20 Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair


Medium length is the perfect length to achieve any haircut. It is more manageable and takes less effort. We have shared lots of cool hairstyles which makes the fine hair thicker and full volume. Go for braid, loose, wavy, curly or ponytail hairstyle that look best in fine hair. We have shared cute visualized ideas to embrace the look. Here are 20 medium length hairstyles for thin hair.

20 Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair:

1.) Layering and Headband Twist

Reveal your inner sassy girl with layering and headband twist. The layering and headband twist is one of the amazing medium length hairstyles for thin hair. You can add headband twist in your look which performed both decorative and practical function. Keep the long bang from the front, twist it and secure it at the back of the hair. Bright eyes and bright jewelry look classy with this look.

layering and headband twist hairstyles for thin hair

2.) Medium Length Bangs

Go pretty and stylish hairstyle in medium length with medium length bangs. If you are unable to get curly or wavy hair then go for a sophisticated look with straight hair that looks lovely with swooping layers and bangs. The hairstyle is suitable for round face shape and gives you a slimmer appearance. The medium length bangs are one of the elegant medium length hairstyles for thin hair.

medium length bangs hairstyles for thin hair

3.) Angled Thin Hair

If you have straight hair then you have a big advantage to flaunt this look. In this hairstyle, the straight look best when you opt for angled bob. Angled bob boost volume and add style to your flat and lifeless look. For easy manage, go for a shoulder length hairstyle. The angled thin hair is one of the super medium length hairstyles for thin hair.

angled thin hair hairstyles for thin hair

4.) A Flip of Blonde

Champagne blonde hair is a mesmerizing and playful alternative to some blonde shades. When you want a strong appearance in lifeless look, then add chunky hair color that adds life and movement to your look. Go for the blow dryer and flip the ends with the round hair brush to get the complete look. Make sure you are selecting the right hue according to your complexion as color choice can make or break your look.

A flip blonde hairstyles for thin hair

5.) Braided Beauty

When you don’t want to chop your front hair which makes you irritate every time, then make a braid from your front bangs and secure it above the head. It will look simple and stylish. Resolve this problem by adding a small braid across the front of your hair that looks completely mesmerizing. You can add this look in your daily routine when you want to leave you freely.

Braided beauty hairstyles for thin hair

6.) Honey Colored Thin Hair

Accentuate your look with auburn highlights and lovely honey with the mildly cropped cut. When you achieve this hairstyle in thin and straight hair, it looks truly flattering and sensational. The style is easy to maintain. Magnify your look with the denim jacket that highlights your personality. Go for dark roots and lighter ends.

Honey colored thin hair hairstyles for thin hair

7.) Messy Updo for Medium Cut

If you don’t want to use heating tools to prevent damage to your hair, then try messy updo for the medium cut. You can achieve this look with finger combing your hair and turns the style into a messy bun and ponytail. Messy style enhances volume in your fine hair. The hairstyle is best for the casual look when you don’t have time to style your hair.

Messy updo for medium hair hairstyles for thin hair

8.) Short Blonde Style

Straight Hair fun to wear when you twist your locks. Hold your locks by putting the light spray on your locks. You achieve this texture by twisting it with a curling iron. Go for dark roots with lighter blonde highlights that look amazing with short fine hair.

short blonde cut hairstyles for thin hair

9.) Thin Hair in Layers

Thin hair in layers is one of the gorgeous medium length hairstyles for thin hair. Add a wow factor with layers, style in curly or straight hair. The hairstyle looks best for on special occasion. If you want to variation, then you can also go for a ponytail.

thin layers hairstyles for thin hair

10.) Curly Updo

Romantic updos are the best for thin hair. You can get this hairstyle in curly hair texture, which can be achieved by sleeping overnight with thick rollers. Flaunt your messy updo on a special occasion or romantic date. Go for darker roots and lighter ends that make you updo even more special.

curly updo hairstyles for thin hair

11.) Angled Medium Cut

When you have straight and fine hair, then take advantage of angled cut with side part which is truly sensational. Your hair doesn’t have to secure in the ponytail always, you can leave it free by sleek and lovely. The hairstyle is suitable for both casual and formal look.

Angled medium cut hairstyles for thin hair

12.) Chin Length Hair with Layers

The layered hairstyle looks amazing in all the hairstyle. When we talk about the thin hair, then layers boost the volume and also the thickness in your hairstyle. Go for a chin length haircut, which adds plenty of wispy layers in your hairstyle to get the sexy look. Go for brown hair with chunky highlights with your medium skin tone.

chin length hair with layers hairstyles for thin hair

13.) Feeling Blue

Get a mermaid-like look in short and fine hair. In this hairstyle, the mermaid blue or green makes it more sensational. You can choose any trendy and unique hair color.

feeling blue hairstyles for thin hair

14.) Beautiful for Thinner Hair

You can see in the picture that is showing that when you want to look beautiful then it is not necessary that you go for the polished and classy look.

beautiful for thin hair hairstyles for thin hair

15.) Medium Hair with Side Part

The tousled look is widely in trend. For those who have thinner hair, you have to go for the side part. When you comb your hair in one direction that it automatically boost the volume in the hair.

medium hair with side part hairstyles for thin hair

16.) Sleek and Straight for Thin Hair

One solution to achieve the maximum volume in thin hair is by adding layers technique. The sleek and straight for thin hair is one of the mind boggling hairstyles for thin hair.

sleek and straight hairstyles for thin hair

17.) Color Statement

If you have shoulder length fine hair and straight hair, then opt for pinkish auburn. Pinkish auburn is not the sign of immature lady.

color statement hairstyles for thin hair

18.) Adorable Poofy Pony

If you want to achieve extra volume without any major effort, then try adorable poofy pony. The adorable poofy pony is one of the cute hairstyles for thin hair.

Adorable poofy pony hairstyles for thin hair

19.) Carefree Medium Waves

Volume and texture, are the two important things in the hairstyle. Get the effortless look with carefree medium waves. It is one of the gorgeous hairstyles for thin hair.

carefree medium waves hairstyles for thin hair

20.) Halo Braid for Thin Hair

Shoulder length hairstyle is perfect for any kind of braid. Flaunt your thin hair by creating a halo braid. It is one of the best hairstyles for thin hair.

halo braid for thin hair hairstyles for thin hair


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