20 Overwhelmingly Inspiring Medium Blonde Hairstyles


Hmm.. Chic and Stylish. Medium blonde hair gives you chance to have experiment spectacular looks. As the shoulder length hair open a door of many ideas.  You can look completely different with a different hairstyle. We have shared 20 bright ideas to style your medium blonde hair. Select the best idea and bring it into your life. Here are 20 Overwhelming inspiring medium blonde hairstyles.

20 Overwhelmingly Inspiring Medium Blonde Hairstyles

1.) Updo Hairstyle with Whimsical Pompadour Bangs

Enhance your elegant updo with eccentric pompadour bangs that look absolutely stunning when you paired the dress with draped silk dress. Look at the picture, the hairstyle is charming and stylish. You couldn’t get the best option for the blonde hair. You surely get the standing ovation on your special occasion with this style. The updo hairstyle with whimsical pompadour bangs is one of the best medium blonde hairstyles.

updo hairstyle for medium blonde hair with whimsical pompadour bangs medium blonde hairstyles

2.) A Bit of Sunlight in Your Looks

Go for the side swept medium blonde hair that looks absolutely fabulous and very trendy these days. Scarlet Johansson is the great example to get the inspiration with these looks. You can see the burning California reflects in every strand. If you have round face shape, then go for this hairstyle as the vertical lines in the hairstyle give you the slimmer appearance.

A bit of sunlight in your locks medium blonde hairstyles

3.) Ash Blonde Blunt Cut Lob

Go for the flattering look which is free-flowing blonde hairstyle. The hairstyle is low maintenance and truly flattering. You can see the Jessica Simpson’s Blunt cut lob in with beautiful fine straight hair. When you are planning to go out, you need to flat your hair with an iron and properly lift to roots to avoid the flat look. The ash blonde blunt cut lob is one of the trendy medium blonde hairstyles.

Ash blonde blunt cut lob medium blonde hairstyles

4.) Cut Side A-Line Down in Golden Nutmeg

Looking for the classy look in medium hair?  you can get this amazing side downs in your hair. As the Taylor swift flaunting this look with medium dark blonde locks are parted with the deep side parting to get the A-line sweep. Magnify your look with curving veiling forehead bangs and soft fluffy curls. Pair the look with stunning dresses and sassy makeup.

cut side a line dowdo in golden nutmeg medium blonde hairstyles

5.) Low Symmetric Knot

You can see the Russian model Natasha Poly embracing the look with a strapless dress with a compact low knot at the nape. If the sleek updo gives you flattering face shape then don’t miss the chance to flaunt the style on any special occasion. Deepen the look with smoky eyes and bright lip shade. The low symmetric knot is one of the latest medium blonde hairstyles.

Low symmetric knot medium blonde hairstyles

6.) Sexy Girly Hairstyle

 You will fall in love with sweet cutie Peyton which looks lovely in the medium blonde hairstyle. You will fall in love with a first sight. The look is very suitable for hazel eyes with long lashes or caressing on the cheek or the flirty golden curls. You can’t avoid this look. The sexy girly hairstyle is one of the top medium blonde hairstyles.

sexy girly hairstyles medium blonde hairstyles

7.) Short Hairstyles with Bangs, Layers and Dimensional Highlights

The beautiful Laura Dern presented her gorgeous and bright look at the ‘Wild’ premiere. In this hairstyle, the medium layered haircut with chunky highlights looks astonishing. Go with beautiful and sassy downdo does like Laura by adding dimensional tresses which get scattered on your forehead. The short hairstyles with bangs, layered and dimensional highlights is one of the sassy medium blonde hairstyles.

short hairstyles with bangs, layers and highlights medium blonde hairstyles

8.) Blonde Messy Knot

You can go with medium length blonde hair that highlights the thin strands from all the sides. Take the style to the next level with matching earring that looks perfect with your earrings. Intensify your look with an interesting coloristic solution. Golden blonde honey toned locks with dark blonde roots are the perfect match for the hairstyle. Anyways, blonde hairstyles are always looking stunning.

blonde messy knot medium blonde hairstyles

9.) Softly Layered Haircut with Bangs

The softly layered haircut with bangs is one of the amazing medium blonde hairstyles. You can opt for the softly layered haircut with side bangs and pearly blonde hue that look adorable on every square face shape. The hairstyle enhances your jawline. So style your hair inexpressibly spectacular way.

Softly layered haircut with bangs medium blonde hairstyles

10.) Sharply Angled Layers for Thick Wavy Hair

Achieve this look, if you’re hair has a tendency to curl. Opt for a layered haircut that looks absolutely stunning. You can go for the shoulder length haircut that will reveal your every cut in the style. Make sure, you have to lift your locks to get the amazing face frame.

sharply angled layer for thick wavy hair medium blonde hairstyles

11.) Shorter Pinned Up Bob

This is one of the elegant medium blonde hairstyles. You can achieve this look by pinning her locks up and leaving some face framing tresses along her cheeks. The hairstyle is easy and trendy.

shorter pinned up bob medium blonde hairstyles

12.) Flipped in Lob

If you want sweetest and innocent look then go for this hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the bang gets comb back and pinned in the crown area. Face flaming locks are flipped which look extremely cute.

flipped in lob medium blonde hairstyles

13.) Stylish Messy Bun on the Crown

We have seen so many messy buns that we feel impossible to surprise with something new. You can get this amazing messy bun on the crown area with impressive hair texture.

stylish messy bun on the crown area medium blonde hairstyles

14.) Effortless Low Pony

The effortless low pony is one of the sassy medium blonde hairstyles. if you love straight and sleek look then try this hairstyle. Wear your best dress to take the style to whole new level.

effortless low ponytail medium blonde hairstyles

15.) Dark Blonde Style

The updo with a volume on the top is the very sizzling hairstyle that compliments with outfits. You can add chunky highlights to get the alluring appearance.

dark blonde style medium blonde hairstyles

16.) Cute Haircut with Razored Layered

Get this amazing look by adding layers in your hairstyle. Get popular with trendy grunge hairstyle with edgy ends and beautiful layers. If you are the bright and active girl then try the cute haircut with razored layered.

cute haircut with razored layered medium blonde hairstyles

17.) Universal Haircut for Straight Hair

Get a drop dead gorgeous look with a universal haircut for straight hair. You can get this incredible look with center-parted sleek long tresses.

Universaly straight haircut medium blonde hairstyles

18.) Silver Blonde Light Caramel Layers

You can opt for the super chic medium hair which is one of the gorgeous medium blonde hairstyles. You can opt for the layered haircut in 3 tone hair color. Add some layers in your look which is a great option for a flattering look.

silver blonde and light caramel layers medium blonde hairstyles

19.) Discreet Simplicity

When you are not in the mood of any experiments just go for this simple hairstyle. Style your hair with amazing pearly blonde and beige highlights that make sexier in no time.

discreet simplicity medium blonde hairstyles

20.) Gorgeous Short Hairstyle

The layered platinum bob from her medium blonde hair enhances the deep roots and give you lovely A-line silhouette. The gorgeous short hairstyle is one of the best medium blonde hairstyles.

gorgeous short hairstyle medium blonde hairstyles


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