20 Unique Curly Hairstyles for Men


Cury hair is best in styling until you find the right haircut for your hair texture. You can enhance your look with right styling product. If you feel unhappy with your curly hair then some pretentious hairstyles to get the amazing look. If you feel the curly hair is not for you then you can go for extra short hairstyles. go for extra short haircut with tapered sides or undercut that are highly in trend. Here are 20 unique curly hairstyles for men.

20 Unique Curly Hairstyles for Men

1.) Windswept Waves

Just put the minimal efforts in this chic, beach look. Curly hairstyles need lots of maintenance. When you have long hair or short hair, then hairstyle give you an advantage with immense volume and fabulous hair texture. If you love to grow hair and want to give style to your curls then definitely try this hairstyle. The windswept waves is one of the best curly hairstyles for men.

windswept hairstyles curly hairstyles for men

2.) Curls on Top

You can feel the wind through your hair with curls on top hairstyle. You need to get the sides and buzzed faded to properly set the long curly hair. Even, thick hair can pull off the look nicely. It is suitable for every face shape.Paired the look with a light beard that look absolutely attractive. The ravishing look is best for the models to rock the show.

curl on top curly hairstyles for men

3.) All Day Every Day

If you have short and curly hairstyle, then try all day every day. The men with curly hair with short to medium length can change the style when styled with hair products. It is easy to wear and carry it for long time even if you try a so many dresses between. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine for everyday look.

All day everyday curly hairstyles for men

4.) Brunch, Ready Bedhead

Who says to leave the house  when you perfect style your hair. The bedhead looks required low efforts. It is the best look for the perfect morning on Sunday when you hangout with your friends. Wear your causal outfits to take style to the next level. If you have shoulder length curly hair, then try bunch ready bedhead. The brunch ready bedhead is one of the top curly hairstyles for men.

Brunch ready head curly hairstyles for men

5.) Silver Waves

Gray hair is not just a grandpa work. The style is best for the wavy or curly hair. Opt for gray hair color on the top and paired with the natural dark facial hair. The style works best for the short to long hair. Look is completely astonishing and make you fall in love again and again with trendy gray.

Silver waves curly hairstyles for men

6.) Curly Cue Mohawk

Take your head up with a punk aesthetic and loves for the curls. Get bouncy and curly hair together for the curly hairstyles for men. Add extra depth to your look with two-tone curly hair. Embrace your look with sassy highlights to take the style to the next level. The curly cue Mohawk is one of the smashing curly hairstyles for men.

Curly cue curly hairstyles for men

7.) Fluffy Curls

The  fluffy curls are the style which is the most fun shape style mention here. It is the best style for a relaxing weekend. You can pull your hair back or make hair bun if needed. If you are really struggling about the voluminous curls then let it grow for perfect style. The fluffy curls are one of the cool curly hairstyles for men.

fluffy curls curly hairstyles for men

8.)  Business Professional

The style is best when you want to look descent while meeting your girlfriend’s parents. It is the best style for those who want to look serious with natural texture. In curly hairstyle, hair is difficult to tame while this style gives you easy to manage hair. The business professional is one of the trendy curly hairstyles for men.

Business profesional curly hairstyles for men

9.) Punk Curly Top

The style is best for the rockstar look. All you have to join the band and a little bit of eyeliner. Add fire on the stage by grabbing instrument in the hand and let your hair fly in the wind. Just trimmed your hair so that they don’t overwhelm on your face.

Punk curly top curly hairstyles for men

10.) Barely there Beach Waves

These subtle curls are easy to carry and maintain the overall style with consistent trim. Any male with natural hair can rock the look. The hairstyle works best with ever hair color. Paired the look with a full beard.

Barely there beach waves curly hairstyles for men

11.) Natural Volume

While working with natural curly hairstyle, it is important to maintain the natural curly hairstyle with natural color. Don’t get conscious while using the hair products to embrace the look.

Natural volume urly hairstyles for men

12.) Growing Up Curly

When you opt for the buzz sides, the best way is to grow up. In this hairstyle, we love the hard and soft edges. For this hairstyle the hard cut on the sides add a cool racing strip. Paired the look with the softness of the curls.

Growing curly hair curly hairstyles for men

13.) Seaworthy Swirls

Let your face to be full focus. One of the cutest hairstyle I have seen in the article. Brush your all the hair back and behind your ears. Trim your facial hair for perfect look.

seaworthy swirl curly hairstyles for men

14.) Party in the Back

The hairstyle look very short when you wear it on the straight hair. But look completely different when you see fun curls at the back. The party in the back is one of the top curly hairstyles for men.

part in the back curly hairstyles for men

15.) Short Curls from Fashion Designer

The best hairstyles for men. It is the stunning style for the designer’s dramatic look. The short curls from fashion designer is one of the best curly hairstyles for men.

Short curl from fashion designer curly hairstyles for men

16.) Cute Curly Hairstyles for Wet Look

The smooth tapered side that reveals the curls on the top. The cute curly hairstyles for wet look is one of the cute curly hairstyles for men.

Cute curly hairstyle with wet look curly hairstyles for men

17.) Blonde Hairstyle with Curly Hair

A good way to accentuate your curls with hair color. Freshen up your look with blonde. The blonde hairstyle with curly hair is one of the striking curly hairstyles for men.

Blonde hairstyle with curly hair curly hairstyles for men

18.) Short Ringlets

If you have tight ringlets then paired the hairstyle with facial hair. The hairstyle is messy and easy to maintain. He short ringlets is one of the simple curly hairstyles for men.

Short ringlets curly hairstyles for men

19.) Long Hair with Curly Haired

The long hair with curly hair is one of the attractive curly hairstyles for men. In this hairstyle, the well groomed shoulder length hair looks fabulous. If you patience and desire for curly hair then go for long hair with curly haired.

Long hair with curly hair curly hairstyles for men

20.) Tapered Medium Haircut

If you are born with thick curly hair texture, then opt for a tapered medium haircut. For perfect look, you can scrunch your hair with curl enhancer. Get a easy and cute look.

Tapered medium cut hairstyles curly hairstyles for men


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