy updo with fabric maiden braids is one of the elegant updos for long hair. Freshen up your look into the two portions and use the thin scarf around your neck. You need to braid the hair each side and use the scarf as the third strands to enhance the look. You can show off this casual look with any casual outfit that looks sensational.

easy updo with fabric maiden updos for long hair

7.) Soft Curly Updo

 The hairstyle is best for the longer length of hair. You can flaunt this soft curly updo that looks feminine and romantic. The hairstyle looks best on a romantic date or any other special occasion. Add hair accessories to make the updo more beautiful. Wear your fancy dresses and lovely gown to make the look sensational.

Soft curly updos for long hair

8.) Twist Knot Hair Bun

When you want to enjoy the great weather at the beach side, take your hair into the low side ponytail. For this look, you need to take the take the small section and twist them tightly until they collapse into themselves. And secure the twisted hair with Bobby pins. The twisted knot hair bun is one of the amazing updos for long hair.

twist knot updos for long hair

9.) Easy Fishtail Top Knot Updo

Are you in love with fishtail braids? All you need to braid your hair and pull into the bun at the top of the head. You can add thickness to your hair with easy fishtail top knot updo. The easy fishtail top knot updo is one of the ravishing updos for long hair.

easy fishtail updos for long hair

10.) Easy Three- Minute Bun Updo for Long Hair

The simplest bun which can be done in just three minutes. Just pull your hair into the high ponytail and loop the final loops only halfway. You need to wrap the ends into the base. And at last, to give a ‘poof’ to your hairstyle, pull the hair into different directions.

easy three minute bun updos for long hair

11.) Elegant Twist Updo

The sassy look is the amazing way to show off your chunky highlights. The hairstyle also visible your super cool tattoos that look absolutely mind blowing. Get a perfect look with loose twists that helps to create the shape. The elegant twist updo is one of the modish updos for long hair.

Elegant twist upod for long hair updos for long hair

12.) Messy Bun with Long Side Pieces

Get a cute prom look with the messy bun with long side pieces. The hairstyle looks best with any outfits. Go for the side French braid near the crown and a curled messy bun. Wear your sassy jewelry for the appealing appearance.

messy bun with long side pieces updos for long hair

13.) Formal Dutch Fishtail Updo

The formal dutch fishtail updo is one of the top updos for long hair.Opt for accent braid, begin at your part and work down towards the ear, then go back of the head.

formal dutch fishtail updos for long hair

14.) Elegant Curled Prom Style

If you are looking for the hairstyle for the perfect location, then try elegantly curled prom style. You need to visit the salon to achieve the perfect look. The curled and pinned style look extremely sassy with sexy dresses.

elegant curled updos for long hair

15.) Classic Updo with Thick Accent Braid

The classic hair with a full bun is very glamorous hairstyle. Go messy on your date and sleek when you need to maintain the formal look.

classic updo with thick accent braid updos for long hair

16.) Classic French Twist

The French twist is one of the hairdos that never go out the trend. The classic French twist is one of the trendy long updos for long hair.

cclassic updo with thick accent braid updos for long hair

17.) Tousled Updo for Long Hair

Imperfect waves and flowy wisp look extremely sexy. You can opt for the French twist on the base of pony wrapping around the base.

tousled updo for long hair updos for long hair

18.) Twisted Side Roll Updo

The hairstyle can be tricky because you will take the time to figure out what you have done with your length. Opt for the cute and loose bun.

twisted side roll updo updos for long hair

19.) Gorgeous Waved updo for Long Hair

Updos for long hair work best for long length and texture. You can achieve this look by curling your pieces and secured it with the hair pins.

gorgeous waved long hair updos for long hair

20.) Messy High Bun Updo

A voluminous bun is a nice option to flaunt your hairdo. You can create this hairstyle with the help of the socks bun sponge that adds structure and shape to your hairstyle.

cgorgeous waved long hair updos for long hair



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