20 Easy Braided Hairstyles


Who says braided hairstyle is daunting? Mostly women find braided hairstyle difficult as they required certain skills and precision to succeed. You need a little practice, so that next time you need to fly right door without sacrificing cute hairstyle. Here are we offers quick and easy braided hairstyle when you rush to your work to save your precious time.

20 Easy Braided Hairstyle

1.) Double Dutch Braid

The double dutch braid is one of the top braided hairstyles. You can bring your childhood memories back with this easy braiding hairstyle. Just forget about the headband, weave your own headband with your own hair. the hairstyle allows you to keep your messy fringes back without awkward pins and clips. Paired your look with beautiful eye makeup and bold red lipstick.

double dutch braided hairstyles

2.) Pull-Through Braid

The braid is absolutely stunning and you will never guess how’s it made. Create this hairstyle by securing all the hair into a high ponytail and divide them into the two sections. You need to secure the hair into the elastic band then pull the rest of hair in the middle. Wear you sassy accessories with beautiful outfits to spread charm with your looks. Go with dark roots and lighter ends that are really worth trying.

Pull through braid braided hairstyles

3.) Quick Braid into Low Knot

The stylish double braided bun is the great way to pull off the look by maintaining a quirky and chic style. If you have long hair then the hairstyle surely gives you relief. You just need to simply braid a small section of hair and feed it back to the bun. If you are planning for the upcoming occasion, then wear this sassy jewelry to enhance your rocking personality.

quick four strands braid braided hairstyles

4.) Easy Hairstyle with Braid-Chunky Messy Braided Pony

The easy hairstyle with the braid chunky messy braided pony is one of the sassy braided hairstyles. The messy texture works best with the braid hairstyle. Go for low maintenance, cool and relaxed look with an easy braided ponytail hairstyle that gives you happy vibes. Add the wow factor to your look with a dark base and lighter ends that are nothing than the sensational look.

easy hairtyles with braid braided hairstyles

5.) Braided Bangs

The braided bangs are the ideal option for the shorter hair. The hairstyle works best in hiding the bangs and especially when they are growing awkwardly. Go for the dark base and lighter ends to steal the show. The braided bangs are one of the braided hairstyles. Wear your dark eye makeup to take the style to the next level. Paired the look with casual T-shirts and a fancy top.

braided bangs braided hairstyles

6.) Easy Braided Hairstyle

Go for the twist braid which is perfect for the date night. You need to pair the look with the flat or heels that absolutely stunning. Paired the look high waist shorts and a crop top that out of fashion. You can add this hairstyle in college routine and everyday look. The easy braided hairstyle is one of the easy braided hairstyles. It is suitable for medium to long hair.

easy braided hairstyles

7.) Tucked Messy Updo with Braids and Twist

Tucked messy updo with braids and twist is one of the stunning braided hairstyles. It’s another alternative to add charm in the boring braid by tucking tricks that allow you unique and easy style. You just need to add two twist, two braids and rest of the hair get tucked at the nape of the neck. Secure those braids at the nape neck with the cut hair bun.

tucked messy updo with a braid and twist braided hairstyles

8.) Easy Plaited Updo Hairstyle

You can go for braids that can be turned into ponytails or headbands or crown. Braids are amazing and beautiful hairstyle. You can opt for the sleek look show off a professional style that works best in any city. The hairstyle looks best with business attire.

Easy plaited updo hairstyle braided hairstyles

9.) Lace Braid Hairstyle

Lace braid is the best technique to rock any look. When we are talking about the formal occasion the lace braid look lovely. You can wear lace braid in any occasion like wedding, parties and formal events. Paired your look with the gorgeous evening.

Lace braid hairstyle braided hairstyles

10.) Curved Braid Hairstyle

Want to be a fabulous and elegant lady? Try curved braid hairstyle. The style is godsend which is best for the special occasion. You can see in the picture how amazing the gorgeous curves. The curved braid hairstyle is one of the sassy braided hairstyles.

curved braid bun braided hairstyles

11.) Two Minutes Braided Hairstyle

The ultimate braid is for those days when you don’t want to comb your hair next day. You can achieve this look without giving time and efforts. You just need to braid hair from both the sides.

Two minutes braided hairstyles

12.) Adorable Fishtail Braid Updo

The trendy fishtail braid updo is one of the stunning braided hairstyles. You can pull off your look with jeans and a blouse. Start braiding your at your part and work down to the dutch style.

Adorable fishtail updo braided hairstyles

13.) Quick Four Strands Side Braid

You can  opt for cute braid hairstyle. If you need to do practice a little with four strands braid to achieve the braid hairstyle. Add a wow factor to your look to make the hairstyle unique.

quick four strands braid braided hairstyles

14.) Cute Dutch Fishtail Updo

You can opt for mohawk braid that gets curved at the end. Create this look with the help of dutch fishtail braid. You just need to wrap and pinned you to create a voluminous bun.

cute dutch fishtail braided hairstyles

15.) Easy Braided Formal Style

Go for an easy hairstyle that makes you stunning and gorgeous. Create a low horizontal dutch braid to get the effortless style. You need to create the dutch braid your hair across the nape. The hairstyle works best in medium to long hair.

easy Braided formal hairstyle braided hairstyles

16.) Perfect Dutch Pigtails Braid

The perfect feminine look with adorable gowns that makes you head turner. Go for the cute braid hairstyle with a loose tension and pull some wisps out the end.

perfect dutch fishtail braid braided hairstyles

17.) Half up Pony with the Fishtail Braid

There are so many styles that make the braid ravishing. You need to just learn some styling technique to make the braid hairstyle to the next level.

half up ponytail fishtail updo braided hairstyles

18.) Cute Chignon with Braid

The style is very easy and makes you fall in love. you need to section of the front section of hair and divide your hair into two parts. Secure the braid from both sides and join them into the low bun.

cute chignon with braid braided hairstyles

19.) Gorgeous Halo Braid

When you want to look full confident and full of spirit to get the charming personality, try gorgeous halo braids. The gorgeous halo braid is one of the sassy braided hairstyles.

gorgeous halo braid braided hairstyles

20.) Elegant Curls with Lace Braids

When you have long hair then don’t forget to enhance your braid hairstyle. You can show off your long locks by creating two dutch braids and join them in the back.

Elegant curls with braid braided hairstyles


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