20 Pretty Black Curly Hairstyles


Black curling hairstyle is the best texture that always looks flattering and sassy. African American women who are born with natural curly texture need special care and love to look the best. Magnify your beauty with a beautiful, chic and creative hairstyle that surely inspiring. You can flaunt from loose curls to short cropped that are best for any occasion. Here are 20 pretty black curly hairstyles for your lovely hair texture.

20 Pretty Black Curly Hairstyles

1.) Short Black Curly Hairstyles with a High Shine Finish

You can achieve this sassy look with hot rollers and a styling product. The hairstyle is best for African American women with short hair. It is best suitable for the late night parties and on the red carpet. Wear your light makeup to embrace the look and wear your sassy accessories to take the hairstyle to the next level. The Short black curly hairstyles with a high shine finish are one of the trendy black curly hairstyles.

short black curly hairstyles with high shine black curly hairstyles

2.) Black Curly Hairstyle with Loose Spirals

The hairstyle looks great any women, but the suitable for those women who have thick and curly hair. Add spiral curls in your hairstyle which look sassy and stunning. The hairstyle is best for both the casual and formal look. The hairstyle is suitable for any face shape. Rock the lovely look with a natural hairstyle. The black curly hairstyles with loose spirals are one of the trendy black curly hairstyles.

black curly hairstyles with loose waves black curly hairstyles

3.) Short Formal Black Curly Hairstyle

Women who have short and curly hair can have fun like longer locks. You can get this amazing hair texture by leaving the soft rollers overnight. The hairstyle is best for the round, oval, and a square face shape. The short formal black curly hairstyle is one of the gorgeous black curly hairstyles. Paired this look with amazing gowns and big sassy earrings that make your personality more interesting.

short formal black curly hairstyles

4.) Medium length Natural Black Curly Hairstyle

Natural hair is highly popular now African and American now these days. You can opt for tight curls that look absolutely fantastic. You can use any hair products to maintain the sassy texture and accentuate your natural curls. The hairstyle goes with every formal and casual dress. Light makeup is the ideal option to pull off the looks nicely. The medium length natural black curly hairstyle is one of the stunning black curly hairstyles.

medium length natural black curly hairstyles

5.) Short and Cute Black Curly Hairstyle

The natural curly hairstyle is marvelous and so take less time. You can achieve this sassy texture by adding ethnic curl product and letting it dry. Pull off the look with bold accessories and sleeveless dress to make the hairstyle fantastic. Black women love the style and flaunt the style nicely. The hairstyle looks best on every face shape. Planning for late night party, wear this look to steal the show.

Short and cute black curly hairstyles

6.) Neat Black Curly Hairstyle with a Headband

You don’t have to be always a focused point of the looks. Sometimes adding accessories in your look, make the hairstyle sensational. Add a twist to your look by adding a fabric headband to pull off the looks nicely. Wear your winged eyeliner and red lipstick for an alluring appearance. The neat black curly hairstyle with a headband is one of the trendy black curly hairstyles.

neat black curly hairstyle with headband black curly hairstyles

7.) Tree Braids

 You can go for this sassy combination by adding curls and braid in your hairstyle. You can braid your hair down to the ear length and allow the rest hair to flow them freely. The astounding hairstyle looks lovely and adorable. The sleek and simple look is absolutely mind blowing. Add embellishment to your look with fetching accessories. The tree braids are black curly hairstyle.

tree braids black curly hairstyles

8.) Thin Half-Up Waves

The hairstyle looks absolutely stunning. If you have thinner locks, then go for this shoulder length hairstyle. It looks best with winged eyeliner and red hot lipstick. Paired the look gorgeous and sexy dresses. The thin half-up waves are one of the sassy black curly hairstyles.

thin half up waves black curly hairstyles

9.) Smoothed Out Curls

You can enhance your look with natural curls. Opt for deep side part and a strongly slicked down to the area one side. Add body and dramatically to the lifeless hair. The smoothed out curls is one of the amazing black curly hairstyles.

Smooth out black curls curly hairstyles

10.) Wild and Crazy Curls

Magnify your look with a wild and crazy hairstyle. You can opt for the natural curl, colored hairstyle and enhance your look a big butterfly. Wear your sexy dresses to take the style to the next level. Paired the look with light makeup. The wild and crazy curls are one of the black curly hairstyles.

Wild and crazy black curly hairstyles

11.) High School Chic Black Curly Hairstyle

The hairstyle is the best for the high curly hair. Add spiral curls to your look to make the hairstyle gorgeous. The hairstyle is the best for black girl any age.

high school chic black curly hairstyles

12.) Very Short and Very Feminine Black Curly Hairstyle

Curly hairstyle is short and which look beautiful and stunning. The hairstyle is best for every face to shape  an truly glam for those who have naturally black hair.

very short and very feminine black curly hairstyles

13.) Fancy Short Black Curly Hairstyle

You can opt for the curls that look absolutely mind blowing with cropped head. You can get this lovely look by visiting the nearest and good salon.

fancy short black curly hairstyles

14.) Parted and Asymmetrical Pinned Back Curly Hairstyle

You can rock your looks in natural hairstyle. You can use anti-frizz products to make the hairstyle sensational. Take a look,  you can get this perfect look by combining your hair back and securing them with the hairpin. The parted and asymmetrical pinned back curly hairstyle is one of the fabulous black curly hairstyles.

parted asymmetrical pinned black curly hairstyles

15.) Curly Highlights

The best natural curly hairstyle that looks absolutely fantastic. Paired your natural tight curls with chunky highlights that are so inspirational in every look.

curly highlights short black curly hairstyles

16.) Piled Up Curls

 When you are looking for simplicity and amazing looks, then try piled up curls. In this hairstyle, you just have to pile up your curls at the top of the head and secure it with hair pins.

piled up curls black curly hairstyles

17.) Pinned Up Ringlets

 You can see in the picture, how amazing the style looks. Get this super curly hair texture with a curling wand that gives you flawless curls.

pined up ringlet black curly hairstyles

18.) Upswept Curls

Get this highly trendy look by sweeping the hair one side and style down with styling products. You can achieve this look curls with the help of hot rollers.

upswept curls black curly hairstyles

19.) Classic Vintage Curls

When you are looking for dramatic glowing style, then try classic vintage curl. You just need a hair product and a large curling barrel curling iron to flaunt this lovely hairstyle.

classic vintage curls black curly hairstyles

20.) Long Loose Waves

The long, loose waves make you popular and head tuner in no time. It is very hot and sizzling hairstyle. From casual to a formal occasion, you can wear this hairstyle any time.

long loose waves black curly hairstyles


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