20 Voguish Natural Hairstyles


Hair is a natural gown that every woman wears. Whether you are a teenage girl or a mature lady you always keep trying new styles for your hair. If your stock is finished or you are not getting ideas to style your natural hair, then try these best 20 voguish natural hairstyles given in this article. It is simple, easy and of course, you have the liberty to change it anytime you want. They will protect your hair from all the damage and you can get a new look every day.

Top 20 Voguish Natural Hairstyles:

1.) Sectioned Mohawk with Small Coils:

sectioned mohawk with small coils

When the hair is too short, it is difficult to tie up a pony or a bun. There is a solution I which you don’t have to tie a pony and the hair will also not fly in your face. Use hairpins to create a Mohawk in the middle of the head. Add a design on the sides to get something unique and appealing.

2.) Short Twist Out Natural Hairstyles:

short twist out natural hairstyles

Are you bored of the same curly q hairstyles? If yes, then we have a simple solution. Try this short twist out hairstyle and get a break from an everyday look. Pin up the twist on one side to achieve something unique.

3.) Knotted Headscarf Natural Hairstyles:

knotted headscarf natural hairstyles

This hairstyle is going to make you realize the importance of a good hair accessory. It has been a great hairstyle for days when you don’t want to show your hair or haven’t washed it. You can even call it a protective natural hairstyle.

4.) Fashionable High Bun Hairstyles:

fashionable high bun natural hairstyles

Girls who crave for a voguish and elegant hairstyle, just have a look at this. Doesn’t this hairstyle fulfill all your demands? This high bun is super easy to make and looks great if you have long and shiny hair.

5.) Messy Side Fishtail Braid-Natural Hairstyles:

Messy Side Fishtail braid natural hairstyles

Whether it’s an office party or alumni meet at the college, this hairstyle is perfect to carry all day. The beauty of this side fishtail braid is increased by the messy look of hair.

6.) Voguish Hair Knot Hairstyles:

voguish hair knot natural hairstyles

This is one of the best hairstyles when it comes to fashion and trend. It is easy to make a hair knot and there is no length barrier. A bright colored lipstick and a flawless eye makeup is all you need to do with this hairstyle.

7.) Half Up Natural Hairstyles:

half up natural hairstyles

This half up natural hairstyle just requires 10 minutes from your busy schedule. Create a center part and pull back some hair strands from both the sides. Use hairpins to fix those strands.

8.) Rope Braided Bun Hairstyles:

rope braided bun natural hairstyles

This rope braided bun is an exemplary hairstyle if you want to protect your hair from damage. It takes hardly 10 minutes to create this fabulous hairstyle. It is in trend and you are always having a choice to change the style.

9.) Bubbly Pony Natural Hairstyles:

bubbly ponytail natural hairstyles

If you are just bored of the common hairstyle created with buns and fishtail, then try this bubbly pony. It is a great hairstyle to carry on events or hang out with friends.

10.) Voguish Mohawk with a Ponytail:

voguish mohawk wirh a ponytail natural hairstyles

It is always easy to fake a Mohawk. If you see closely, there are two hairstyles mixed in this single hairstyle. One is the ponytail and other is the braided Mohawk.

11.) Twisted High Updo with Deep Side Bangs:

twisted high updo with deep side bangs natural hairstyles

If you are blessed with naturally long hair, then this twisted high Updo is perfect to flaunt the length. The deep side bangs are something that you cannot take your eyes off. Make sure that the twist in the Updo is easily visible.

12.) Combo of French Braid and Fishtail Braid:

combo of french braid and fishtail braid natural hairstyles

Unique, creative, voguish, attractive and captivating are some of the words you can use to describe this hairstyle. There is a French braid in the front section of the hair and a side fishtail braid.

13.) Loose and Simple Side Braid:

loose and simple side braid natural hairstyles

Sometimes you have no idea of what to do with your hair. You have less time for hair styling, but you want a style that makes you look cool and sexy. Try this simple and loose braid to achieve all your goals.

14.) Half Bun Natural Hairstyles:

half bun natural hairstyles

It is natural to get bored if you are wearing the same hairstyle every day. Chill! This half bun allows you to bring a change in your Afro curls without much effort. Wrap a curly high bun on the top of the head and let the rest of the curls just fly.

15.) Natural Hairstyles for Black Women:

natural hairstyles for black women

This is one of the best ways to style your box braids. Twist your box braids from the front and make a braid using some of your box braids. Leave the rest of the box braids open.

16.) Tightest Tiny Ringlets Natural Hairstyles:

tightest tiny ringlets natural hairstyles

This hairstyle gives you an opportunity to embrace the beauty of your natural curls. Not much patience and effort is required to achieve this style as you are already blessed with it.

17.) Red Curls Natural Highlights:

red curls natural hairstyles

The beauty of this hairstyle lies in the red color. The spirals and curls together can make you look super hot and gorgeous. Allow the curls to flow in their own direction to get a natural hairstyle.

18.) Chignon Natural Hairstyles:

chignon natural hairstyles

This is one of the best hairstyles for women who want a new look every day. This side chignon bun is perfect for an office party as well as for your cousin’s wedding.

19.) Voguish High Ponytail:

high ponytail natural hairstyles

Looking for something fashionable and modish? Are you just tired of braiding your hair? If yes, then try this amazing high ponytail to get the most natural look. Backcomb your hair and use an elastic to make a tight ponytail.

20.) Cornrows with a Ponytail:

cornrows with a ponytail natural hairstyles

The cornrows in the front and a curly ponytail at the back is an appealing and eye-catching hairstyle. It is an optimal hairstyle for daily goings as well as social outings.


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