How to Make Your Hair Curly?


You are free to do any type of curls without using heating tools. Get the curly, wavy and spiral texture by following these tricks that make you beautiful in no time. Get the amazing curls in any length, color, type of hair. You don’t have to use heating tools that cause damage and breakage which makes your hair dry, frizzy and rough. We have shared some amazing method that helps you to flaunt sassy curls hair even in your daily routine. Here are 5 tricks to make your hair curly.

how make your hair curly

5 Tricks to Make Your Hair Curly:

1.) Braiding to Achieve Wavy Hair

Make your hair curly with braiding hairstyle. First, prepare your hair by washing your hair and gently comb it to remove all the tangles. Slightly dry your hair with a towel so that you can achieve amazing hair texture. Make two pigtails into your damp hair. Start with a part the hair into 2 sections and braid them tightly. Secure the ends with rubber bands. If you want to look more natural than you use fingers to gently pull the braids apart. Don’t make the braid too tight, just loosen them slightly.

If you want to loose waves, then make one braid at the back rather than the two braids. And if you want tight curls, then go for three braids or four. Let the braids get dry, or you can make it before going to bed and leave it in overnight to achieve the best texture. Next morning, remove your rubber bands and unbraid your hair. Gently comb with your finger to get the amazing waves.

2.) T-shirt to Get Tight Curls

First, you need clean and tangle free hair to make your hair curly. Wash your hair and gently comb it to remove all the tangles. Then slightly dry your hair with the towel. Make sure, you don’t apply serum and conditioner.  For T-shirt method to make your hair curly, you need to cut the T-shirt in long strips. Make as many T-shirt strips from the body of the T-shirt. Don’t use the sleeve part of the T-shirt as it is very short for the strips. Roll your hair. Divide the sections of the hair with the help of the comb. Place the strip at the bottom of the section and roll towards to hair roots. Once you rolled it, secure the roll with the by tying the ends of the strips.

Remember, roll your hair under rather than curls that roll towards the neck rather than those curls who bounce outwards. Best is time to roll your hair is before going to bed that completely dry your hair and give you amazing curls when you undo the hairstyle.

3.) Socks Bun for Voluminous Waves

Yes, you can achieve the best messy curls with tube socks to make your hair curly. You need to cut the front part of the socks and roll the socks into the donut shape. Then pull the hair back at the top and secure it spray some water to set the hair. Hold the end section of the ponytail and place it into the sock hole. Then start wrapping the section over the outer surface of the socks donut and tuck the ends beneath it. keep this continue rolling the socks down to your ponytail and secure it underneath with bobby pins.

Leave the bun overnight for better waves. Remove the sock and untie your hair after 6-8 hours and rub the head to get the best messy texture.

4.) Easy and Soft Waves

First, prepare your hair to make your hair curly. If your hair is not dirty, then you don’t need to wash. Just sprinkle some water to get damp hair. Brush your hair properly and divide it into 2 sections and twist it tightly. Then turn the twist into a cute side bun to make your hair curly. You have to make two buns each side by middle parting. Leave bun for overnight so that it gets dry properly. The best way is to try these tricks before going to bed and leave it overnight for awesome curls. Open the bun in the morning and you will have slightly wavy hair.

5.) Twisted Curls

Wash your hair and remove the dirt from your hair, so that you can easily hold the curls. Dry your hair with the help of towel until the hair gets damp. Separate the hair into two sections to make your hair curly. Start twisting the each section tightly and secure it in a bun. Tug it properly with hair pins or hair ties that work perfectly. Repeat the same on both the sides. Leave the twisted bun for 5-6 hours to get the amazing hair. You can do this before going to bed to get the perfect twist curls. When the hair gets dry, then remove the clips to get the messy and spiral texture.


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