20 Skin Fade Haircuts


We all want the most amazing haircuts that can easily notice in a blink of eyes. Skin fades haircuts are best to beat the heat and comes with low maintenance. Get a  clean and stylish look with skin fade haircuts. Opt for long hair on the top and add fun with the texture. So forget about the styling product and comb, opt for skin fade haircut. Here are 20 skin fade haircuts that will give you appealing look in very less time.

20 Skin Fade Haircuts

1.) Balance Cut with Beard

Fade hairstyle works like layers in longer hair. The balanced haircut magnifies your facial features and gives you a great silhouette on the top of the hair. Paired the look with the full beard at the bottom. The hairstyle offers you benefits of interesting texture in the middle needed to get the clean look. The balanced haircut with a beard is one buoyant skin fade haircuts. Pull off the look with cool t-shirts.

balance cut with beard skin fade haircuts

2.) Straight to the Point

If you are men who don’t follow the crowd and set their own trend, then try straight to the point. A high skin fade is something you should consider to match with your personality. In this hairstyle, the fade starts at the top of the head and give you very strong appearance. Enhance it with the chic pattern on your beard with pointed style. If you have long and sharp face cut, then you should go for straight to the point.

Straight to the point skin fade haircuts

3.) Sharp and Sexy

The sharp and sexy cut adds a dimension to your look with the interesting pattern. In this haircut, add precise curves and sharply angled in your look which give you relief and satisfaction. Add a wow factor with faded effect and sharply cut facial hair that looks jaunty on round face shape. It is best for round face shape as they draw the attention away from chubby cheeks.

sharp and sexy skin fade haircuts

4.) Professional Bald Fade Side Part

When looking for the best skin fade haircuts, then go for mid-bald fade that looks energetic which give you complete polished and less aggressive look. In this hairstyle, the fade starts in the middle and give more seamless transition. You can go for a sleek comb over look with the part that adds a dapper retro look in your charming personality.

professional bald faded side part skin fade haircuts

5.) Simple Short Cut for Natural Cut

Simple shortcut for the natural cut is one of the dashing skin fade haircuts. In this hairstyle, curly buzz with soft temple fade turns a stylish look for black men. Go for chin strap for a youthful and amazing look. the hairstyle looks best on black men as they have amazing hair texture. If you are working in a casual working environment, then go for the simple shortcut for the natural cut.

Simple short natural cut skin fade haircuts

6.) Half-And-Half

When you need to choose a one length cut hairstyle, then go stylish by combing many styles. Go for a sleek side on one side and high skin fade on the other side that looks well polished and amazing. If you have a really attractive personality, then don’t let your charm down with boring haircuts. Paired the look with light mustache and beard. The half-and-half haircut is one of the debonair skin fade haircuts.

half and half skin fade haircuts

7.) Greek Chic

You can get vintage and modern, two styles in one with Greek chic haircut. You can see in the picture how nicely pompadour adds length to short and round faces. Get the neat and clean, well-polished look with this hairstyle. If you love to wear accessories then go for retro glasses which is not a bad option. The hairstyle looks best in natural dark hue.

Greec cheek skin fade haircuts

8.) Wonderful Wild Waves

Wonderful wild waves are the one of the striking skin faded haircuts. You can create an amazing contrast by adding medium spiky locks in your top of the head. Add a little dose of hair color to take the hairstyle next level. It works best in naturally curly or wavy hair.  You can add random pieces of gray to get the sensational look.

wonderful wild waves beard skin fade haircuts

9.) Short and Simple

When you don’t any wacky design and crazy lines, then go for short and simple. Opt for bald fade or cut that fades to the skin side. The precise is cut is also a part of the military haircut. The short and simple is one of the neat faded haircuts.

short and simple skin fade haircuts

10.) Edgy and Elevated

An edgy skin fade haircut is very popular right now. The edgy and elevated is one of the lively skin fade haircuts. If you want your individuality different from the other then you have to maintain yourself. In this hairstyle, you can add design in your fade haircut, which is truly sensational and look fab in the blink of eyes.

edgy and elevated skin fade haircuts

11.) Haute Height

Get to know the power sideburn by taking Haute height haircut. To achieve this look, you need to a pompadour and go for texture products or you can swap it to one side to get the sensational look.

haute height skin fade haircuts

12.) Old School Cool

Embrace the top high fade that is best for the school kids. It adds extra height to the hairstyle so it best suitable for round and square face shape.

old school and cool skin fade haircuts

13.) Shaved Head with Combed Over

A comb over softens your look which is wow factor at your date night. The shaved head with combed over is one of the hot skin faded haircuts.

shaved head combover skin fade haircuts

14.) Disconnected  and Dapper

Go for skin fade to rock the look. The disconnected and dapper is one of the mind boggling skin fade haircuts. Go for the temper thick dark strand that looks fabulous on fair skin tone.

diconnected and daper skin fade haircuts

15.) Shaved and Sexy

Shorter length and sharper angles take the hairstyle to the next level. The shaved and sexy is one of the skin fade haircuts.

Shaved and sexy skin fade haircuts

16.) Dark and Dangerous

You don’t have to go for tattoos and piercing to show off your dark sides. The dark and dangerous is one of the outrageous skin faded haircuts.

dark and dangerous skin fade haircuts

17.) Sleek and Sophisticated

Go medium bald look that looks phenomenal on every man. Ask your hairstylist to balance the sleek and sophisticated look with a crisp part.

sleek and sophisticated skin fade haircuts

18.) Bald Fade Caesar Cut

The simple cut creates a buzz in your entire look. It is visible at very low. The bald fade Caesar cut is one of the gorgeous skin fade haircuts.

bald fade caeser cut skin fade haircuts

19.) High Top Fade

High top fade is perfect for those guys who want extra length in the style. The hairstyle is best for those men who love to grow the mass amount of facial hair.

high top fade skin fade haircuts

20.) Faded Upsweep

Faded upsweep is one of the hairstyles which is very cool and quirky. It is one of the dashing skin fade haircuts with clean sides and high upsweep.

faded upsweep skin fade haircuts


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