20 Classy Hairstyles for Girls


Going for a coffee date? Have to attend a wedding tonight? Going for an award function? Have to hang out with friends? Oh! We girls have so many things to do at a time. It’s the wish of every girl to look the paragon of perfection. For this, not only a great outfit but a classy hairstyle is also necessary. Just relax! You are on the right page. Read our article to find out the best classy hairstyles for girls. Choose the hairstyle while keeping in mind the length and cut of your hair.

Best 20 Classy Hairstyles for Girls:

1.) French Braid Ponytail Hairstyles:

french braid ponytail hairstyles for girls

This is one of the most modish hairstyles for girls. Recently, this hairstyle has become a trendsetter among the young girls. The fancy full touch makes this hairstyle fantastic.

2.) Messy Updo with Side Bangs:

messy updo with side bangs hairstyles for girls

There are so many things to do in the morning. Cleaning the house, packing lunch, getting ready etc etc. And on top of all this you have to spend time in hair styling. Just breathe! This messy Updo with side bang is a perfect hairstyle for busy mornings. A clutch clip and you are ready for the office.

3.) High Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls:

high ponytail hairstyles for girls

Chunky hairstyles not always work, especially if you are a business girl or have to attend an important event. Classy hairstyles are exactly what you need at that time. High ponytail is perfect and you just have to pull back your hair and tie tightly. Apply a hair gel to make it look shiny.

4.) Low Side Bun with Side Bangs:

low side bun hairstyles for girls

Who said that only a high bun and a high ponytail can give you a classy hairstyle? A low side bun is no behind in the race. This messy bun resting on the nape will give you a glamorous look.

5.) High Topknot Hairstyles for Girls:

high topknot hairstyles for girls

When you are sporting a high bun look, then it is obvious that you give out sassy vibes. It is not only a sophisticated and classy hairstyle but also the height of this topknot will make you look tall.

6.) Spiral Curls with Single Side Braid:

spiral curls with single braid hairstyles for girls

Whether you are a teenage girl or a young girl, Barbie doll for sure would be your favorite. So why not try a hairstyle that makes you look like a Barbie. The voluminous curls and the single side braid are going to make your hair look exactly like a Barbie.

7.) Sleek and Smooth Layers with Braided Top:

sleek and straight braided top hairstyles for girls

Straight hair is something that every girl love the most. It is an exemplary style to bring a little change in your everyday look. The sleek and smooth texture of this hairstyle will make you look gorgeous.

8.) Red Hot Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls:

red hot ponytail hairstyles for girls

No ponytail is not the main attraction in this hairstyle. The main attraction of this hairstyle is the red color. The red is a great choice for a bold personality. The wavy ends completes the hairstyle.

9.) Messy Side Braid with Side Sweeps:

messy side braid with side sweeps hairstyles for girls

It is not always possible to wash your hair daily. If you have not washed your hair for the past 2 days and you have to reach an event within 30 minutes, then try this loose side braid with side sweeps.

10.) Thick Twisted Side Braid with Braided Bangs:

thick twisted braid with braided bangs hairstyles for girls

If you are looking for an innovative and classy hairstyle, then this thick twisted braid is going to win your heart. Make two simple braids and combine it in the most appropriate manner.

11.) Small Wavy Ponytail with a Pouf:

small wavy ponytail with a pouf hairstyles for girls

By now you must have understood that ponytail alone has so many varieties. Pouf is another element to add to your simple ponytail. The pouf not only changes the style, but also relieves you from the pressure on the head.

12.) Straight Layers with Rounded Fringes:

straight layers with rounded fringes hairstyles for girls

This is one of the most dignified hairstyles for girls. The straight layers will make you look like a diva and the rounded fringes compliments the straight layers perfectly.

13.) High Bun with Braided Wrap:

high bun with braided wrap hairstyles for girls

A high bun with a braided wrap is a two in one hairstyle. It gives you a formal look as well as an informal look. This high bun will make you look cute and classy. You will just love your Barbie look.

14.) Classy French Twist Hairstyles:

french twist hairstyles for girls

If you are sporting a sophisticated hairstyle, then its time to try this French twist. The highlights in this hairstyle will take it to all a new level. Use a good hair spray for a finishing look.

15.) Beehive Hairdo with Side Bangs:

beehive updo hairstyles for girls

This is one of the most mysterious hairstyles for girls. It is a perfect option if you want a retro look. The multiple wrap around the wispy bangs upgrades the level of this hairstyle.

16.) Twisted High Updo with Side Sweep:

twisted high updo hairstyles for girls

If you are going to a formal event, then add a little height to your hairstyle for a regal and beautiful look. This super tall Updo for sure is going to add a few inches of height, which is good for a bold personality.

17.) Braided Crown Hairstyles for Girls:

braided crown hairstyles for girls

This braided crown for sure is going to make you feel like prima donna. The braids that are running on the top of the head looks like a crown. Both braids on both sides of the ear and then flip it over the top of your head.

18.) Half Hairdo with Braids and Curls:

half hairdo with braids and curls hairstyles for girls

This hairstyle has so many attractive and eye-catching elements in it. The curls, braids and a good hair accessory takes this half hairdo to the top number in the list of classy hairstyles. The look which you get is simply enchanting.

19.) Multi Braided Bun Hairstyles:

multi braided bun hairstyles for girls

This charismatic hairstyle is going to win the hearts of all young girls. You just need a handful of pins and 15 minutes to create a multi-braided bun. Just make different kinds of braids and wrap them together to form a multi-braided bun.

20.) Updo with Fringes and Braided Headband:

updo fringes and braided headband hairstyles for girls

This is one of the best classy hairstyles for girls. The fringes and the braided headband are the two eye-catching elements of this hairstyle. Fringes will add a pretty flair to your ordinary bun.


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