How to Kiss a Girl at the Movie?


After writing how to get a girlfriend?, how to know if a girl likes you?how to give a hickey?, and how to ask a girl out?, we are now writing how to kiss a girl at the movie? Kissing a girl at the movies can be exciting and fun at the same time. Kissing a girl at the movie can even test your courage. In every romantic movie, it is very common to kiss in theaters and everyone wants to try it once. There is no bad place to kiss a girl if you both are ready for it. Kissing a girl at the movie can even be more romantic and safe as due to dark. She may not feel that much shy in having a kiss. When you feel that it is the right time then go to kiss a girl at the movie. Girls like guys, who are confident to make the first move. If you are one of those guys who are scared to kiss a girl at the movie then read on to ace it with grace.

Tips to Kiss a Girl at the Movie

1.) Ask Her Out For a Movie

The first step would be to ask a girl out for a movie to kiss a girl at the movie. If she is your friend then it will be easy to do so or if you want to kiss your girlfriend at the movies then too ask her out for a movie date. When she is not that close to you then you will have to make plans to ask her out in a right way so that to make her say yes. Try to know what kind of girl is she? If she is outgoing and cool then she will say yes right away. Try to know a bit about the girl whom you want to kiss at the movies.

To kiss a girl at the movie know what kind of genre she likes this will help you to ask her for her favorite genre. You can even do the extra ticket trick to ask her out for a movie. Tell her that your friend has gifted you two movie tickets and you would like to take her out. Do not sound like you are very desperate to go out with her this might make her say NO.

2.) Choose a Good Movie

Choosing a movie is a tricky part well not tricky as a rocket science but it is an important step. Few genre of the movie would help you to get a kiss. Serious movies or sad movies might create an awkward situation and you will have to drop the kissing plan. Choose any romantic movie with a lot of kissing scenes in it. You can even go for horror genre to kiss a girl in the movie.

In any romantic movie, you can even go for french kissing. As romantic movie can make you both to initiate a kiss turning you and your girl on. Ask her suggestion also for considering the movie as it is not good to make her watch a genre which she does not likes. Choosing, not a big blockbuster movie will also give you both privacy at is has a lesser audience.

3.) Prepare Yourself Well

To kiss a girl at the movie dress well and smell good. You will be sitting close to that girl and a bad smell might make it difficult for you to get closer to her. Choose a neat and clean clothes to wear. Go for the style which you prefer but do try to make an effort to look good. Go for clean shave or a trendy beard style would also be a great option if it suits you.

Use a cologne to smell good, smelling good it an important part. Once done with the looks concentrate on your posture and facial gestures. Stand tall, bad posture will appear you look less confident. When you meet her at movie welcome her with a smile to make her feel her that you are happy to see her. You should even offer her to pick up from her place if she denies then meet directly at movies.

4.) Choose The Better Seats

Seat alignment matters too. When you want to kiss a girl at the movie then you need to make everything perfect at least as much as you can. A seat which is remote would be good to make you both comfortable. Try to get a seat back in the corner and avoid seating near gates or in the front. Seating where there would be fewer moviegoers will help you two to get rid of hesitation to initiate a kiss.

How to Kiss a Girl at the Movie

5.) Take Some Refreshments

As you asked her for the date, therefore you should offer to buy refreshments. There is also a trick behind it. You can get closer to her by sharing popcorn from the same popcorn tub. Get a larger popcorn tub so that it will last longer.

Accidentally touch her fingers while taking out the popcorn and wait for her to react if she traces her hand abruptly and starts being careful not to touch your hand then leave the idea of kissing. If she does not mind it much then you can take it as a green signal.

6.) Wait For The Right Moment

The right moment is very much important when it comes to kissing a girl at the movies or anywhere. The moment when you know that this is the right time and you have to do it now or you get stuck in the friend zone forever. Do not rush to kiss a girl at the movie wait in the start and settle down for a while. When you feel that it is the right time to kiss a girl and then do not delay even for a second. Try to make it two ways, not one way. When you feel that she too wants to be kissed or wants to kiss you then that is the perfect time to go for it.

7.) Start With Holding Hands

Breaking the touch barrier is very much important when you want to kiss a girl at the movies. To reach to the perfect and romantic kiss start with a casual gentle touch. Try that popcorn trick to break the touch barrier or accidentally put your hand over her. Look how she responds to your touch. When you feel she is okay with it and she is liking your touch then you can go ahead for the kiss.

8.) Whisper Sweet Things

This is a romantic gesture which will help you to get closer to her. In theater, you are not supposed to speak loud and it is a point in your favor. Ask her anything about the movie or ask her if she is comfortable. Gently whisper in her ear to ask anything. If her hair locks are covering her hair then gently remove it with your fingers and whisper in her ear that “are you enjoying the movie”? This would make her feel great and can even turn her on. Sweet romantic gestures are liked by girls, if she is not getting away then it is a green signal to make the next move.

9.) Just Do it When You Feel Like

Now you know this is the right time to hit the bulls eye or kiss the girl’s lips. Start with a gentle peck on her cheeks. Gently brush your back of fingers on her cheeks to make it more intense. Also, touch her lips and chin with your finger to give her full signal that you want to kiss her. Now give a gentle kiss on her lips and get apart from her lips. Do not get back to your casual position stay there with her. Look how she reacts to your kiss and take a break for a while and if you both feel like kissing then go for it. Do not force her to kiss, only kiss her if she is enjoying it too.

Points to Remember to Kiss a Girl at the Movie:

  • Do not do anything against her wish.
  • Maintain a good oral hygiene to kiss a girl in the movie.
  • Wait for the right time do not rush into anything.
  • Check if she is comfortable or not, keep her comfort your top priority.
  • Do not forget to compliment her in the starting.
  • Also, make her feel that you enjoyed a lot with her.


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