15 Different Side Swept Bangs


Long, cropped, wispy, heavy, blunt, side etc., are so many kinds of bangs which can help you not only in giving an awesome style but also transforming your face shape. Among all these bangs, side bangs are very much popular and in trend these days. If you have a wide forehead, then side bangs are a boon for you. Side bangs balance the forehead in a beautiful manner. You must have noticed your favorite celebrities pairing side bangs with their hairstyle. Side bangs can make you look stylish, sexy, feminine, elegant and are convenient to wear. In this article, you will come across the list of 15 different side swept bangs.

List of 15 Different Side Swept Bangs:

1.) Crown Braid with Thick Side Swept Bangs:

crown braid with thick side swept bangs

Crown braid is loved by the girls, maybe because it’s easy to do or because of a casual look. It is perfect hairstyle when you are called for an unexpected meeting or an event. The thick side bangs will make you look fabulous.

2.) Tousled Bob with Side Bangs:

tousled bob with side swept bangs

The combination of a tousled bob and the sleek side bangs will give you a striking look. Ask your hair stylist to blend the end of the side bangs with the front layers of the tousled bob. It is an excellent hairstyle for casual and party look.

3.) Eye Skimming Side Bangs with Waves:

eye skimming side swept bangs with waves

If you are looking for a hairstyle that gives you a sexy look, then try this wonderful hairstyle. The thick bangs will hit your cheekbones which will give you a sexy and hot look. The wavy texture and the highlights will compliment your look.

4.) Layered Hair with Choppy Side Bangs:

layered hair with choppy side swept bangs

Go for a hairstyle that makes you look sexy and mysterious. Long layered hair with choppy side bangs will give you this look. The layers and the choppy bangs will add shape and stop your hair from looking flat.

5.) Pastel Pink with Side Swept Bangs:

pastel pink with side swept bangs

The undone waves, the beautiful flowing fringe and the perfect dye job all scream about the lovely and wonderful look of this hairstyle. A large round brush and a blow dryer are all you need to make your side bangs look pretty.

6.) Highlighted Side Bangs:

highlighted side swept bangs

Highlights can make your side bangs look fantastic and attractive. Show to the world that how creative person you are. Choose a single color or a mix match of colors and go creative.

7.) Long Pixie with Side Bangs:

long pixie with side swept bangs

Most of the girls think that if they go too short with their hair, they will end up looking like a man. But you are mistaken. This long pixie with side bangs will give you a sexy and confident look. Oval and heart shaped girls should definitely try this.

8.) Thick Side Fringe for Long Hair:

thick side fringe for long hair side swept bangs

Thick side bangs add a flirty touch to the hairstyle. The full thick bangs and layered locks will make you look stunning and marvelous. Apply a thickening mousse to achieve this wonderful look.

9.) Asymmetrical Side Swept Bangs:

asymmetrical side swept bangs

Symmetry has become boring these days, so why not go for asymmetry. The side bangs are cut in an asymmetrical order and are longer on the side. This hairstyle will make you look feminine and improbable.

10.) Half Up with Side Bangs:

half up with side swept bangs

This half up hairstyle will make you look outstanding. It is an excellent choice for prom nights and weddings. The side bangs will bring focus to your beautiful and expressive eyes. A light makeup will compliment your look.

11.) Curly Hair with Long Side Bangs:

curly hair with long side swept bangs

This hairstyle looks improbable on curly haired girls. The red color and long layered side bangs work together to give you a beautiful and gorgeous look. It is an optimal hairstyle for last minute girls.

12.) Messy Ponytail with Side Swept Bangs:

messy ponytail with side swept bangs

A messy ponytail works well in all situations. Whether it’s an urgent meeting or a casual day out with friends, you can always rely on a messy ponytail. A small detail like the side bangs makes the pony look more interesting.

13.) Fishtail Braid with Side Swept Bangs:

fishtail braid with side swept bangs

A fishtail braid with styled side bangs will give you a diva look. It is perfect for official purposes like meetings and casual purposes like a wedding. Long sparkly danglers will compliment your look and outfit.

14.) Messy Bun with Side Bangs:

messy bun with side swept bangs

This messy bun with side bangs is perfect for an everyday look. It is easy to make and gives a casual look. The side bangs bring attention towards the beautiful eyes.

15.) Tapered Cut with Side Mushroom Bangs:

tapered cut with side mushroom bangs side swept bangs

This beautiful hairstyle will take you to the 90s era. The curled bangs will make this hairstyle unique. Pair it with long earrings and a bold red lipstick. It is an excellent choice for women with heart shaped face.


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