20 Stylish Half Ponytails


You are never fully dressed without a great hairstyle. Your hair is an important part of your personality. The right hairstyle can make you look elegant and classy while the wrong one can make you look gauche. You should a hairstyle that goes with most of the outfits, is perfect for all seasons, is never out of trend and is easy to make. The half ponytail is one such hairstyle that falls in this category. Whether you have long, medium or short hair you can try this style and the versatility will amaze you. It is ideal for both formal and fancy events. Read this article to find a bunch of 20 stylish half ponytails.

Collection of 20 Stylish Half Ponytails:

1.) Simple Half Ponytails:

simple half up ponytails

This is one of the decorous ponytails to try. It is an immaculate style for long haired girls. Pull your hair back and comb it properly. Divide it into two layers, upper and lower. Grab hold the hair in the upper section and tie a tight pony. Comb the hair and use a shine hairspray.

2.) High Half Ponytail with Polished Waves:

high half ponytails with polished waves

The cascade of polished waves and a high pony will give you a glamorous and high-class look. Backcomb your hair and tie a tight pony with the upper layer of hair. Twist your bangs and pin it to the side.

3.) Black Half Ponytail with Volume:

black half ponytails with volume

This is a smart look for girls with straight hair. The volume on the top of the head and the ponytail is improbable. It is a superb choice for the wedding season.

4.) Twisted Half Ponytails:

twisted half ponytails

The best thing about the half ponytail is the styling option that it offers. A small detail can glam up your look and make your hairstyle a head turner. Use a roller to create big curls towards the end.

5.) Half French Braid Ponytail:

half french braid ponytail half ponytails

Adding a braid to the pony can give you an eye-catching and classic look. Weave a french braid on one side with a medium section of hair and then grab some hair from the upper layer to form a pony.

6.) Glittery Half Ponytails:

glittery half ponytails

Girls and glitter can stay far. This look is perfect for prom parties, music concerts or big events. Make a high half pony and top it off with glitter. Sprinkle some glitter on the crown area also.

7.) Half Ponytail for Short Hair:

half ponytails for short hair

Who said girls with short hair can’t wear a half ponytail? Braid two sections of hair on either side of the head and bring them back in the middle. Tie up the end of the braids to form a small pony.

8.) Half Ponytail with a Vintage Look:

half ponytails with a vintage look

Do you want the same feminine and soft look of the Hollywood glam? If yes, then cast your eyes just once on this hairstyle. The super high pony with relaxed waves will give you a vintage look.

9.) Half Ponytail with Side Bangs:

half ponytails with side bangs

This is one of the super-opulent and dashing hairstyles for girls with long and medium hair. The side bangs touching the eyebrows will bring attention towards the expressive eyes.

10.) Half Ponytail with a Middle Part:

half ponytails with a middle part

This hairstyle is really going to suit all the fair ladies with a gorgeous hair color. The volume on the top of the head will create a slight bouffant look. A center part will make this look ultra feminine.

11.) Bridesmaid Half Ponytails:

bridesmaid half ponytails

This hairstyle is really going to make you look different at the wedding party. Simply curl your locks and make a half pony. An embellished hairpin will spice up this half ponytail.

12.) Casual Half Ponytail for Medium Length Hair:

casual half ponytails

This is a great hairstyle for girls with medium length hair. It is ideal for a get together with friends or a just a day out with shopping. A pair of long danglers will compliment your overall look.

13.) Bouffant Half Ponytail:

bouffant half ponytails

This is one of the most classic and charming half ponytail hairstyles. The bouffant is an added detail which makes the hairstyle more attractive. The best thing about a bouffant is that it flatters most of the face shapes.

14.) White Blonde Half Ponytail:

white blonde half ponytails

A great hair color can make your hairstyle look more interesting and impressive. This white blonde hair color will make you look charismatic, feminine and sexy.

15.) Half Ponytail with Blunt Bangs:

half ponytails with blunt bangs

Girls with bangs can also look dazzling in a half ponytail. You just need a straightener to straighten the bangs so that they fall on the forehead. Tie up a simple half ponytail at the back.

16.) Brown Half Ponytail for Long Hair:

brown half ponytails for long hair

Sometimes you just get bored of a neat and overly put hairstyle. Just make a half ponytail and split the ponytail from the middle so that it falls on both sides of the shoulders.

17.) Mod Half Ponytails:

mod half ponytails

Travel the time once again with this beautiful hairstyle. This is a perfect hairstyle to add some dimension to straight hair. This cute half ponytail blends beautifully with the free flowing locks.

18.) Curly Half Ponytail with Bangs:

curly half ponytails with bangs

These curls are so perfect that you may think that it is fake. Relax! These are not fake. You can create curls with lots of hair spray and curling iron. The loose tendrils will face the frame.

19.) Sleek and Straight Half Ponytail:

sleek and straight half ponytails

Natural straight and sleek hair look very beautiful. The sleekness of the relaxed hair will give you a fantastic and magnificent look. It is a great style for a formal look.

20.) High Ponytail with a Headband:

half ponytails with a headband

If you are bored with a simple half ponytail, then spice it up with an accessory like a headband. Create a center part and pull back the upper layer of hair into a half pony. Wear a headband where the part ends.


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