15 Mohawks for Black Men


This article calls out for all the black men who are looking for a hairstyle that gives them a tough and intense look. Mohawk hairstyles are perfect for achieving such a look. Black men who really want to try a Mohawk should be sporty and sturdy. Mohawk hairstyles easily set you apart from the crowd of thousands. In this article, you will find an endless variety of mohawks for black men. The different variations of Mohawk will give you an interesting and artistic look.

Best 15 Mohawks for Black Men:

1.) Sea Foam Green Mohawks for Black Men:

sea foam green mohawks for black men

If you want a Mohawk that looks unique and makes you stand out of the crowd, then adding colors is the right choice. It is not only fun to play with colors, but it also helps you to get your own personalized style. In this Mohawk, the edges are done perfectly.

2.) Wide Natural Mohawk with Faded Sides:

wide natural mohawk with faded sides mohawks for black men

If you are a searching for a Mohawk that fits in any setting, then go for this modest style. These short shaped spikes cover most of the head while the faded styles help to lift the style to a Mohawk level.

3.) Classic Smooth Mohawks for Black Men:

classic smooth mohawks for black men

This classic smooth Mohawk is a perfect example of a timeless look. The wider sideburns connect the beard to the faded sides. The base of the neck has a horizontal line which makes it look neat and increases its visual appeal.

4.) Tall Molded Mohawk for Black Men:

tall molded mohawks for black men

This is one of the tallest Mohawk in the collection. It is very high with a flat top. The sides are faded and the angles are accurate at the temples. The sides behind the ear are completely shaven to define the pointed base of the neck.

5.) Medium Natural Mohawks for Black Men:

medium natural mohawks for black men

This is one of the universally flattering looks for most of the black guys. The combination of short faded sides and mid-length natural locks looks improbable. There is barely any hair around the ears.

6.) Mohawk with a Side Detail:

mohawk with a side detail mohawks for black men

If you are thinking of a way out to make your Mohawk unique and make it your own personal style, then a side detail or a sideline can just do wonders. This hairstyle is perfect for describing your artistic nature.

7.) Long Curls, Clean Sides Stallion Mohawk:

long curls, clean sides stallation mohawks for black men

This is one the best Mohawks for black men. The contrast of the clean shaven sides and the long wild curls is awesome. The length and width of this Mohawk compliment each other. It has an amazing texture which will give you a fierce look.

8.) Natural Highlighted Mohawk with Side Designs:

natural highlighted mohawk with side designs mohawks for black men

In this hairstyle, the natural locks are bleached and left long. The side design will increase the visual appeal of this hairstyle. The sideburns are completely removed and the neckline is cleaned so that it mixes well with the side design.

9.) Curly Mohawk with Square Hairline:

curly mohawk with square hairline mohawks for black men

This is one of the superb mohawks for black men. Leave your natural curls free to reveal the awesome texture. The edges are tamed perfectly while the faded temples melt into the smooth skin. There are no sideburns and there is a curving towards the nape.

10.) Short Wide Mohawk with Fade:

short wide mohawk with fade mohawks for black men

Short Mohawks are as stylish as longer mohawks. The only difference is that they are very easy to manage. The locks on the top are tamed well while the sides are softly faded. To give it an individual touch, you can keep a pointed beard.

11.) Wild Feathers Mohawk:

wild feathers mohawks for black men

This is one of the best mohawks for black men. In this version of Mohawk, the quiff is very long with a bleached piece. The contrast of the shaven sides and a messy look on the top is amazing. This is an awesome hairstyle to add height.

12.) Spartan Feathers for Black Men:

spartan feathers mohawks for black men

The versions of Mohawk hairstyles for black people are uncountable. The small spiky twist, the dividing line, and the faded sides make it look like a Spartan helmet.

13.) Highlighted Dreadhawk for Black Men:

highlighted dreadhawk mohawks for black men

This style looks attractive and you enjoy the combination of two styles in one. The contrast of the side undercuts and the long twisted locks really look improbable. To make it look more interesting, try two- tone dreads.

14.) Winsome Black Mohawk Haircuts:

winsome black mohawks for black men

This version of Mohawk has gained a lot of popularity among young school boys and teenagers. It is an ideal style for a charming and appealing appearance. The hair on the top of the head is little longer than the other hair.

15.) Long Mohawk with Bleached Tips:

long mohawk with bleached tips mohawks for black men

This is one of the best long mohawks for black men. The bleached tips make this Mohawk look attractive and eye-catching. Clean up the front and square up the temples to create a smooth look.


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