20 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair


Charismatic, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, pretty, and enchanting are some of the compliments that every girl with long hair hears every day. You know what’s the best part of having long hair. It’s the versatility that it offers. Long hair gives you the opportunity to experiment and try new things. You can make any kind of hairstyle for any occasion. If you have a lack of inspiration or you are not getting any idea of styling your long hair, then read our article to find out the list of 20 easy hairstyles for long hair.

List of 20 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair:

1.) Sleek High Ponytail for Long Hair:

sleek high ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Long hair alone can manage to make you look beautiful. Whether you are wearing jeans or a gown, you can always go for a variety of hairstyles. This sleek high ponytail looks good with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. It is a great hairstyle to carry on professional meetings as well as on hangout with friends.

2.) Back Pin Up Hairstyles for Long Hair:

back pin up hairstyles for long hair

It sounds quite simple and you will be happy to know that it is actually very simple. You just need some hair pins and a good styling gel to create this hairstyle. Pull back your hair and tuck it back with the help of some hair pins.

3.) Gorgeous Retro Look for Long Hair:


This long half Updo will take time back. You will find yourself in the 90s era. The bouffant, center part and this loose half Updo will give you a retro look. You can wear this hairstyle with a simple or jeweled gown. A flawless eye makeup is going to increase you’re all over beauty.

4.) High Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair:

high bun hairstyles for long hair

You will be surprised to know that each bun has its own significance. For example, you must have seen girls wearing a chignon on weddings, a messy Updo on special occasions. Similarly, this high bun is especially for professional purposes. It is an ideal hairstyle for an award function or if you have to walk on the red carpet.

5.) Straight Hair with a Side Part:

straight hair with a side part hairstyles for long hair

There are days when you are not in a mood to make any hairstyle but still, you want to look like a chic. This easy to create hairstyle is exactly for those days. Make a side part and use a straightener and a blow dryer to get a hot look.

6.) Braided Headband for Curly Long Hair:

braided headband curly hairstyles for long hair

You are really lucky if you have long hair and they are curly. This braided headband is perfect for increasing the beauty of your long luscious curls. The bright red lipstick will enhance the beauty of your blonde curls.

7.) Half Pony Hairstyles for Long Hair:

half pony hairstyles for long hair

Gather some of the hair section from your crown area and tie a tight half pony. The height of this high pony will make you look tall and sexy. Whether it is a dress or trouser, this hairstyle is just perfect.

8.) Loose Pony Hairstyles for Long Hair:

loose pony hairstyles for long hair

Gone are those days when straight and oily hairstyles were in fashion. Now, time has changed and the current trend is something messy and loose. Use your own hair strands to wrap it around your loose ponytail.

9.) Loose Casual Side Braid Hairstyles:

loose casual side braid hairstyles for long hair

It’s not always necessary to have sleek hairstyles, sometimes it’s fun to play with messy hair. This loose messy side braid will give you a hairstyle that is perfect for your first date. The long earrings will compliment your casual side braid.

10.) Sleek Vixen Hairstyles:

sleek vixen hairstyles for long hair

This is a classy and flawless hairstyle to try if you are blessed with long hair. Make sure is completely straight. Divide it into 2 sections and twist it and make a ponytail. This is an awesome hairstyle to carry on all days.

11.) Honey Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair:

honey bun hairstyles for long hair

This perfect honey bun is going to envy all the girls around you. It is a super easy hairstyle for long hair. You just need a sock for creating this simple honey bun. Use a good hair spray to keep your honey bun shiny and tight.

12.) Braided Messy Bun Hairstyles:

braided messy bun hairstyles for long hair

This braided messy bun is perfect for girls who want to become the epitome of perfection. It is completely your choice that you want a French braid or a fishtail braid. Make any and then turn it into a messy bun.

13.) Fishtail Pony Hairstyles:

fishtail ponytail hairstyles for long hair

This animal themed hairstyle is going to make you look stunning and ravishing. Pull back your hair into a high ponytail and then make a fishtail braid. It is an excellent hairstyle for long hair.

14.) Twisted Topknot Hairstyles:

twisted topknot hairstyles for long hair

This twisted topknot is perfect hairstyle to make you look tall and sexy. It is an excellent hairstyle for girls with slender and long faces. This small pair of earring is going to compliment your overall beauty.

15.) High Bun with Braided Wrap:

High Bun with braided wrap hairstyles for long hair

Are you searching for a red carpet look? Do you want to look like a diva? Do you have a habit of stealing the limelight of the show? If yes, then this high bun with braided wrap is an excellent choice.

16.) Chignon Hairstyles for Long Hair:

chignon hairstyles for long hair

This chignon bun is a perfect hairstyle for all the sluggish girls. You can sleep a few extra minutes in the morning as the time of your hair styling will be saved. You just need some hair pins and a few minutes to create this charming hairstyle.

17.) Twice Passes Chignon Ponytail:

twice passes chignon ponytail hairstyles for long hair

In this picture, it seems to be a little difficult but actually, it’s a simple hairstyle for an everyday look. Make a normal ponytail and then pass your fingers through the ponytail. Cross your ponytail through that gap and get a stunning look.

18.) Messy Volume Ponytail Hairstyles:

messy volume ponytail hairstyles for long hair

This voluminous ponytail will make you fall in love with this trendy and modern hairstyle. The Volume is the unique point of this ponytail. A bright red lipstick and beautiful eyes will make you look super hot and sexy.

19.) Tight Low Bun Hairstyles:

tight low bun hairstyles for long hair

This tight low bun with a center part is an excellent hairstyle for special occasions. The beautiful eye makeup and a bright red lipstick are going to complete your overall look.

20.) Voluminous Curls Hairstyles for Long Hair:

volumious curls hairstyles for long hair

The voluminous curls are perfect if you are searching for an easy and simple hairstyle for your long hair. Use a curling iron and a blow dryer to create this amazing hairstyle. It may take a little time but the results will be fabulous.


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