20 Short Layered Haircuts


‘A lady who cuts her hair is about to change her life’. Is it really true? Well, it all depends on the psychology of a person. Every haircut has its own significance. Short haircuts define the creativity and courage that lies within a person. Layers, when mixed with short hair, will make a blast in the hair world. You are going to get a look that is feminine, classy, sexy, bold and elegant. We have gathered the best short layered haircuts for you. Just read the article to discover all of them.

List of Top 20 Short Layered Haircuts:

1.) Short Layered Haircuts for Girls:

short layered haircuts for girls

This is one of the best haircuts for straight and wavy hair. This haircut makes the styling part very easy. Layers give a beautiful definition to this haircut. You have to go for a haircut in every 6 months to maintain the style.

2.) Layered Pixie Bob Haircuts:

layered pixie bob haircuts short layered haircuts

Who said that you can’t have long layers with short hair. Of course, you can get it with this awesome haircut. The voluminous back and the front layers will add to the beauty of your personality. Use a good voluminous shampoo and a round brush to maintain this haircut.

3.) Layered Crop with Bangs:

layered crop with bangs short layered haircuts

This is one of the trendiest short layered haircuts. This haircut looks fantastic with the bangs giving a Y layered shape in the front. To get a flattering style use a pomade to work with layers.

4.) Layered Bob with Brown Highlights:

layered bob with brown highlights short layered haircuts

The light brown highlights in this messy haircut look fabulous. It is the layers that make this haircut different from others. Use a curling iron to create waves to makes this haircut appealing.

5.) Dark Pixie Haircuts with Layers:

dark pixie haircuts with layers short layered haircuts

This is an incredible simple haircut that looks fabulous on many women. The side part and the skimming bangs will create a classic frame for your face. Ask your hair stylist for a long pixie and rock the world.

6.) Layered Pixie Haircuts:

layered pixie short layered haircuts

This is one of the excelled short layered haircuts. If you want a style that is timeless and modern then try this layered pixie. This gorgeous haircut will make you appear younger. It is a great style to wear at the evening party.

7.) Asymmetrical Crop Haircuts:

asymmetrical crop short layered haircuts

It is really fun to play with short layered hair. The styling becomes easy and your modern schedule is less hectic. Tuck some layers behind the ears to look fantastic. Use a blow dryer and a round brush to acquire the volume.

8.) Twisted Balayage Layered Haircut:

twisted balayage short layered haircuts

Short haircuts are great if you want to try some experiments. The highlights work greatly in transforming your look. It not only gives a modern vibe to this haircut but also highlights the waves.

9.) Platinum Pixie Haircuts:

platinum pixie short layered haircuts

This is one of the peerless short layered haircuts to get a killer look. The punk edge makes this pixie look adorable and cute. Long choppy layers and the tapered sides make a deadly combination.

10.) Angled Wavy Bob Haircuts:

angled wavy bob short layered haircuts

This angled wavy bob is a great haircut for girls with fine hair. It adds depth, complexity and volume to the haircut. The ends at the nape are chopped which makes this haircut magnificent.

11.) Tousled Bob with Layers:

tousled bob with layers short layered haircuts

The long side bangs and the platinum overtones are a deadly combination to try with your short hair. The platinum color will brighten up your face and the bangs will give height to your new haircut.

12.) Violet Vixen Haircuts:

violet vixen short layered haircuts

This vixen pixie haircut is a great haircut for all the brave and bold ladies. Don’t get confused, there are still layers in this haircut. The only difference is that the layers are very short. The violet tone makes this pixie haircut look unique.

13.) Short Layered Flip Haircuts with Bangs:

short layered haircuts flips and bangs

You can camouflage a wide forehead with this haircut. It is a flattering haircut for all the mature ladies. The flipped layers will brighten up your facial features. It is a perfect haircut to draw the attention towards your chiseled cheekbones.

14.) Side Parted Bob with Layers:

side parted layered bob short layered haircuts

If you have a slender face shape, then this haircut is made for you. The side bangs will bring all the attention towards your beautiful eyes. This neck length haircut will make you look fantastic.

15.) Short Layered Haircuts with Curls:

short layered haircuts with curls

This is one of the incomparable short layered haircuts. The layers add bounce to your hair and the curls will make you free from the styling efforts. It plays a two in one part. It is a fabulous haircut plus a gorgeous hairstyle to carry.

16.) Bettie Boop Shag Haircuts:

bettie boop shag short layered haircuts

The layers on the top and the feathers across the forehead will give this haircut a modern vibe. The texture around the edges for sure is going to give you a playful look.

17.) Messy Short Layered Haircuts:

messy short layered haircuts

If you are looking for a sophisticated neck length haircut, then this stunning messy short layered haircut is the right option. The wave patterns in this haircut will make you look charismatic.

18.) Shaved Side Short Haircuts:

shaved side short layered haircuts

This is one of the best short layered haircuts for all the bold girls. It is a great way to transform your traditional bob into a classy one. The contrast in length and layers will create a fashion statement for you.

19.) Combo of Feathers and Layers:

combo of feathers and layers short layered haircuts

Layers and feathers together will be a blast in the hair world. The feathers will add a lot of volume and will remove the unnecessary weight. Layers are perfect for creating movement and sass.

20.) Brown Blonde Short Edgy Layered Haircuts:

brown blonde edgy short layered haircuts

This is one of the optimal short layered haircuts for women who always make fashion statements that are unique and bold. The edginess and the color contrast will make this haircut appealing to the eyes.


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