20 Shades of Brown Hair


Shades of brown are no less amazing than the blonde shades. You must think of hot chocolate, iced coffee, ice cappuccino. No, not at all. This is not the coffee menu. We have shared interesting ideas and different shades of brown. As you know hair color can make the look or break the look. Here are 20 shades of brown hair.

20 Shades of Brown Hair:

1.) Bright Brown

Brown hair comes in plenty of different hues. You can opt for silky golden brown which is a great example to pull off the look with a lighter shade. Go for soft ombre that will change the base color that seen the at the roots. Enhance the look with bright accessories that will give you amazing flawless look. You can create waves in your hairstyle to get the best look. Bright brown is one of the amazing shades of brown hair.

cThe softest almond hue shades of brown hair

2.) Sleek and Stylish

Sleek and stylish are an elegant look that always remains in the trend. You can go for a blunt look that rising continues the trend. In this hairstyle, you can add depth and dimension to the look by adding a lighter shades of brown. Add lighter hue around the face which will make your skin glow and also shows the precision of the clipped ends. The hairstyle is best for the both casual and formal look.

sleek and stylish shades of brown hair

3.) Boho Waves

Magnify your personality with extra-flowing waves. Boho waves keep the look from dragging down by lightening up. Use amber ombre which give you the magical sun-kissed beach vibes to your hairstyle. If you are planning for a vacation then try this look which keeps you carefree all the time. The boho waves are one of the trendy shades of brown.

boho waves shades of brown hair

4.)  Bombshell Blowout

You can see in the picture, which reveals that you don’t need to use the crazy hue to make the statement. Add a muted brown in your look to achieve the volume. You can pair this look with light makeup, which makes you popular in no time. Opt for brown out curls and deep side part will have all eyes on you.

bombshell blowout shades of brown hair

5.) Winning Formula

Looking for a classic look that will up you desire, try winning formula. Get the drop-dead gorgeous hairstyle by adding side part, soft curls and long layers in your hairstyle. Get a pretty and polished look with winning formula. If you ever confused between hues than go for basic hue. The winning formula is one of the top shades of brown hair.

Winning formula shades of brown hair

6.) Wavy Long Bob

If say that there is the style which is universally appealing, then it is the lob. If you are bothering about the chubby cheeks or long face shape, then freshen your look with pin curls or pin-straight strands. Add chunky brown highlights that make your presence more strong. The hairstyle is very suitable in short to medium length hairstyle. It is one of the sassy shades of brown hair.

wavy long bob shades of brown hair

7.) Go for Gold

When not in the mood of adding chunky highlights throughout the chestnut strands. Go for sunny golden brown hair with a somber solution that looks lovely in the longer length. Keep away from the contrasting color and harsh transition, go for soft technique fades from dark to light in soft. The go for gold is one of the stunning shades of brown hair.

Go for golds shades of brown hair

8.) Lovely Layers

The best way to transform your boring look by adding layers in your hairstyle. The layers not only add fullness to your look but also give you flawless shape to your hairstyle. It is best for those busy women who can’t spend much time in making the hairstyle. Pull off the look with messy bun or ponytail to get the mind blowing look.

Lovely layers shades of brown hair

9.) Curly Middle Part

Dark hue always looks best with every attire. You can opt for dark colored coffee strands that are rich and bold. You can get the bouncy curls in long hair by creating curls with a curling wand. Using heating tools offers you natural hair texture without doing it large overdone. The curly middle part is one of the latest shades of brown hair.

curly middle part shades of brown hair

10.) Lighten Up

 A one –dimension brow hair colors in medium length of hair look dull and boring. Upgrade your look with toffee balayage. The best suitable texture for this look is wavy hair as they magnify the tousled texture. The lighten up is one of the awesome shades of brown hair.

lighten up shades of brown hair

11.) Gorgeous Caramel Shades of Brown Hair

Get this miraculous look with caramel tones which is truly flattering. Opt for brunette and freshen up your look with a dark brown base with dimensional caramel highlights. It is one of the adorable shades of brown hair.

gorgeous caramel shades of brown shades of brown hair

12.) Lovely Pecan Shades of Brown Hair

Forget about the fifty shades of gray and try sassy shades of brown. Go crazy with hair color experiments and get the most flattering medium brown tone. The shades add softness to your hair.

lovely peacaan shades of brown shades of brown hair

13.) Light Frosted Brown

Change your style and look different is the amazing job. Add a soft hue in your light brown palette. The lightly frosted brown is one of the gorgeous shades of brown hair.

Light frosted brown hair shades of brown hair

14.) Chestnut Shades of Brown Hair

You can get the best look with your hairstyle and outfit. Add lowlights throughout the layers into dark locks. Flip the ends of hair with the blowdryer and round brush to get the perfect look.

Chestnut shades of brown shades of brown hair

15.) Glamazon Glow

Nobody has ever thought that the cappuccino hair color was actually achieved from the blonde dye. If you have dark hair then you need to go for so much lighter hue to get the desirable look.

Glamazon glow shades of brown hair

16.) Ravishing Red

Brown hair comes in many shades. Give a final touch by adding red tint with different eye and complexion.  Get the bouncy curls with round layers.

ravishing red brown shades of brown hair

17.) Shine On

The bad thing about having a beautiful is watching it fade. Visit near the salon and ask your hairstylist to reduce the breakage, prevent damage and retain the color longer.

Shine on shades of brown hair

18.) Silky and Shiny

Enhance your overall look with bouncy curls and an expert blend of brown hair color. The silky and shiny is one of the glossy shades of brown hair.

Silky and shiny shades of brown hair

19.) Royal Copper Brown Hair Color Ideas

The copper brown look is amazing on short and long hair. The hairstyle enhances your beautiful feature with minimal efforts.

Royal copper brown hair shades of brown hair

20.) The Softest Almond Hue

You can go for stunning honey almond shades of brown hair is extremely natural. The softest almond hue is one of the striking shades of brown hair.

The softest alomond hue shades of brown hair


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