20 Cool Ideas for Type 2, Type 3 and type 4 Curly Hair


Curly hairstyle is difficult in styling until you find the right haircut. But when you find the right hairstyle you will never feel unhappy again with curly hair. If in case you are strongly convinced that curly hairstyle doesn’t look good in you, so anytime you can get an extra short haircut. But you should at least try this hairstyle. Here are the 20 cool ideas for curly hair.

Ideas for Curly Hair

1.) Windswept Waves

Put a minimum effort in to make your hair. Not all curly hair need a lot of product to work. Whether you have long hair or short hair, take full advantage of your hair natural texture and volume and let them fly. All you need to do is give your hair a defining side part.

Windswept waves Ideas for Curly Hair

2.) Wild Rock ‘n’ Roller

To make it a unique style part your hair to the side and flip it all into one pile. An asymmetrical curly top will give your hairstyle a different look. For the maximum fashion impact pair the crazy hairstyle with a neatly trimmed beard.

Wild Rock ‘n’ Roller ideas for curly hair

3.) Curls on Top

Feel the wind blow on sides of your hair with a minimum curly top. Cut the sides of your hair and make it a little bit at the top of your head faded off your sides to merge it from the top. Every man with thick hair can make this hairstyle no matter the shape of your face.

Curls on Top Ideas for Curly Hair

4.) Serenade Swooner

Such medium hairstyle for men with curly hair is ideal for those who don’t want to make their hair too long or too short. If you are making this hairstyle, it is recommended that your facial hair should be minimal.

Serenade Swooner Ideas for Curly Hair

5.) All day Everyday

Men with thick curly hair who kept it short to medium and styled with a product can change hairstyle quickly. Making this look easy and dress down for a band practice or dress up for the black tie event. This hairstyle is perfect when you are out all the day.

all day everyday Ideas for Curly Hair

6.) Lion’s Mane

Not all curly hair actually require haircuts. You can make this hairstyle easily with the curling iron or curl enhancer. When it comes to curly hair men with long thin faces are the best candidates to pull off this much amount of texture and volume.

Lion’s Mane Ideas for Curly Hair

7.) Brunch Ready Redhead

Who says you only have to leave the house when you are picture perfect. This bedhead requires almost no effort and this hairstyle is perfect for when you are hanging out with friends on Sunday morning. If your hair is partially wet, it can enhance your look.

Brunch Ready Bedhead Ideas for Curly Hair

8.) Silver Waves

Gray hair is not only for grandpas. It is also for men with hair. Doing with a light gray dye job on the top of your natural hair color on your face will give you the best of both the world. You can have long or short hair.

Silver Waves Ideas for Curly Hair

9.) Curly cue Mohawk

This is one of the best ideas for curly hair. You only need to cut the sides of your head with extra short and big at the top of your head. This is amazing hairstyle.

Curly cue Mohawk Ideas for Curly Hair

10.) Natural Curl Fade

Haircut for men with curly hair can be quite short. Slowly grow into your natural hair by minimizing the volume and maximizing the fade.  This short look requires a lot of upkeep so get ready for regular trims. The best part of this hairstyle is this is good for both business and party.

Natural curl Fade Ideas for Curly Hair

11.) Fluffy Curls

This style is probably the easiest style because you only have to let them grow in its natural shape. This is one of the best ideas for curly hair.

Fluffy curls Ideas for Curly Hair

12.) Business Professional

This hairstyle is perfect with a button down or if you are going to meet your girlfriend friend parent, this short brushed look is great for anyone who wants to be taken seriously.  Mans curly hair can be difficult to style, so this style if perfect to those who wants easy to manage hair.

Business Professional Ideas for Curly Hair

13.) Punk  Curly Top

All you need to join a band in this hairstyle and a little bit of eyeliner. You can mix in any punk band in this way. Grab your instrument and let your hair fly in the wind with these long curly bangs. Just make sure to keep them trimmed so they don’t overwhelm your face. Curly hairstyle for men like this is always trendy despite the age.

Punk curly top Ideas for Curly Hair

14.) Barely-there Beach Waves

In this hairstyle, it is important to maintain the overall shape of the style with a consistent trim. Any men with naturally wavy hair can get this look.

Barely there Beach Waves Ideas for Curly Hair

15.) Natural Volume

When working with men’s curly hair. It is important on natural color, curl shape and volume. Don’t be afraid to use some product to enhance your look that keep in mind to keep the usage light as to not overwhelm your curls. You will like your hair to look as natural as possible.

Natural Volume Ideas for Curly Hair

16.) Growing up curly

When you choose the buzzed sides, the only way to grow is up. of all the men’s curly hairstyle people love the hard and soft edges of this one best.

Growing up curly Ideas for Curly Hair

17.) Romance Novel Worthy

Overseas ed man curly haircut can actually be a good thing if it is done in the right way. Guys with curly hair can manage a look of the book cover with real world capabilities. It is one of the best hair ideas for curly hair.

Romance novel worthy Ideas for Curly Hair

18.) Modern jerry curl

Don’t be afraid to try a retro look with a modern touch. Instead of giving yourself a full jerry curl, fade the sides so you can still have a curly top. This is one of the best hair ideas for curly hair.

Modern jerry curl Ideas for Curly Hair

19.) Seaworthy Swirls

Comb out your long curls, brush them back and behind your ears. Then trim your facial hair into an impressive looking beard. Make sure to also keep your eyebrows well maintained.

Seaworthy Swirls Ideas for Curly Hair

20.) Party in the Back

This look might seem short when looking from the front. But as you turn around, everyone will be able to see your fun curls in the back. For cool ideas for curly hair, this hairstyle is perfect for all the occasion.

Party in the back Ideas for Curly Hair


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