20 Trendy Bun Hairstyles


Get an amazing and eye-catching hairstyle that goes with every hair texture and length. The natural hairstyle is highly in trend. You can express your beauty with these flawless and striking bun hairstyles. Add some volume to the hair with these gorgeous bun hairstyles that required a little practice. These buns look sassy for your upcoming affair. Here are 20 trendy bun hairstyles.

20 Trendy Bun Hairstyles

1.) Elegant Twist Updo

You can flaunt this sassy look which surely shows off your highlighted locks nicely. For this hairstyle, you need to visit the salon and ask your hairstylist for a loose twist that creates simple and sleek effect. You can clearly show off your neck tattoo with this hairstyle. The hairstyle is perfectly imperfect vibes as it is not over sprayed. The elegant twist updo is one of the trendy bun hairstyles.

elegant twist updo bun hairstyles

2.) Large Teased Bun

Volume is the major key to making the fine strands visible thicker than they are. In this hairstyle, the properly teased crown and sassy large bun make it look like it has a ton of hair. You can create a larger chignon by using a bun maker underneath your backcombed hair. Enhance your look with bright accessories that look lovely on your hair bun. The large teased bun is one of the stunning bun hairstyles.

large teased bun updo bun hairstyles

3.) Messy Bun with Long Side Pieces

The hairstyle is best for your prom look. It is suitable for any dress. You can go for side French braid near the crown area with a curled messy bun. For this look, you need to tease poof in the back and curled long side pieces in the front that make the hairstyle formal addition. Go double tone hair color with the messy bun with long side pieces which is truly sensational.

Messy bun with long side pieces updo bun hairstyles

4.) Elegant Pinned Back Updo

The elegant pinned back updo is one of the alluring bun hairstyles. You can see in the picture how elegant is the hairstyle. Go for the stylish and flattering look with elegant pinned back updo. You can create voluminous updo by loosely twisting and pinning small section of hair. Wear your stylish accessories to take the look to the next level.  Don’t forget to wear high heels with your fabulous dress.

elegant pinned back updo bun hairstyles

5.) Wavy Low Bun

When you decide to wear your hair down, it always gives you the illusion of thicker strands if your hair is curled to blow dry straight. The same technique applies to the updos. Go for this sassy texture where locks are curled and gently pinned back. Wear your sassy jewelry to make your appearance sensational. The wavy low bun is one of the gorgeous bun hairstyles.

wavy low bun updo bun hairstyles

6.) Elegant Curled Prom Style

If you are looking for a stunning look, then try elegantly curled prom style that looks lovely on your big day. The hairstyle is little complicated as it curled and pinned style. So visit your near salon to achieve this amazing look. Make sure to start off with a texturizing spray to create the hold in loose. The elegantly curled prom style is one of the eye-catching bun hairstyles.

elegant curled prom hairstyles bun hairstyles

7.) Loose Curly Bun for Short Thin Hair

The loose curly bun for short thin hair is one of the modish bun hairstyles. You can create this bun on any length. Make sure the locks are long enough to loosely twisted. It is best suitable for thin hair. You just need to do coil, pin, and mist with hair spray. Leave the few pieces to fall out of the front which will make you feel more relaxed. You can opt this hairstyle on any occasion.

loosely curl bun iwth short and thin hair hairstyles bun hairstyles

8.) Classic French Twist

French twist comes in that hairdo that never goes out of trend. The hairstyle is fabulous and looks extremely beautiful in straight hair. Paired your look with mini dresses and fancy gown that look mind blowing on every girl. Add texturizing spray to make the undo last longer before you start pinning the updo.

classic french twist bun hairstyles

9.) Knotted Updo for Fine Hair

Try this half Mohawk hairstyle by styling the section of hair into the twists or knots and pinning them in a place. You need to begin your Mohawk not from the hairline, but somewhere at the crown area. You can add this hairstyle in your normal routine for the everyday beautiful look.

knotted updo for fine hair bun hairstyles

10.) Highlighted Updo with Messy Loops

You can achieve this gorgeous hairstyle by opting a dying job and creating a full updo for fine hair. Go for the curly hairstyle that adds thickness and volume to the hairstyle. Try large curls for fancy looking loops. The highlighted updo with messy loops is one of the striking bun hairstyles.

highlighted updo with messy loops bun hairstyles

11.) Twisted Side Roll Updo

You get confused while selecting the hairstyle for your hair length. Opt for the cute and loose bun that look stunning on every woman. The twisted side roll updo is one of the sassy bun hairstyles.

twisted side roll bun hairstyles

12.) Two Braids and Curly Bun

If you are looking for different hairstyle and different hair texture, then try two braids and curly bun. Opt for this sophisticated look, curly bun with accent braids and thin face framing streaks for a reason.

Two braids and curly bun hairstyles

13.) Jumbo Braid Updo

Jumbo braid updo is one of the top bun hairstyles. You can achieve this look by turning the jumbo braid into the loppy bun. Make sure that you have tucked the ends properly for jump braid updo look.

jumbo braid twist bun hairstyles

14.) Curly Updo with Bangs

The modern prom hairstyle gives you effortless and sassy look. Add wow factor to your look with fetching accessories that look wonderful on every hairstyle.

Curly updo with bangs bun hairstyles

15.) Romantic Braided Updo for Thin Hair

Long and thin hair sometimes creates problems while making updos. If you don’t want flat look while pulling back your hair then try romantic braided for thin hair.

Romantic braided updo bun hairstyles

16.) Teased Updo with Cute Headband

 The cute and youthful hairstyle is best for both the formal and casual look. Make sure you do serious teasing so it will look different. Deepen your look with the shiny headband.

teased updo with headband bun hairstyles

17.)  Gorgeous Waved Updo for Long Hair

Bun style for long hair works best for volume and length. You just need to make a low bun at the bottom portion the hair and add more curled pieces into it.

Gorgeous waved updo bun hairstyles

18.) Classic Roll Updo with Braid

The classic roll updo with braid is one of the awesome bun styles. For this hairstyle you don’t need to look perfect, just go messy with loose extension and using texturizing products.

classic roll updo with braid bun hairstyles

19.) Messy High Bun Updo

Adding volume is the best option to take the style to the next level. You can use sock bun sponge to add structure and shape to your hairstyle.

messy high bun updo bun hairstyles

20.) Tangled Braided Crown

Braids are a perfect style to rock the dance floor. Opt for the braided crown that adds texture and the volume in the hairstyle to enhance the look.

Tangled braided crwon bun hairstyles


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