How to Messy Updo for a Round Face?


Many girls think that having a round face shape is a burden, but it’s only because you haven’t read this article yet. Girls with a round face look extremely feminine, but the wrong hairstyle can ruin the beauty. A right hairstyle will enhance your face appearance by creating the illusion of a slimmer face. There are certain myths that girls with round should not try every hair texture or carry the same boring hairstyle. Break all the rules and norms and wear a hairstyle that will make you look ravishing and your face slim. Read this article and learn the easy steps to messy Updo for a round face.

Easy Steps to Messy Updo for a Round Face:

1.) Brushing the Crown Section with The Comb:

how to messy Updo for a round face

This is the first and basic step to messy Updo for a round face. Girls with a round face have thin strands and no volume around the face. Therefore a light bouffant is needed to elongate the face. It is necessary to get sufficient lift above the forehead. So to do this back the hair on the crown. Create a U shape parting and comb the hair on the crown.

2.) Create Enough Texture to Messy Updo for a Round Face:

The name of this hairstyle is messy Updo. So obviously the main attraction is the messy texture. If your hair is a bit wavy from nature, then it is a plus point for you. Apply some foam or mousse on damp hair to easily achieve scrunched waves. The crunchiness of the locks will draw the attention towards the hair instead of the face. Start with the locks at the nape and come towards the bangs.

3.) Updo Styling for a Round Face:

You have already come halfway by creating enough texture and volume. This is another important step to messy Updo for a round face. Whether your hairstyle will look fabulous or disastrous depends on this step. So it’s better you do it with full concentration. Make a traditional braid with the hair strands at the nape. Roll this braid in an inward direction and tuck it under the Updo. Use some Bobby pins to secure this Updo. Place the pins in such a way that they are not visible.

4.) Fixing the Messy Updo:

After finishing the Updo now it’s time to fix it so that you can be tension free for all day. Use enough pins to hold it, but make sure it doesn’t look untidy. Curl the side locks for a mesmerizing look. Use a good hairspray so that the Updo stays in its fixed place.

5.) Additional Things to Add to Your Messy Updo for a Round Face:

This messy Updo for a round face is almost ready. Now you just need to decorate it. If you are wearing it on normal days, then there is no need of an embellished hairpin. Going for a jungle party theme? Try floral hairpins or you can also tuck real flowers in your Updo. An embellished hairpin on the messy Updo will look awesome if you are going for a special occasion like a wedding. You can look sexy and spontaneous with this Updo without putting much effort.

Do’s and Dont’s for Girls with a Round Face:

  • Girls with a round face should try waves. It will not only make you look glamorous but also deflects roundness in the face.
  • Don’t go for a bob haircut that is above the chin. It will make your face look more round.
  • Add a lot of layers. Layers divert the attention from the roundness of the face to the beauty of hair.
  • Girls with a round face should never create a center part. It creates the illusion of wider cheeks.
  • If you have a round face and curly hair, then make sure you keep your hair long. Short hair and curly hair are a disastrous combination.
  • Don’t be afraid to try out a new hairstyle. Choose a hairstyle that adds height. A hairstyle with height will make your face appear long.
  • Bangs are a great option for round faces. Instead of going for straight bangs go for angular bangs. Angular bangs create the illusion of a slimmer face.
  • Don’t wear too tight ponytail. Make sure to leave a few strands around the face that frame the face.


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