20 Super Chic Hairstyles for Straight Hair


Straight hair offers you plenty of amazing and fabulous hairstyles. If you want to take the advantage of straight hair to the fullest, then must check our gallery. Women with straight hair have many opportunities to style your hair in many different ways. We have shared current trendy hairstyles and interesting styling solution that will surely help you to get sensational hairstyles for straight hair.

20 Super Chic Hairstyles for Straight Hair:

1.) Ponytail with a Twist

If your hair has a medium thickness to hold the style in straight hair then try this one. In this hairstyle, add the French twist that works well along side of the head and goes down to the end of the hair. Rest hair gets pulled off into a ponytail and wrap a section of hair around the elastic band to get the neat and clean look. You can add this hairstyle into your daily routine and if you want to make it a special for the occasion then add fetching hair accessories in your hairstyle and paired it with beautiful gowns.

ponytail with a twist hairstyles for straight hair

2.) Crossed Over Twist

Short and fine hair look best in crossed over twist. Add this simple combination of twist and cross crosses that fantastic when you wear it in the parties. Get this simple and elegant style by using a hair spray and small pins. The crossed over twist is one of the chic hairstyles for straight hair. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine. It looks best with both the formal and casual look.

crossed over hairstyles for straight hair

3.) Waterfall Braid for Long Hair

Waterfall braid always looks amazing when the braid flows in your hairstyle. But the problem comes in straight hair as it gets slipped out whatever the style is placed. Opt for waterfall braid as it has a distinct angle that helps to stay at the same place. Magnify your waterfall braid with chunky highlights that look wonderful like flowing waves. It is one amazing chic hairstyles for long hair.

waterfall braid hairstyles for straight hair

4.) Criss-Cross Chignon

When the weather gets warmer, it is very daunting to tackle long hair. During warmer, we don’t always leave our free and especially when it is longer. So if you want to feel light and highly inspiring try criss-cross chignon. Embrace the look with the crisscross pattern at the back of the head. Criss cross chignon is one of the dazzling hairstyles for straight hair.

criss cross chignon hairstyles for straight hair

5.) Wavy Ponytail

When you are in the mood experiment then transform your straight hair into curly or wavy. Embellish your look by making it more attractive with the elegant ponytail. To maintain the charm and interest in your hairstyle wrap the knot and subtle waves in your look. The wavy ponytail is one of the classy hairstyles for straight Hair.

wavy ponytail hairstyles for straight hair

6.) Straight, Pale and Braided

Straight hair is truly magical and looks sensational if you will style in a fabulous way. People love straight texture more than any hairstyle as it serves versatility. You can see in the picture how alluring the hairstyle. In this hairstyle, you can for trendy blonde or gray to get the best dye job and magnify your look with a side braid.

straight pale braid hairstyles for straight hair

7.) Braided Waterfall Headband

Each section of the braid gets clearly visible in the straight hair. You can go for waterfall braid that helps you to keep hair away from the forehead. The hairstyle looks adorable when you paired it with a cute ponytail. Braided waterfall headband is one of the stunning hairstyles for straight hair.

braided waterfall headband hairstyles for straight hair

8.) Sleek Straight Half Updo

The straight hairstyle adds fire in the look with sleek back-combed and smoothes out half updo that really amazing on the red carpet. You can pull off the look with hairstyle on any occasion. You can get an effortless and classy hairstyle with straight hair with no time. The sleek straight is one of the elegant hairstyles for straight hair.

sleek straight hairstyles for straight hair

9.) Straight Hair Updo with Boho Vibes

When you have straight hair, then you can go for a Boho-chic look. The hairstyle is not completely messy neither too neat. If your hair is not washed and you want to attend the event on the same day, then you can go for straight hair updo with Boho vibes in your unwashed hair. The straight hair updo with Boho vibes is one of the sassy hairstyles for straight hair.

straight hair updo with boho vibes hairstyles for straight hair

10.) Messy Faux Braid

The hairstyle is as simple as it looks complicated. In this hairstyle, you can opt for a tiny knotted style that gets tucked into each other. The final look will look like something similar to waterfall braid. You can secure it at the nape of the neck, which is an option for you.

messy faux braid hairstyles for straight hair

11.) Straight Hair with the Side of Everything

You can get this look by mixing several straight hairstyles. The hairstyle starts with the French braid, then get turns into a half ponytail secured with the wrap of the hair. You can few waves and curls in the end to get the complete look.

straight with one side everything hairstyles for straight hair

12.) Double The Braid

The double braid is one of the gorgeous hairstyles for straight hair. In this hairstyle, the double braid gets achieved with straight, spiked and side swept. Go for platinum pink to embrace the look.

double the braid hairstyles for straight hair

13.) Plaited Headband

The classy and elegant hairstyle for long hair that is truly sensational. You can get this look by adding a simple braided headband that is going from temple to temple like showing in the picture.

plaited braid hairstyles for straight hair

14.) Sleek Straight Messy Mermaid

Get the sleek straight messy mermaid look in your straight hair. It is one of the modish hairstyles for straight hair. It is a lot easier than it looks.

sleek straight braid hairstyles for straight hair

15.) Knotted Ponytail Twist

When nothing comes in mind, then try stylish and simple knotted ponytail. You can get this look in just a few minutes.

knotted ponytail twist hairstyles for straight hair

16.) Twist and Cornrow for Straight Hair

Creative and beautiful look that makes all the spotlights on you. The twist and cornrow for straight hair are one of the breathtaking hairstyles for straight hair.

twisted cornrow hairstyles for straight hair

17.) Wavy Hair with Braided Crown

Every beautiful girl should have a crown. You can create a braided crown that goes along with your hairline. You can add few waves to get the fairy tale effect.

wavy hair with crown braid hairstyles for straight hair

18.) High Ponytail

Opt for high ponytail which never goes out of trend and always look stylish. The high ponytail is one of the cool hairstyles for straight hair.

high ponytail hairstyles for straight hair

19.) Classic Half Braids

Bringing two braids into cascade at the down of the back. The classic half braids hairstyles are one of the adorable hairstyles for straight hair.

classic half braid hairstyles for straight hair

20.) Long Dramatic Fishtail

When you have long and straight hair, then fishtail will look perfect on you. It is one of the beautiful hairstyles for straight hair.

long dramatic hairstyles for straight hair


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