Cute Short Layered Hairstyles


Short hairstyle is very trendy in the modern industry. Go for sultry, sassy, sweet and chic hairstyles. Layers hairstyle accentuates the volume and texture in the hairstyle. Jazz up your look by adding extra amounts of sass that give you awesome hairstyle. Get amazing ideas and diversify your current short hairstyle. Here are 20 cute short layered hairstyles.

Cute Short Layered  Hairstyles

1.) Classy Layered Pixie

For a stylish look, go for trendy and timeless style. You can opt for the gorgeous and amazing hair texture that look absolutely mind blowing. It’s a perfect combination of the messy and sleek look. for the evening look, you can brush back the hair with the help of hair spray to get a gorgeous look or you can depend on texturizing products to get bedhead inspiring styling.

Cute layered hairstyle short layered hairstyles

2.) Short Asymmetrical Crop

Layered haircut is so much of fun and interest. If you’re busy women and doesn’t have much time to style your hair then go for the asymmetrical crop. You will love to style your hair every morning. It hardly takes your efforts and time. you just have to tuck your hair behind the ear and leave some hair forward to get the sensational look. The short asymmetrical crop is one of the short layered hairstyles.

Short asymmetrical hairstyle short layered hairstyles

3.) Dark Pixie Cut with Layer

Some of the best and gorgeous hairstyles are surprisingly simple. You can opt for a fuss-free look that absolutely gives you an amazing shape. You can add a classic frame to your look with side parted and forehead skimming bangs. Make yours looks gorgeous with amazing eye makeup and stunning dresses. The dark pixie cut with layers is one of the ravishing short layered hairstyles.

dark pixie cut short layered hairstyles

4.) Perfectly Layered Pixie Bob with Volume

Short length hair can also give you the illusion of long layers. You can add voluminous pieces at the back and the long pieces in the front to give style to the ton of personality. For the perfect look, take a head wash with your favorite Volumizing hair shampoo, then blow dry it and settle down them with a round brush. The hairstyle looks best on every face shape.

perfectly layered pixie bob short layered hairstyles

5.) The Grunge Girl

The short layered hairstyle is highly popular and makes you unique in between the crowd. You can opt for this look by leaving the hair front longer and stacking at the back. You can add bangs to your look by keeping it extra long and graced with a lighter hue that looks absolutely lovely.

The grunge girl short layered hairstyles

6.) Layered Crop with Pieces Bangs

The mesmerizing goes well with the bangs. The cut doesn’t look so fantastic and cool without the piece-y layered front. if you love bangs then this hairstyle is the ideal option for you. to get a perfect style, you need to rub the pomade between your fingers by pulling your hair into the different direction. The layered crop with pieces bangs is one of the sassy short layered hairstyles.

layered crop piecey bangs short layered hairstyles

7.) Easy Styles Golden Bob

You must be thinking of those haircuts, which required so much time by looking into the mirror. For this look, you need to add feathers to your look which get easily tamed and look absolutely amazing. Take the stress out of hairdo and flaunt the sizzling hairstyle. The easy styles golden bob is one of the stylish short layered hairstyles. Oval, square and round face shape, pull off the look nicely.

easy golden bob short layered hairstyles

8.) Thick Layered Bob

Who says’s bobs are not perfect for thicker hair? Thick hair is the best texture to rock any short layered hairstyle. You just have to visit to your favorite hair stylist to remove the thickness in the end. The amazing and sassy volume in the hairstyle takes the style to the next level.

Thick layered bob short layered hairstyles

9.) Ash Blonde Angled Bob

The ash blonde angled bob is one of the striking short layered hairstyles. You can add many styling techniques in your angled wavy bob. Add depth and volume in the hairstyle to make it more amazing and interesting. Add a face-framing locks that gives you a beautiful face frame.

Ash blonde angled bob short layered hairstyles

10.) Flared Out Pixie Layers

Some of the best hairstyles can be achieved by flipping the hair. You can curl your hair to achieve the best texture. For the perfect look, You need to blow dry your hair which creates volume in the sides. Wear your best jewelry to take the style to the next level.

Flared out pixie bob short layered hairstyles

11.) Twisted Balayage Layers

You can add short layers in the hairstyle with sassy highlights. Accentuate your look with sandy highlights. You can achieve this hairstyle by curling the hair with a curling wand.

Twisted layered short layered hairstyles

12.) Edgy Crop for Fine Hair

The hairstyle is best for the brave and confident women. You can add choppy pixie cut that looks fabulous. Just add layers to the look. Opt for platinum hue to make the style unique.

Edgy crop hair short layered hairstyles

13.) Short Stack in the Bob

After watching all the endless cut everywhere, you need to go for a classic bob hairstyle. The super short stacking texture will give you messy texture and look best with auburn highlights.

Short stacked bob short layered hairstyles

14.) Bettie Boop Shag

The sassy Bettie Boop gives layers in the top. Add a wow factor by adding bangs on your forehead. Paired the style with your best dress.

Bettie bob short layered hairstyles

15.) Platinum Pixie with Undercut

You can go for the adorable pixie cut, add platinum hue. The stunning look features tapered side and nape topped with medium and long choppy layers.

Platinum pixie with undercut short layered hairstyles


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