20 Unique Braided Bang Hairstyles


Braided bang hairstyle is one of the beautiful keys for everyday looks. So don’t visit the salon for flirty a fringe haircut, just go braided bangs. You can enhance your braided bangs with ponytails or buns. The amazing braided bangs add a beautiful accent to your updos or downdos. We have shared 20 unique braided bang hairstyles that are sure to satisfy your personal preference

20 Unique Braided Bang Hairstyles

1.) Fishtail French Braid

Start braiding your bangs and end it with the amazing braided headband, it looks like a floral crown across your forehead. You will the fishtail braid will look so cute and highlights your hairstyle. If you find difficulty braid your hair, then ask your friend to braid your hairstyle. The fishtail French braid is one of the best braided bang hairstyles.

fishtail french braided bang hairstyles

2.) Raven Black Braided Bangs

The hairstyle is not that complicated as it is looking. The hairstyle is simple and gorgeous. It is a great combination of three hairstyles with crown braid, braided bangs, and braid ponytail. The raven black braided bangs are one of the stylish braided bangs hairstyles. It looks best in medium to long hair. It is best for any occasion from a romantic date to the casual street hairstyle.

raven black braided bang hairstyles

3.) French Braid Headband

See how elegant the french braid bang looks. The hairstyle surely helps you to steal the show. If you can’t braid your bangs in the French style, then ask your hairstylist to achieve the perfect look. You can curl your rest hair with a curling iron wand to get the amazing curly texture. Add some color to your look to take the hairstyle to the next level.

french braid headband braided bang hairstyles

4.) Waterfall- Like Braided Bangs

Auburn hair color adds shine and glow in your hairstyle. Deepen your look with French and Dutch Braid Bangs. Paired your look with marvelous eye makeup. If you are going to the beach party, then try this look with your best floral gowns to take the look to the next level. You will the result will be picturesque and mind boggling.

waterfall like braided bang braided bang hairstyles

5.) Ribbon Braid Bangs

When you want to look different, not necessary to go for a dye job. You can opt for a colorful ribbon to have fun with color. Make your appearance more charming by adding a ribbon in your braided bangs that look extremely cute. The ribbon braid bangs are one of the top braided bang hairstyles. Wear your sassy earrings with your best dress.

ribbon braid bang braided bang hairstyles

6.) Teal French Bangs

As the teal color is hard to find, but no matter the color looks outstanding with an excellent for the cute base. The hair color not like the regular color like brunette and blonde. It looks best with a nose piercing and fetching accessories. The teal French bang is one of the ravishing braided bang hairstyles.

teal french braided bang hairstyles

7.) Smiles and Braided Bangs

Some found braiding hair is very difficult. In this hairstyle, the braid doesn’t need to perfect as messy is completely acceptable. If you really find the bangs are difficult to braid then you can also opt for a simple side braid that needs less practice and efforts. The smile and braided bangs are one of the amazing braided bang hairstyles.

smile and braided bangs braided bang hairstyles

8.) Tucked Blonde Braided Bangs

Create bangs along the hairline to braid your bangs. Once you are done, create this braid on the other side to make beautiful braid bangs. The hairstyle works best on straight hair as help you to focus on your excellent hard work. It works best in every length of hair.

tucked blonde braided bang braided bang hairstyles

9.) Ombre French Braid

The cascade of color makes the ombre hair gorgeous and looks more amazing with braided bangs. The look is extremely firing and make you center of attraction in no time. Any hair length looks best in this hairstyle. The style is perfect for every occasion, according to your matching outfits. The ombre French braid is one of the trendy braided bang hairstyles.

ombre french braided bang hairstyles

10.) Pinned French Braid

When you have short and wavy hair, then try pinned French braid. Add a wow factor to your look with the highlight of blonde streaks that look drop dead gorgeous. Curl your ends to get the perfect look. Paired your look with fabulous makeup.

pinned french braid braided bang hairstyles

11.) Cute Clipped Braided Bangs

When you have straight hair then must add braided bangs to become the star of the show. Just visit near the salon and add blonde streaks to your look. Make sure you don’t give so much of pressure to the baby hair while braiding your bangs.

cute clipped braided bang hairstyles

12.) Forehead- Framing Braid with Messy Bun

You feel must be feeling awkward with growing out the process of bangs which looks unflattering. Don’t go for hair accessories just make your own headband with the French braid. Paired this look with your best dress.

forehead framing bangs with a messy bun braided bang hairstyles

13.) French Braided Hairstyle

The crown braid is not only reserved for the elegance but also for a sophisticated look. You can enhance your look with a regal braid crown.

french braided bang hairstyles

14.) Full Crown Braid with Tucked Ends

The full crown braid with tucked ends is one of the latest braided bangs hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the braid goes around the entire the head which looks absolutely stunning. You just need to wrap the braid around the head and secure it with bobby pins to make the look sensational.

full crown braid with tucked ends braided bang hairstyles

15.) Down With A Braided Fringes

Like another hairstyle, this braided look is more helpful in giving the complete polished look. You can opt for braid hairstyle which is a great option for an everyday look. Paired your look with your fancy dresses that takes the look to the next level.

down with a braided fringes braided bang hairstyles

16.) Updated  Side Ponytail

The hairstyle is best for short to medium hair. In this hairstyle, the simple side bony look elegant with wedding side braid bangs which are perfect for the office day look.

updated side ponytail braided bang hairstyles

17.) Colorful French Braid Hairstyle

Dye your strands to get the amazing colorful braided bangs. The colorful French hairstyles are one of the trendy braided bang hairstyles.

coloful french braided hairstyle braided bang hairstyles

18.) Braided Bang Hairstyles for a Little Lady

Give your princess an amazing look with a spunky ponytail. Embrace the look with sassy accessories. The braided bang hairstyles for a little lady is one of the dazzling braided bang hairstyles.

braided bang hairstyles for little lady

19.) Braided with Bohemian Waves

Magnify your look with a crown braid. Add a wow factor to your look with waves and coffee colored pieces that surely steal the show.

braided bang with bohemian waves braided bang hairstyles

20.) Braided Bang Pixies Hairstyles

Even those beautiful ladies who have pixie cut can also flaunt the braided bang with this hairstyle. if you have the very short length from the front then you need to twist the bangs.

braided bang with pixie braided bang hairstyles for little lady


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