15 Casual Wavy Ponytails


Ponytails were once only reserved for activities like gym and dance class. But now with the change of time it has become the favorite hairstyle of many girls. Maybe because it is easy to do and takes less time or because it saves you from the sweat in those hot summer days. Whatever the reason may be, it makes a perfect style statement. Ponytails also offer the versatility of styling. You can add braids, twists, accessories and instantly make it a unique style. In this article, you will come across the best 15 casual wavy ponytails. All these hairstyles are simple, stylish and cute.

Best 15 Casual Wavy Ponytails:

1.) Wavy Ponytail with a Bump:

wavy ponytails with a bump

This wavy ponytail is just perfect for a formal occasion. Adding a  bump is a great way to add height to your face. This is a right fit for social gatherings and other casual occasions.

2.) High Wavy Pony with Hair Wrap:

high wavy pony with hair wrap wavy ponytails

This is one of best wavy ponytails for girls with long hair. A ponytail is an ideal choice for long hair. Make it as high as possible and wrap it around with some hair strands. Light makeup and a pair of sparkling earrings will compliment your style.

3.) Side Wavy Ponytail with Fringes:

side wavy ponytail with fringes wavy ponytails

This is another beautiful version of a wavy ponytail. Leave your fringes and back comb the rest of the hair. Comb all the hair towards one side and tie a high pony. The fringes will draw attention towards the expressive eyes.

4.) Multi-braided High Wavy Ponytails:

multi-braided high wavy ponytails

Braids have the power to transform your look instantly. These multi-braids will keep the hair away from your face and forehead while you can enjoy the look of a wavy ponytail.

5.) Voluminous Pony for Wavy Hair:

voluminous pony for wavy hair wavy ponytails

This easy to go style is perfect for last minute girls. The immense volume and the loose curls will make you look gorgeous. Use mousse to add shine and definition to your wavy locks.

6.) French Braid Pony for Wavy Hair:

french braid pony for wavy hair wavy ponytails

This is an immense creative hairstyle which gives you the opportunity to enjoy two hairstyles in one. A French braid and a wavy ponytail is a drastic combination.

7.) Blonde Wavy Ponytail with Beach Waves:

blonde wavy ponytail with beach waves wavy ponytails

Whether you are going to the gym or for a get together with friends, this is an ideal hairstyle. Instead of using a rubber band use your own hair strands to wrap the pony.

8.) Long Wavy Ponytail with a High Bouffant:

long wavy ponytails with a high bouffant

The combination of a long wavy ponytail and a high bouffant is very striking. Relax! If you don’t have wavy locks, you can create it with rollers. It is a superb hairstyle for casual purposes.

9.) Wavy Ponytail with Side Braids:

wavy ponytails with side braids

This is one of the marvelous wavy ponytails for girls who are a big fan of braids.  Make two braids, one on each side starting from the temples and blend them with a simple wavy ponytail.

10.) Double Braided Wavy Ponytails:

double braided wavy ponytails

This is a wonderful style to try and it hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes. Gather one section of hair near the temple and braid it. Weave another close braid next to it. Blend both the braids with the ponytail.

11.) Loose Red Wavy Ponytail:

loose red wavy ponytails

The red hair color, the side part and the wavy locks make this hairstyle super sexy. It is very easy to create this style. Allow some strands to hang free. Pair it with a red lipstick to get a stunning look.

12.) Fishtail Braided Long Wavy Ponytail:

fishtail braided long wavy ponytails

This is an exemplary option for girls with long and thick hair. Hold some hair strands and weave a fishtail braid. Make a medium wavy pony and include this fishtail braid.

13.) Wavy High Ponytail with Side Bangs:

wavy high ponytail with side bangs wavy ponytails

This is one of the best wavy ponytails with bangs. Brush your bangs to one side and backcomb the rest of the hair. Hold them high and tie it tightly. The side bangs on the forehead will draw attention towards your expressive eyes.

14.) Casual Wavy Ponytails with a Bow:

casual wavy ponytails with a bow

A bow can do wonders for your look. Make a high and tight pony and secure it with a beautiful hair accessory like this pink bow. The asymmetrical bangs will spice up your look.

15.) Wavy Ponytail with a Sparkling Headband:

wavy ponytails with a sparkling headband

This is a perfect example of a get out of bed and go look. No need of brushing just gather all your hair to form a pony and wear a sparkling headband at the point from where it starts.


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