Easy Homecoming Updos


Jazz up your look with the homecoming special updos that work best for every length and texture. These updos are not fancy as prom hairstyle but totally eye- catching and worth trying. Intensify your look with messy, curls, braids or twist. Here easy homecoming updos ideas to choose from.

Easy Homecoming Updos

1.) Braided Bun

Homecoming updos are very easy and simple. You can opt for the classic braided bun. The hairstyle most suitable on thick hair but ideal for any hair texture. Long hair pulls off the look nicely. You can achieve this look in your natural hair. You just need some hairpins to secure the hairstyle. The braided Bun is one of the easy homecoming updos.

braided bun homecoming updos

2.) The Braided Hawk

Those who are searching updos that go against the trend, they surely like the braided hawk. The hairstyle looks best without any perfection. It looks best when you have highlights and lowlights. Flaunt the sexy hairstyle with your fancy dresses and win some jewelry that looks completely full of spirit. The braided hawk is one of the easy homecoming updos.

The braided hawk homecoming updos

3.) Hairband Tuck

When you want some different look then play with accessories that make hairstyle sensational.  Go for this pretty hand and with elastic updo that absolutely mind blowing. You just need to tuck your hair and twist it for charming, maiden inspired look that goes with any formal occasion. The hairband tuck is one of the unique homecoming updos.

Hairband tucks homecoming updos

4.) Fishtail Bun

Did you ever try fishtail braid?  You can make your fishtail more attractive by combing with low bun which is one of the beautiful homecoming updos. Add interest in your hairstyle with some small braids that go along the additional dimension and intricacy. You can wear this updo on casual and formal events.

Fishtail bun homecoming updos

5.) Twist Bun  Homecoming Updo

The hairstyle looks very pretty when it is done beautifully and neatly. You need to take two sections of the hair to create the rope twist on both the sides that look stunning. Just wrap the twist up at the nape of the neck and secure the hairstyle with hair pins. The twist bun homecoming updo is one of the ravishing homecoming updos.

Twist bun homecoming updos

6.) Primped Polished Homecoming Updo

Freshen up your look with primped polished homecoming updo. Go for this sleek updo that looks wonderful on straight hair. You just need a couple of elastic headbands that embrace your hair without distracting to your dresses. Wear amazing makeup and sassy jewelry to take all the spotlights on you. The primped polished homecoming updo is one of the trendy homecoming updos.

primed polished homecoming updos

7.) Ballerina Inspired Updo

The cute and simple updo work best in short hair. You can opt this look in any hair texture. The elegant and polished look makes your head tuner in no time. You can embrace this look with the satin bow to give a perfect balance of glamor and feminity. The look is perfect for prom night or wedding. Smokey eyes pull off the look nicely.

ballerine inspired homecoming updos

8.) Braid And Bun Homecoming Updo

For a mesmerizing look combines your French braid with cute bun. You can get this beautiful look, that look absolutely stunning. You might take a few tries to get the perfect updo, but once you will habitual then you can create beautiful updo in no time. The braid and bun homecoming updo is one of the amazing easy homecoming updos.

braid and bun homecoming updos

9.) Homecoming Updo with A Fishtail Twist Bun

Homecoming updo with a fishtail twist bun is one of the stylish homecoming updos. You just have, to begin with the fishtail and pull the rest of the hair into the messy bun. Wrap the braid around the bun and secure it with hair pins. The hairstyle works best in long hair or shoulder length hair. Show off your updo on a formal occasion or any other special occasion.

Home coming updo inpired fishtail homecoming updos

10.) Twist and Pin Updo

Go for this beautiful updo that includes plenty of twisting and pinning. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t have included too many rules to where you have to twist. Get a creative look by dividing the hair into the section and twisting the each section.

Twist pin updo homecoming updos

11.) Knot Braid Updo

The braided updo works best in shorter and fine hair. it best for those girls who love to chop the hair over the summer. Get this attractive look by using the comb, hair comb and hair pins that help you to get the perfect look. Wear your fetching accessories that look absolutely amazing on the every woman.

Knot braid updo homecoming updos

12.) Embellished Braided Updo

This braided look absolutely minds blowing. Add a wow factor to your look with a romantic flower in your look that covers all your mistakes. You just need to brush your hair back for top volume and make it long lasting with hair spray.

Embellishment braided upod homecoming updos

13.) Easy Voluminous Knot Updo

The easy voluminous knot updo is one of the modish homecoming updos. You can achieve this marvelous look with strong elastics, tapered bangs, and spray. Opt for a classic and vintage look that take the look to the next level.

Easy volume upod homecoming updos

14.) Rolled Curled Updo

Get this beautiful look by rolling your hair into classic pin curls. You can achieve this curling ends with the help of curling wand. Decorate your updo with some flowers.

rolled curled homecoming updos

15.) Formal Prom Hair Updo

Are you looking for interesting homecoming ideas for your hairstyle? You can go for formal prom hair which is one of the special homecoming updos. The hairstyle works best on prom night or any special occasion.

formal braid homecoming updos


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