20 Cool Black Braided Hairstyles


Black braided buns, fishtail braids, rope braids, Updos and cornrows are among the top list of popular African Amercian hairstyles. But did you notice that all these hairstyles have one thing in common? All these styles are created using braids. Whether you are going to an event or a college, there are a numerous number of black braided hairstyles that you can try. The list of hairstyles given in this article is great for professional and social events.

List of 20 Cool Black Braided Hairstyles:

1.) French Black Braided Hairstyles:

french black braided hairstyles

This French style braid is going to make you feel like a mistress. This African American braided hairstyle has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. It is a remarkable hairstyle for thick hair. This hairstyle matches a number of occasions. It compliments round faces perfectly.

2.) Low Braided Bun:

low braided bun black braided hairstyles

This is an ideal black braided hairstyle. It is a dignified and stunning hairstyle for formal and informal occasions. Try this hairstyle and get a different look this season. You can wear this simple hairstyle at the office.

3.) Bunny Ears Black Braided Hairstyles:

bunny ears black braided hairstyles

This is one of the chunky hairstyles for black women. Two bunny ears will make you look adorable and cute. This is one of the most versatile looks to carry. The tight braids will allow you to move freely.

4.) Rope Braids for Black Women:

rope braids black braided hairstyles

It is one of the flattering black braided hairstyles. The rope braids are in no way going out of fashion. Leave your rope braids open and enjoy the compliments.

5.) Criss-cross Goddess Braids:

criss cross goddess braids black braided hairstyles

Goddess braids or chunky braids whatever you wish, you can call it that. It is an exemplary hairstyle for days when you don’t want tension regarding your hair styling. The best part of this hairstyle is that you can open it anytime.

6.) Cornrow Ponytail for Black Women:

cornrow ponyatil black braided hairstyles

This is one of the aesthetic black braided hairstyles. This cornrow ponytail will not make you feel heavy. It is a perfect style to carry if you are bored with simple braids. Try this hairstyle if you want something casual.

7.) Jumbo Braided Coil Hairstyles:

jumbo coil black braided hairstyles

Low buns, high buns, braided buns are common. Now, it’s time to try something different. Try this jumbo braided coil and be remembered because of your hairstyle. This simple hairdo looks improbable.

8.) Mohawk Braided Bun:

mohawk braided bun black braided hairstyles

New and unexpected things should happen in this hair world. This hairstyle in one such thing. Mohawk braid with a high bun is a great combination to try.

9.) Dutch Braid Hairstyles for Women:

dutch black braided hairstyles

This Dutch braid looks awesome if you have naturally long hair. You can also use hair extensions to try this style. It is a perfect hairstyle if you are in no mood to try twist and curls.

10.) Side Part Full Length Braids:

side part full length black braided hairstyles

This is an easy and trendy hairstyle to carry all year around. It is one of the popular African American hairstyles. It is an ideal hairstyle for women with rectangular and oval face shapes.

11.) Multi-colored Black Braided Hairstyles:

multi colored black braided hairstyles

The multi-colored braids will make you look magnificent. You can either leave your multi-colored braids open or wrap them into a half bun. It is a spunky hairstyle that is loved by all the girls.

12.) Braids and Curls Hairstyles:

braids and curly black braided hairstyles

If you are not able to decide that what exactly you want curls or braids then try the combination of both. They work so well together and is an ideal style for the upcoming event.

13.) Mini Cornrows with Spiral Bun:

min cornows with spiral bun black braided hairstyles

The combination of a large braided bun and mini cornrows look great together. It is a great style to carry for informal and formal occasions. The mini cornrows give the hairstyle a detailed look.

14.) Half Updo Black Braided Hairstyles:

half updo black braided hairstyles

It is one of the most appropriate hairstyles to wear during the summer season. It is an enchanting way to style your braids. This sexy hairstyle remains the same throughout the day.

15.) Double Twisted Updo Hairstyles:

double twisted updo black braided hairstyles

This hairstyle is a little different as you do not need much time to create it. You can easily open it in a few minutes. It is an exemplary hairstyle for girls who want to look glamorous every day.

16.) Boxer Braids Hairstyles:

boxer black braided hairstyles

A hairstyle should be such that speaks a lot about your personality and taste. This protective black braided hairstyle is very much in trend these days. The effect of these intricate boxer braids is awesome.

17.) Black Braided Mohawk Hairstyles:

black braided hairstyles mohawk

This is one of the most stunning black braided hairstyles. There are unlimited ways to style your braids. This Mohawk braid is one of them. It is perfect for girls who don’t want boring and dull hairstyles.

18.) Braids with Shaved Sides:

braids with shaved sides black braided hairstyles

This hairstyle is ideal for girls who are bold enough to try and experiment with hair. The braids at the crown and the shaved sides will compliment your cheeky personality.

19.) Twisted Box Braids:

twisted black braided Hairstyles

This is one of the magnificent black braided hairstyles. Twisted box braids look modish and sophisticated. A couple of tendrils will add a cute touch to your personality.

20.) Braided Ponytail for Women:

braided ponytail black braided hairstyles

This braided ponytail looks great on teenage girls. It makes you look classy and is perfect for everyday purposes as well as formal events. You just make to make braids and pull them back to create a pony.


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