20 Sassy Long Curly Hairstyles


Long Curly hair has a natural charm due to which people just can’t take their eyes off. On some days your curls look shiny and bouncy and on other days they become stubborn and unmanageable. We are here to solve your problem and make your curls look awesome every day. Read our article to find out the best long curly hairstyles. Whether it is a ponytail, a bun or a half Up, curls upgrade these simple hairstyles quickly. No need of straightening iron, these hairstyles will tame your curls and keep them in one line.

List of 20 Sassy Long Curly Hairstyles:

1.) Low Ponytail Long Curly Hairstyles:

low curly ponytail long curly hairstyles

This is an epic hairstyle for both naturally curly hair and artificial curly hair. Create a center part and tie up your curly hair into a low ponytail. Through this hairstyle, you can show off your beautiful curls and keep your hair away from the face.

2.) Pastel Colored Long Curly Hairstyles:

pastel colored curls with a side part long curly hairstyles

This beauty of this hairstyle lies in the pastel color. Blue, pink, teal and golden colors make your curls look beautiful. Create a side part and allow your curls to flow freely.

3.) Half Up Long Curly Hairstyles:

half Up long curly hairstyles

You know what’s the best part of having curls? The most basic hairstyle can quickly look intricate. Hold two sections of hair from both the sides of the temples and fix them back in the middle of the head.

4.) High Curly Ponytail:

High Curly ponytail long curly hairstyles

Girls with straight hair always envy girls with curly hair. But the fact is girls with curly hair only know how difficult it is to manage stubborn curls. Wear this high ponytail and feel free throughout the day.

5.) Braided Half Up Curly Hairstyles:

braided half up long curly hairstyles

Though this hairstyle also lies in the category of half up, but the braids make it totally different. The braids at the crown section look marvelous. You can use a serum to make your hair look glossy.

6.) Headband Braid Curly Hairstyles:

headband braid long curly hairstyles

Increase the beauty of your blonde curls by trying this outstanding hairstyle. The natural headband is the main punch of this hairstyle. Weave a braid and cross it over the head.

7.) Top Knot Long Curly Hairstyles:

top knot long curly hairstyles

If you are looking for a casual hairstyle then try this beautiful top knot. Make sure that your bun settles on the top of the head. Leave the rest of the curls open and enjoy your casual look.

8.) Layered Curls with Smooth Pouf:

layered curls with smooth pouf long curly hairstyles

Curls on layered hair for sure will turn heads. This hairstyle is perfect for a romantic date. Create a smooth pouf with the top front of the hair. Let the rest of the curls settle on one side of the shoulder.

9.) Messy Layered Spiral Curls with Middle Part:

messy layered spiral curls long curly hairstyles

This is an excellent hairstyle for girls with curly hair. The golden blonde highlights on light colored hair will make you look charismatic. Use a sea salt spray to set your spiral curls and messy flair.

10.) Curly Ponytail with a Side Braid:

curly ponytail with a side braid long curly hairstyles

Whether you have straight hair or curly, braids have always been an excellent option. The side braid in this curly ponytail will make you look dazzling. This classic ponytail will keep all your curls in line.

11.) Defined Gray Waves Long Curly Hairstyles:

defined gray waves long curly hairstyles

If you are looking for a structured look, then this hairstyle is one that matches your requirements. The curls in this hairstyle are bouncy and defined. It is a modern hairstyle with a retro vibe.

12.) Killer Faux Hawk Curly Hairstyles:

killer faux hawk long curly hairstyles

The silver curls styled into a faux hawk will give you a stunning and killer look. It is an optimal hairstyle for round, heart and oval face shapes. Use a blow dryer and diffuser to set the hairstyle for even the longest day.

13.) High Curly Bun Hairstyles:

high curly bun long curly hairstyles

Having long hair and that too curly? There are days when you feel irritated even with your hair. This hairstyle is exactly for those irritating days. Pull up your curls into a high ponytail and then wrap them around to form a high bun.

14.) Messy Curly Bun Long Hairstyles:

messy curly bun long curly hairstyles

This hairstyle for curly hair is perfect for a wedding eve. The curls are properly twisted and pinned into a bun. Let some loose curls hang on your face and complement your makeup.

15.) Curly Ponytail with Bouffant:

curly ponytail with bouffant long curly hairstyles

This hairstyle is for girls with loose curls. Create a bouffant on the top of the head and secure it with hairpins. Tie the rest of your curls into a medium sized ponytail.

16.) Curly Bun with Headband Braid:

curly bun with headband braid long curly hairstyles

This hairstyle is a combination of two popular hairstyles. One is the curly bun and other is the headband braid. The two headband braids are crossed over the head and at the back, the curly bun is placed beautifully.

17.) Pigtail Buns Long Curly Hairstyles:

pigtail buns curly long hairstyles

These pigtail buns give you an opportunity to embrace the beauty of your natural curls. Part your hair from the middle and create two bulky buns with each of the sections.

18.) Curly Layers with Side Sweep:

curly layers with side sweep long curly hairstyles

Part your hair to one side and gently rest them on your shoulders. The layers and the texture of your curls will make you look resplendent. Apply a lot of serum to get shiny and glossy curls.

19.) Long Disco Curls:

long disco curls long curly hairstyles

This hairstyle is perfect for all the disco darlings. This hairstyle gives the volume a whole new definition. You just need to tease your curls to get this beautiful hairstyle.

20.) Wrap Around Braid Hairstyles:

wrap arond braid long curly hairstyles

Divide your curly hair into three sections and separate the top layers. Braid the three sections and combine the top layer and the braids together. Wrap them around the head to create this ravishing hairstyle.


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