Best Iconic Bridal Hairstyles


Majestic bridal hairstyles will surely work like the magic wand on your wedding day. As you know every season is wedding season. If you have collected the bundle of magazines for your wedding hairstyle then don’t get confused. We have shared some voguish hairstyle to make your wedding special. Here are iconic bridal hairstyles which are highly fashionable and charming.

20 Iconic Bridal Hairstyles

1.) Heart Braid

You must be looking for a luxurious and elegant hairstyle that makes your wedding unforgettable. You can create many hearts by adding invisible elastics band. If you don’t have much length then you can add an extension to take the style to the next level. The heart braid is one of the gorgeous iconic braid hairstyles. Wear your fancy wedding dress with eye-catching earrings for perfect bride look.

heart braid iconic braid hairstyles

2.) The Crowning Glory For Medium Hair

Are you looking for the regal hairstyle for medium hair?  The style especially comes out from the fashionable fairy tale. On your wedding, you should look like a sparkling fairy that directly comes directly from heaven. A fairy looks incomplete without the accessories so add a beautiful sparkling crown in your hairstyle for a mesmerizing look.

the crowing glory for medium hair iconic braid hairstyles

3.) Low Messy Chignon for Short Hair

The low messy chignon is very suitable for rustic bridal attire. You can go for this cute chignon that accentuates the look with an artificial flower or you can use fresh flowers for a stunning look. The hairstyle is very suitable for the barn wedding. You can secure hairstyle with the help of bobby pins and add spray for the long lasting look.

Low messy chignon iconic braid hairstyles

4.) Curvaceous Curls in the Side Downdo

Long curly hairstyles are not the same. Opt for different curls pattern which can be large curls, loose curls, medium, fluffy or small and tight. Just go for sharply curls that will give you tender and delicate look. The curvaceous curls in the side downdo are one of the sassy iconic bridal hairstyles. You will surely glow like a celebrity on your wedding day.

curvaceous curls for side downdo iconic braid hairstyles

5.) Top Knot Bun

When you ready with your designer then select the right bridal hairstyle that maintains the perfect balance. If you’re wearing off-shoulder, strapless or designer neck then try top knot bun. You can create your own beautiful crown on your top of the head. Add chunky pieces from the front that really make a statement in your look.

top knot bun iconic braid hairstyles

6.) Boho Chic Hairstyle

You can go for the polished and relaxed look that really look pretty on a wedding. Go for the layered hairstyle which adds fun and movement to your look. Magnify your beautiful updo with hair accessories to take the style to whole new level. Go with pearl pins that add shine in your hairstyle. The boho-chic hairstyle is one of the sassy iconic braid hairstyles.

Boho chic hairstyle iconic braid hairstyles

7.) V-shaped Wedding Downdo with A Lace Braid

Opt for the V-shaped braided hairstyle which looks fantastic to garnish a strapless dress. The hairstyle looks extremely amazing with a lace top wedding hairstyle. You can go for the inverted braid that adds curves to your hairstyle. On your big decorate your hairstyle with the fresh flower that perfect look for blushing bride.

V shaped wedding downdo iconic braid hairstyles

8.) Asymmetrical Curly Hairstyle

You can opt for the curly hair and sleek roots that are great combination for a bridal look. Go for this lovely hairstyle with an asymmetrical twist by pinning your hair higher on the one side and lower on the other side. Wear your best makeup for doll look. The asymmetrical curly hairstyle is one of the best iconic bridal hairstyles.

Asymmterical wedding hairstyle iconic braid hairstyles

9.) Curly Bridal Updo

The hairstyle is best for those ladies who love to tame their locks and still with a soft and elegant look. Tuck and pin the curly hair loosely at the nape for more natural look. Add a finishing touch with chunky accessories.

Curly bridal upod iconic braid hairstyles

10.) Neat Bridal Hairdo with Headband

If you want to go simple hairstyle then go with hair accessories like pearl headbands that add charm to your look. The hairstyle looks very pretty in bob length haircut. It is one of the striking iconic bridal hairstyles.

neat bridal hairdo with headband iconic braid hairstyles

11.) Braided Wedding Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Go for a bohemian hairstyle with a crown braid hairstyle that looks amazing with the delicate floral headband. You can go for the cascade of a soft and touchable wave in spontaneous hairstyles.

braided hairstyles for curly hair iconic braid hairstyles

12.) Sleek and Simple Wedding Hair

If you want to sleek and sultry look then go for this simple hairstyle. You can embrace the waves towards the ends and add accessories to get the glamorous look.

Sleek and simple hairstyle iconic braid hairstyles

13.) Short Hairstyle with Vintage Curls

Brides with vintage hairdos add a dose of femininity. You can make this hairstyle more amazing with eye-catching accessories really makes a statement in your look.

Short hairstyles for vintage curls iconic braid hairstyles

14.) Curly Updo for Short Hair

Many women think there are fewer styling options available in the short hairstyle. But fortunately, it is not true. You can select the right haircut from the plenty of option available in the style for your wedding. Go for a twisted hairdo with flower accessories that really look wonderful.

Curly updo for short hair iconic braid hairstyles

15.) Voluminous Curly Bob Hairstyle

Opt for bob haircut that adds style to your hairstyle. As these curls tousled into fluffy curls. You can enhance your hair texture with curl enhancer that looks extremely sassy.

Voluminous curly hairstyle iconic braid hairstyles

16.) Messy Chignon Updo

The hairstyle adds a pretty and girly touch to your look. You can go for bridal updo which is relaxed and twist into a classic chignon.

Messy chignon updo iconic braid hairstyles

17.) Edgy and Curly Chin Length Wedding Bob

You can go for this hairstyle that matches your wedding dress. Add a mixture of soft curls and bold rigid flicks to make the style sensational.

Edgy chin curly chin length iconic braid hairstyles

18.) Braid and Ponytail

If you are looking for the hairstyle which is stylish and comfortable then go for braid and ponytail. The braid and ponytail are one of the modish iconic hairstyles.

Braid and ponytail iconic braid hairstyles

19.) Brushed Back Bun

You need to add the little creativity in wedding updo for celebrity look. The brushed back bun is one of the trendy iconic braid hairstyles.

brushed back bomb iconic braid hairstyles

20.) Bubble Updo

The bubble updo is truly bride and fashionable. While choosing jewelry just make sure that it get matched with fancy outfits.

Bubble updo hairstyle iconic braid hairstyles


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