20 Sassy French Twist Updos


French twist updo is truly marvelous. Especially when you wear it with formal or office look. Mostly know how to make French twist but they how to make it more interesting. You can spice up your French twist updo with braided texture, braided elements, bouffants, bun etc. We have share 20 sassy French twist updo that is eye-catching.

20 Sassy French Twist Updos

1.) Unique Woven Twist

If you want to be showstopper, then try these unique women twist. You can show off your hairstyle with the gorgeous bun with single strands that looks fantastic. The unique woven twist is one of the stunning French twist updos. Embrace your look with fetching accessories and fancy gown that take the look to the next level.

unique woven french twist updos

2.) Messy Ombre Twist

Magnify your look with two-toned or ombre hair. In this look, you need to curl your hair that pulled back into a messy bun. The hairstyle looks best in the colored hair. The hairstyle adds gracious face frames to your face. Add fetching accessories to decorate the hairstyle which is best for the for your special occasion.

Messy ombre twist french twist updos

3.) Low Twisted Ponytail

If you want to relax long hair, then try a low twisted ponytail. The hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. You can go for a french twist updo that works well with the long hair. In this hairstyle, you can pull your hair back tightly at the back of the head. Go for loosely waved ponytail for an amazing and relaxed look. The low twisted ponytail is one of the trendy French twist updos.

Low pontytail french twist updos

4.) Messy Short Haired Twist

The perfect, wispy and messy look for short hair that you are love to flaunt. In this hairstyle, the updo is easy and quick which twist the hair at the back of the head with a few loose pieces of hair framing to face. The hairstyle is best for your romantic date or prom night. Wear some stunning dresses to make the style sexier.

Messy short haired twist french twist updos

5.) Braided Twist Updo

Braid never goes out of trend. Freshen up your look with French twist which is a brilliant idea to upgrade your classic twist style. You just need to pre-braid a section of hair and feed the braid into your twist that looks absolutely amazing. Wear your dazzling accessories to add glamor to your look. The braided twist updo is one of the ravishing French twist updos.

braided twist updo french twist updos

6.) Short Haired Twist

You can go for the low hanging twist and you can show off this look even with the short hair. You can get this effortless look in short hair. Add this hairstyle in your daily routine. It works both formally and casually. Add sassy highlights in your look which add depth and dimension to your look. The short haired twist is one of the top French twist updos.

Short hair twist french twist updos

7.) Elegant Twist with a Bouffant

The hairstyle gives a complete balance of messy and formal look. You can add twists to the hairstyle. Magnify your look with sassy earrings which make the look sensational. The hairstyle is very elegant which takes all the spotlights on you.

elegant twist with bouffant updo french twist updos

8.) Low Hanging Twist

You can add loose strands in your look that give you amazing framing to your face. Opt for an effortless look with a poofed bouffant and a tight bun which hanging low at the back. The hairstyle works best in the in layers cut. Don’t forget to wear a strapless or sleeveless gown that surely deepens your look.

Low hanging twist french twist updos

9.) Chunky Twist with Bangs

The hairstyle is unique and adds a few dimensions to your look. You can opt for the messy look which enhances the framing the face and in the back twist. Paired your beautiful hairdo with gorgeous dresses that look extremely sassy. The chunky twist with bangs is one of the French twist updos.

chunky twist with bangs french twist updos

10.) Easy Twist for Shorter Wavy Hair

You can add a twist in your hairstyle which is totally effortless look in short hair. Go relaxed with this messy and wavy updo. Take all the hair at the back of the head and form a shorter strand bun. It is one of the sassy French twist updos.

easy twist with shorter wavy hair french twist updos

11.) Polished Peekaboo Twist

The peekaboo twist is one of the amazing French twist updos. The complete polished look never fades your elegance. The glossy finish look gives you a phenomenal, formal look. You can add chunky highlights to your look to make the hairstyle sensational.

polished peekaboo twist french twist updos

12.) Relaxed Twist with Curls

Many busy women haunt for easier look, The women who have a monochromatic hair color that adds extra depth to your look. You have to create the updo with messily pulled back into a twist that goes well with bangs and loose strands.

relaxed twist with curls french twist updos

13.) Classic Twist for Short Hair

When you have short hair, the twisted updo becomes a difficult top manage. The best thing is a twist that falls on the nape of the neck. The classic twist for short hair is one of the best French twist updos.

classic twist for shorter hair french twist updos

14.) Low Hanging Swirl Twist

The low hanging swirl twist is one of the gorgeous French twist updos. In this hairstyle, the updo offers a swirled look that falls directly into the low twist. You can add the unique touch to change yours over appearance.

Low hanging swirls twist french twist updos

15.) French Braided Twist Updo

French braided twist updo is one of the ravishing French twist updos. You can go French braid in your hair and pinned up your hair into an updo. If you want to add volume to the look, then tease the roots before you start braiding hair.

french twist updo french twist updos

16.) Everyday French Twist updo with Texture and Volume

The French twist is modern and advanced option to change your overall look. Wear this hairstyle on the special occasion like coffee date, wedding or on the romantic date.

cfrench twist updo french twist updos

17.) Triple Bun Updo

Starting from the top section, you need to pull your hair at the back. You need to twist the hair back into the tiny bun and secure it at the back.

Tripple bun updo french twist updos

18.) The Parisian French Twist Updo

The beautiful french twist updo is eye catching. The hairstyle offers you casual messiness with a formal updo. Try this hairstyle on the wedding, which adds charm to your look.

the french persian twist updo french twist updos

19.) Easy Summer French Twist Updo

If you have curly hair then the hairstyle is an advantage for you. Try this hairstyle to enhance your naturally curly hair.

Easy summer french twist updo french twist updos

20.) Basic French Twist Updo

The basic French twist updo is one of the elegant version for the formal occasion. The hairstyle is best for your dinner night when you go out with your friends.

basic french twist updo french twist updos


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