20 Simple Short Hair Buns


Do you also think that ponytails, braids and messy buns are only designed for long haired girls? If yes, then this article is going to break the myth and clear your doubt. Short hair offers the same versatility that is offered by long hair. Working with short hair can sometimes be struggling, but the result will be awesome. This article is all about the ideas of 20 simple short hair buns. So next time you go out on a romantic dinner date or to a wedding amaze everyone with your cute and gorgeous short bun.

Ideas of 20 Simple Short Hair Buns:

1.) Curly Bun with Flowers for Short Hair:

curly bun with flowers short hair buns

This is one of the simplest short hair buns. A right accessory can make your hairstyle look more fascinating. The white flower not only compliments the bun but also makes you stand out.

2.) Volumized Short Hair Buns:

voluminized short hair buns

Teasing the hair from the roots can create tons of volume. It is an easy go style for busy mornings. This hairstyle is really going to make you look resplendent.

3.) Messy Bun with Bangs:

messy bun with bangs short hair buns

This hairstyle gives you a chance to break all the styling rules. No comb, no hair product, and no styling tool. Just gather up all your hair and twist them to form this messy bun. The bangs will prevent your face from looking too strict.

4.) Wedding Day Bun for Short Hair:

wedding day bun short hair buns

Do you want an ultra feminine and elegant hairstyle for your special day? Bun offers feminity and class. Curls the ends of the bangs to create the illusion of long hair. A bunch of orange flowers will compliment your hairstyle.

5.) Braided Topknot Short Hair Buns:

braided topknot short hair buns

Make a super high ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Braid it neatly and coil it around itself. Once it is coiled, secure it with some bobby pins. Apply a flexible hold hair spray.

6.) Milkmaid Bun for Short Hair:

milmaid bun short hair buns

This hairstyle will get your hair away from the face in a chic manner. Backcomb your hair and weave a simple braid close to the face on each side. Pull the end of those braids and overlap them at the back.

7.) Messy Half Topknot for Short Hair:

messy half top knot short hair buns

This is an ultimate hairstyle for very short haired girls. Divide your hair into three parts and make a high pony with the middle part. Twist it around and fix it with hairpins.

8.) Ballet Bun for Short Hair:

ballet bun short hair buns

This is a new and relaxed take on the traditional ballerina bun. Hold up your hair into a high pony on the top of the head. Pull the pony half the way to create a loop. Coil the bigger section of hair around the loop.

9.) Side Braided Bun for Short Hair:

side braided bun short hair buns

If you think that your bun is looking too plain and boring, then try to make it look a little fancier by adding up a side braid. It is the right fit for girls with shoulder length hair.

10.) Tight Casual Short Hair Buns:

tight casual short hair buns

One of the biggest challenges that you face while making a bun with short hair is that stays in place. This casual bun is fixed well in place and loose strands hanging create the illusion of long hair.

11.) Messy Side Bun with Headband:

messy side bun with a headband short hair buns

Headbands have the power to amp up any look. Pair up a headband with a side bun and get a look that is classy and trendy. This is for all the girls who always wanted to enjoy a messy bun life.

12.) Ballerina Bun for Short Hair:

ballerina bun short hair buns

This classic ballerina bun is going to give you a fantastic look. It is suitable for girls with an oval and heart shaped face. Use a texturizing spray and a conditioning serum for the shine.

13.) Low Rolled Short Hair Buns:

low rolled short hair buns

This low rolled bun is not at all difficult and time-consuming. Just five minutes and this elegant hairstyle is ready. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is flattering for all face shapes.

14.) Simple Top Bun for Short Hair:

simple top bun short hair buns

This hairstyle is going to take your ordinary bun to a great level. Though it is simple but gives a sophisticated look. Divide your pony into two halves and wrap the first half around the base. Repeat the same thing with the second half.

15.) Low Voluminous Bun for Short Hair:

low voluminous short hair buns

You need a good volumizing product and a bit of teasing to create this wonderful look. Short haired girls with oval and heart shaped face will look mesmerizing in this hairstyle.

16.) Rolled Updo with Puffy Crown and Side Bangs:

rolled updo with puff crown and side bangs short hair buns

This fluffy rolled Updo is going to give you a modish and sophisticated look. Short side bangs and volumized crown will create the illusion of long hair.

17.) Side Bun with Loose Curls:

side bun with loose curls short hair buns

The side bun, side swept bangs and the loose curls will give you a graceful and divine look. Use a mini curling barrel to curl your short locks. Leave a lot of curls loose for a romantic touch.

18.) High Updo with Twists and Turns:

high updo with twists and turns short hair buns

This is one of the easiest hairdos for short hair. It prevents the hair from falling on the neck and hence is perfect for the summer time. Twist up your hair and randomly pin it up at different places.

19.) Turquoise Bun for Short Hair:

turquoise bun short hair buns

This turquoise hair colored bun is really going to make you look different and you need to be ready for the glances. It is a simple bun that is really going to turn heads.

20.) Low Bun with Face Framing Locks:

low bun with frace framing locks short hair buns

Consider this hairstyle once if you are looking for something elegant and formal. Tease the hair in the crown area to create a little volume. Leave some loose strands to frame the face.


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