20 Shoulder Length Haircuts


Every woman is obsessed with her hair and why not? After all, it is the first thing that a person sees. It is the reflection of the identity of a person. A bad haircut can lower your self-esteem. Your outlook on life is defined by your haircut. Shoulder length haircuts are just perfect in the hectic life of the modern era. It is a sign of femininity, class, and comfort. Read our article to discover the top 20 shoulder length haircuts.

Top 20 Shoulder Length Haircuts:

1.) Shaggy Shoulder Length Bob:

shaggy shoulder length haircuts

In the recent years, this shaggy shoulder length bob has come to the number one position. It is on trend and makes your hair feel lighter. This haircut is best suited for ladies with thick hair.

2.) Shoulder Length Haircut with Bangs:

shoulder length haircuts with bangs

This is one of the most enchanting shoulder length haircuts. Bangs can always do wonders when it comes to haircuts. It is one of the most comfortable styles which is preferred by women all over the country.

3.) Swoopy Layers in Shoulder Length Haircuts:

swoopy layers shoulder length haircuts

The dynamic lines created by this haircut can make anyone look dazzling. This layered long bob is a trendy haircut and if you want to rock a classy style then add some frills.

4.) Bouncy Layers for Medium Length Hair:

bouncy layers shoulder length haircuts

The look of this haircut will leave its picture in your heart. If you don’t want your shoulder length hair to look flat, then add some bouncy layers. The flicked layers will add body and dimension to your hair.

5.) Wild Layers with Color Pops:

wild layers with color pops shoulder length haircuts

This is one of the best shoulder length haircuts for women all over the world. These multi-directional layers for sure are going to define your personality. The varying lengths of layers are going to give you a wild look. The color pops will make you feel like the queen of the jungle.

6.) Curly Shoulder Length Haircut with Side Bangs:

curly shoulder length haircuts with side bangs

People with curls are said to be blessed. This a cute haircut for ladies with curly hair. The layers in this medium length curly hair will give a feminine and classy look.  Long side bangs are great to maintain your youthful look.

7.) V-shaped Shoulder Length Haircuts:

v shape shoulder length haircuts

The V layered shape will make your hair look classy. You can also call this haircut as chin length bob classy haircut. The backswept layers add a lot of volume in the crown area.

8.) Long Bob with Feathered Layers:

long bob with feather layers shoulder length haircuts

This is one of the most charismatic shoulder length haircuts. Feathered layers will make your thick hair a little airy. Thus, you will get rid of all excessive bulk. A good color will make this haircut personalized and thus other women will not be able to copy this easily.

9.) Side Parted Silvery Shoulder Length Bob:

side parted shoulder length haircuts

The silver color is the main attraction of this shoulder length bob. The lightest shade of blonde will make you look like a fairy. You will be known for your soft nature and beautiful personality with this haircut.

10.) Medium Length Bob with Thin Ends:

medium length bob with thin ends shoulder length haircuts

The thin ends will give your hair both, volume and a gorgeous shape. This new look that is loved by girls worldwide. The best part of this haircut is that you can enjoy curly, straight and wavy hairstyles.

11.) Sleek Shoulder Length Bob:

sleek shoulder length haircuts

This edgy shoulder length haircut is timeless and trendy. The angles keep the hair light while provides a beautiful shape to your hair. It is a priceless haircut for ladies who want to fake long hair.

12.) Flipped Layers in Medium Length Hair:

flipped layers shoulder length haircuts

No doubt that one length haircuts look simple and gorgeous, but the fun of styling is always missing. Layers will offer you the fun of styling. You can enjoy the texture and sleekness in one haircut. The flicked layers will make this haircut interesting.

13.) Shoulder Length Rounded Haircut with Fluffy Ends:

shoulder length haircuts with rounded and fluffy ends

No doubt that rounded haircuts nowadays are very common. But a small detail can make this haircut personalized and will take it away from being common. The fluffy ends is that small detail which will your haircut eye-catching.

14.) Shaggy Haircuts with Bangs:

shaggy haircuts with bangs shoulder length haircuts

This haircut is going to take you back to the era of the 70s. Every outfit in this closet will match your haircut. The carefree vibe that comes out from this messy haircut is loved by all the girls.

15.) Edgy Choppy Shoulder Length Haircuts:

edgy choppy shoulder length haircuts

This choppy haircut will free your hair from the unnecessary thickness and will frame your face perfectly without overwhelming it. The multiple layers will add sass and movement to this haircut.

16.) Shoulder Length Haircut with a Center Part:

shoulder length haircuts with a centre part

This is one of the simplest shoulder length haircuts. The ends are razored for a thinner look due to which all your facial features are highlighted. It is a flattering shoulder length haircut.

17.) Shoulder Length Bedhead Haircuts:

shoulder length haircuts bedhead

Whether it’s about versatility or comfort, shoulder length haircuts have always been on top. The tousled looks and the various lengths make this haircut simple and beautiful. You can get an effortlessly sexy look with this haircut.

18.) Side Swept Messy Medium Haircuts:

side swept messy shoulder length haircuts

Choppy layers, jagged ends and the side bangs are the main attraction of this gorgeous haircut. So many small details will make it different from the common shoulder length haircuts. It is for all the ladies who are still a child at heart.

19.) Curly Layered Long Bob:

curly layered long bob shoulder length haircuts

A lot of volume can also cause trouble at times. It hides the beauty of your facial features. If your hair is curly, you can add layers to make your haircut look flattering and to highlight your beautiful facial features.

20.) Graded Haircut with Light Straight Bangs:

graded shoulder length haircuts with light straight bangs

This is one of the best shoulder length haircuts for women with a round face. The moderate volume on the top and the light straight bangs look magnificent together. It is a great haircut for hiding a wide forehead.


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