20 Unique Side Bun Hairstyles


The side bun is one of that hairstyle which every woman love. It is fun flirty and versatile updo allow you to feel pulled together without looking fussy. There are so many ways to rock the side but it all depends on your personal preferences. If you need a little inspiration to see that how classy a side style can be then must read this article to get the perfect suggestion for you.

20 Best and Unique Side Bun Hairstyle

1.) Blonde wavy side bun

Blonde hair and wavy texture of your hair will definitely give your side bun a boost. Once the side bun will be in place then pull out a few strands with your fingers or the end of the rat tail comb for a messy look

blonde wavy side bun side bun hairstyles

2.) Side bun with floral hair accessory

This simple and sleek hairstyle is beautiful from every angle, this side bun is perfect for the occasion such as a wedding, prom or a black tie gala. The finishing touch is the large floral hair accessory which is enhancing the look.

side bun with floral hair accessory side bun hairstyles

3.) Loose side bun

This is one of the decent side bun hairstyles. The single bobby pin is visible to hold the updo from falling apart. It will give you very supple and feminine feel.

loose side bun side bun hairstyles

4.) Light brown messy side bun

Loose bun is among the most popular side bun updo hairstyles for women these days. this is due to its easy styling and relaxed undone look they provide.

light brown messy side bun side bun hairstyles

5.) Loosely Twisted side bun

This is an amazing hairstyle that formed into a twist that begins at the sides and feeds into the bun. In this hairstyle, several large pieces of hair are pulled out to linger at the nap of the neck

Loose Twisted side bun side bun hairstyles

6.) Black formal side bun

A classic updo like this is an amazing hairstyle, it can last through a hectic day at the office and also a hot night out on the town. You must try this hairstyle if you are fed up making hairstyle frequently.

black formal side bun side bun hairstyles

7.) Twisted Up Side Bun

You can twist side buns under but you can twist them up as well. you must wear this hairstyle, this is an amazing hairstyle.

twisted up side bun side bun hairstyles

8.) Black side bun with flower

It looks romantic, you can wear this hairstyle when you are going on a date. The flower in this hairstyle is enhancing the beauty of this hairstyle. You will look gorgeous in this hairstyle.

black side bun with flower side bun hairstyles

9.) Chunky braid and side bun

Styles with braid are very versatile and you can wear them as a half up or full updo. This a one of the best side bun hairstyles, you will look amazing in this hairstyle.

chunky briad and side bun side bun hairstyles

10.) Multi-twist side bun

If your locks are fine so you need to find a creative way to make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. It is not as easy to achieve with a bun, but it is possible. A pompadour is enhances the beauty of this hairstyle.

multi twist side bun side bun hairstyles

11.) Braid and twisted loose bun

Side bun with long hair will offer you a lot of intricate and creative styles. In this hairstyle, the locks are loosely braided and draped to be gathered into a relaxed twisted side bun.

braid and twisted loose bun side bun hairstyles

12.) Side bun with side bangs

A side bun with a deep side part and a bun that is swirled and pinned aptly into a lovely roll. You can wear this hairstyle both wedding and a casual way.

side bun with side bangs side bun hairstyles

13.) Side twist into twisted bun

This twisted bun is easy even if looks difficult at first site. Style it like a messy hairstyle without combing. Start making a side twist closely to the scalp and once you will reach the nape make a simple twist out of the freely hanging locks. Then roll it into a loose bun and pin it up.

side twist into twisted bun side bun hairstyles

14.) Side bun with teased crown

Side bun can look very charming if it is intentionally messy as they do when they are sculpted and sleek. In this hairstyle, there is a messy side bun with a thin braided headband.

side bun with teased crown side bun hairstyles

15.) Braided crown and curly bun

Curly side bun is good for shorter hair. you can combine your bun with a braided element of your choices such as a crown braid or braided bangs.

braided crown and curly bun side bun hairstyles

16.) Side bun roll

In this hairstyle, you need to combine a crown braid, bouffant, side bun and fringe but it looks different on brown locks with highlight. You must try this hairstyle, it is very beautiful and doesn’t be hesitate to you will never look exactly like someone else.

side bun roll side bun hairstyles

17.) Rolled side bun

Normally when you try to make a side bun, your hair don’t support you. But don’t worry this hairstyle will work til the day finish.

rolled side bun side bun hairstyles

18.) Sleek braid and side bun updo

The blonde side bun looks perfect neat and girly. You can easily make this simple side braid and a twisted bun. This hairstyle if lovely comfortable and work for both school and office.

sleek briad and side bun updo side bun hairstyles

19.) Side bun with swept bangs

Wearing bangs is always a nice touch to a bun updo. These bangs are swept up and off to the side carelessly. This is one of the best side bun hairstyles.

side bun with up swept bangs side bun hairstyles

20.) Textured side bun

Adding textured to the side bun is always welcome because texture always means some extra volume and depth . for this hairstyle, loosely braided and twisted curly locks makes an intricate and inspiring design.

textured side bun side bun hairstyles


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