Short Layered Hairstyles


The short layered hairstyle looks fabulous and highly in trend. Go for the sweet, sassy or chic hairstyle. The article is best for you which shows you different varieties of that are flourished on the trend. You can add a short layer in the look to magnify volume and texture of crops locks. Add a wow factor by adding an amount of sass to your look. so here best inspirational short layered hairstyles.

Short Layered Hairstyles

1.) Textured Layered Bob

When you don’t like classic bob then go for the messy bob. It is perfect version. You can opt for the textured layered bob by shortened the hair at the back to create a flattering shape and layers towards the ends to avoid the unnecessary bulk of the hair.Go without bangs that also look stunning. You can add long side pieces in the front for this fabulous look.

textured layered bob short layered hairstyles

2.) Short Asymmetrical Crop

Adding a layer in the hairstyle that adds fun in your life. Add this style to your daily routine to take the style to the next level.  You can tuck your hair behind the ears to get the amazing look. Use medium barrel rod to achieve the best style. Blow dry your hair to add volume in the style. The hairstyle is best for the round, long, and oval face shape. If you have a thin hair then try this hairstyle to add volume and dimension to the hairstyle.

Short asymmetrical crop short layered hairstyles

3.) Dark Pixie Cut with Layers

Short layered hairstyle looks best gorgeous. The fuss-free look adds a flattering shape face. You can go for side part and forehead skimming bangs for the classic frame. If you are looking for the long pixie cut then try this hairstyle. The hairstyle is best for both formal and casual look. The dark pixie cut with layers is one of the trendy short layered hairstyles.

dark pixie cut short layered hairstyles

4.) Inverted Bob with Brown Highlights

The inverted bob with brown highlights is one of the top short layered hairstyles. You can change your overall appearance by adding highlights in the look. Get an effortless look by creating waves in the top of the layer. You can create absolutely mesmerizing waves in the hairstyle with the help of a curling iron. The inverted bob with brown highlights is one of the top short layered hairstyles.

inverted bob with brown highlights short layered hairstyles

5.) Stacked Pixie Bob

Short hairstyle offers you plenty of styling technique. You can opt for the very simple hairstyle. Go for the stacked and layered hairstyle that are easy to maintain. You can add long bangs in the front that are short enough to flaunt off your ear. You can wear sassy jewelry to make the perfect alluring appearance. The stacked pixie bob is one of the best short layered hairstyles.

stacked pixie cut short layered hairstyles

6.) Easy Styled Golden Bob

Forget about those daunting hairstyle that takes your much time while styling in front of the mirror. You can add layers in the hairstyle which get tamed easily. Add a wow factor to your look with a golden hue that looks extremely sassy. The hairstyle is best for the round face shape. Wear your elegant jewelry to get the classic look. The easy style golden bob is one of the stunning short layered hairstyles.

easy styled golden bob short layered hairstyles

7.) Short Silver Curls

The silver hair is very much in trend. Many women are crazy about the style. If you want unique look then try short silver curls. You can add waves to your look for a glamorous look. To achieve this texture curls your hair from the top. The hairstyle looks best in short hair.

Short silver curl short layered hairstyles

8.) Ash Blonde Angled Bob

This one of the brilliant hairstyle with ash blonde angled bob. If you have thin hair which adds depth and visual. It also increases the volume in the thin hair. Add flattering face frame by add layers to your look. Go for the dark roots and lighter ends.

Ash blonde angle short layered hairstyles

9.) Flared Out Pixie Layers

Sometimes the best texture can be achieved in the short hair by flipping the ends. You can curl your ends by creating an amazing look. You need to blow dry your hair which adds volume to the hairstyle. Just straight your hair to get an amazing perfect look.

Flared pixie cut short layered hairstyles

10.) Twisted Balayage Layer

Short hair offers many hairstyles. You can experiment with highlights to achieve the best look. For perfect texture, Curl your hair with a straightener. Accentuate your hairstyle with sandy highlights for the gorgeous hairstyle. The twisted balayage layers are one of the sassy short layered hairstyles.

Twisted balayage layers short layered hairstyles

11.) Edgy Crop for Fine Hair

Opt for an edgy crop for fine hair, if you are bold and confident women.  Add choppy layers in your look for perfect pixie cuts. A touch of violet makes the platinum style unique.

Edgy crop for fine hair short layered hairstyles

12.) Platinum Pixie with Undercut

You can go for an adorable pixie with a punk edge. The gorgeous haircut that shows the tapered sides and long choppy layers. For killer look, wear your red lipstick with cat eye makeup.

Platinum pixie cut short layered hairstyles

13.) Straight and Sleek Strands

Go for a short layered haircut that is sleek and easy style. You can add angle in the front pieces and a few strands to get fantastic. The hairstyle adds height and volume in the hairstyle.

straight and sleek short layered hairstyles

14.) Playful Blonde Bob

Someone who loves to run fingers in the hairstyle can opt for a playful blonde bob. The gorgeous blonde bob adds length and volume in the hairstyle.

Playful blonde bobs short layered hairstyles

15.) Graduate Ash Bob

Short hairdo gives confidence and style to the look. Add a wow factor to your look with ashy pastel balayage. You can achieve this amazing texture by adding choppy layers.

graduate ash blonde short layered hairstyles


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