20 Great Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men


Fashion is not only for women. Men are also becoming aware of their looks and that is why there is a huge resurgence in the classy undercut and tapered cuts. In this article, you will find a list of 20 great hairstyles and haircuts for men. All these haircuts will make you look attractive and at the same time, you will feel comfortable. So why stick to the same old haircut for years. Ask your barber to create a new and fresh haircut every single month and appreciate the compliments that you will receive.

List of 20 Great Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men:

1.) Side Swept Undercut Haircuts:

side swept undercut haircuts for men

The countless variations have made undercut a popular hairstyle. The top has a medium length while there is an undercut on the sides. It is known as one of the manliest undercuts.

2.) Full Retro Pompadour Haircuts:

full retro pompadour haircuts for men

If you love a retro look then don’t be afraid of experimenting. This retro haircut is completely going to transform your look. You need a blowdryer and a round brush to lift the hair and bend it a little backward.

3.) Low Fade Haircuts for Men:

low fade haircuts for men

This is one of the best haircuts for men. It calls out for all the guys who haven’t tried fade haircuts but want to experiment this trend. The top has a messy texture while the low fade makes it edgy.

4.) Short and Spiky Haircuts:

short spiky haircuts for men

This haircut is for men who want a simple and clean look. The short spikes and the smooth fade will give you a youthful appeal. For styling, you just need a light hold gel.

5.) Caesar Cut for Men:

caesar haircuts for men

A Caesar cut is perfect for enhancing the facial features. It calls out for all the guys who want to draw the attention towards the perfect jaw areas of the face.

6.) Classic Crew Haircut for Men:

classic crew haircuts for men

If you want a haircut with pure simplicity and style, then you should definitely try this classic crew cut. This pure vintage style looks improbable on most of the guys.

7.) Side Part Pompadour for Men:

side parted pompadour haircuts for men

The different angles of this haircut will make you fall in love with it. The length that it gains towards the forehead adds a lot of charm and class. A side part will make you look like a gentleman.

8.) Slicked Back Undercut:

slicked back undercut haircuts for men

This haircut is loved by all the men who love a neat look. It instantly gives a polished and overall put-together looks. The enough length on the top will make you look amazing.

9.) Short Sides Textured Top:

short sides textured top haircuts for men

A little amount of hair gel and a comb is all you need to create this style every morning. This is a great choice for men who want a short cut but want something to comb in the morning.

10.) Short Spiky Hawk:

short spiky hawk haircuts for men

This version of faux hawk is known for its spikes. It is not as extreme as a taper and you can wear it lower on the head. You can comb it in a backward direction.

11.) Tapered Haircut with a Side Parted Hairstyle:

tapered haircut with a side part haircuts for men

No doubt that man buns, untamed locks give you a wild look, but the fact is that a neat hairstyle gives a classier look. This style tapered cut with a well-defined parting is a perfect example of a classy look.

12.) Thick Waves with a Designed Part:

thick waves with a designed part haircuts for men

If you want to show off your thick textured hair, then this is a perfect hairstyle for you to try. The volume on the top makes it very much in trend. The designed side part gives it a modern vibe.

13.) Short High and Tight Haircuts for Men:

short high and tight haircuts for men

This haircut is awesome for active men who either are in the military or are facing the problem of hair thinning. The top has a little hair while the sides are trimmed short.

14.) Short Curls for Men:

short curls haircuts for men

If your hair is cut short then curls are not hard to tame. This haircut is an excellent choice for guys who want to show off the natural curls. Curls also offer a lot of volume and texture.

15.) Induction Haircuts for Men:

induction haircuts for men

Induction cut has gained a lot of popularity because of the ease of maintenance. It is one of the shortest half shaved cuts available. It works with every face shape and hair type.

16.) Buzz Haircuts for Men:

buzz haircuts for men

This youthful style created with electric clippers has gained a lot of popularity among young men. The hair is close to the scalp all over the head. The hair is thick and there is also room for shaved designs on the sides.

17.) Butch Haircut for Men:

butch haircuts for men

Don’t mix this with a short buzz cut. There is a little difference. It is designed from clip guards from 3 to 5. If you are willing to go into military then this is a standard hairstyle.

18.) Short Back and Sides:

short back and sides haircuts for men

This haircut is actually There is a rich fringe in the middle and the sides are slightly longer. The top gradually becomes short towards the back and is styled as a Mohawk.

19.) Comb Back Curly Haircut:

comb back curly haircuts for men

This haircut gives hyper-masculinity and an air of toughness. It is a flattering hairstyle for guys who want short hair, but a classy look. The combed back curls give an undeniably sexy look.

20.) Swept Up Haircuts for Men:

swept up haircuts for men

The amazing texture of this haircut will make you look a handsome dude. For styling, a good comb, styling product and a dryer are needed. If the cut is proper then styling will just take 5 minutes.


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