20 Inspiring Winter Hair Colors


Sitting beside the bonfire, having good food and a touch of the friendly hand is something that you just can’t miss. Winter seasons are the favorite of most of the people. It is a season that gives you the opportunity to try warm colors and adds dimension to your hair. It is a perfect time to go for dark and dramatic colors. If you are looking for some inspiration then read this article and end your quest with the list of 20 inspiring winter hair colors.

Best 20 Inspiring Winter Hair Colors:

1.) Golden Blonde Winter Hair Colors:

golden blonde winter hair colors

The blend of warm golden strands and a blonde color is just unquestionable. This hair color looks amazing in winters as the gold color warms up everything. The highlights work greatly in winters.

2.) Strawberry Blonde Bombshell:

strawberry blonde bombshell winter hair colors

The warm and sunny strawberry blonde hair color is going to lift up your mood and make your winters special. For the roots, you can try ash rosewood hair color. It blends amazingly with the strawberry blonde hair color.

3.) Somber Babylights Winter Hair Colors:

sombre babylights winter hair colors

The energy of this hair color will make you ready for the upcoming winter. Whether it is about clothes or hair, bright colors look awesome in winters. The two shades of highlights will look flattering on a medium brown base.

4.) Honey Blonde Winter Hair Colors:

honey blonde winter hair colors

This image of the girl having honey blonde hair is for sure going to inspire you. This warm color will brighten up your mood and fill you up with life in winters.  Shades of honey blonde are very much welcomed by girls during the winter seasons.

5.) Rich Espresso Hair Colors:

rich espresso winter hair colors

If you are bored of the countless variations of balayage, lowlights, and highlights then try this improbable rich dark color. This hair color makes your hair look shiny in the dead of winter.

6.) Rich Auburn Hair Color for Winters:

rich auburn winter hair colors

Though this fiery shade of auburn will warm up your face, but it is a great choice for winters. This striking pop color will go with your colored outfits as well as jeweled stones.

7.) Dark Mahogany Winter Hair Colors:

dark mahogany winter hair colors

If you are all set on going for a darker hair color, then try this outstanding shade of ultra-dark chocolate mauve. The plum undertones are perfect for adding vibrancy. Girls with a fair skin tone look charismatic in this hair color.

8.) Platinum Ice Hair Colors for Winter:

platinum ice winter hair colors

No doubt that this hair color requires a lot of maintenance, but it is also a glamorous color to beat the winter blues. You are going to lose your heart at this amazing icy color.

9.) Mocha Brown Winter Hair Colors:

mocha brown winter hair colors

Most of the girls choose dark and cool colors at the arrival of winters. But just have a look at this warm mocha brown. This alluring hair color will soften up your complexion during the deadly winters.

10.) Silver Fox Hair Colors for Winter:

silver fox winter hair colors

It is impossible to neglect gray hair color when you are searching for vibrant hair colors for winter. Maybe it takes a little more time to get this elegant hair color, but the results are worth.

11.) Soft Ginger Hair Colors for Winters:

soft ginger winter hair colors

This spicy hair color is a perfect option for cool weather. It will instantly brighten up your pale skin. The striking balance between the golden copper and bronzed brown is amazing and alluring.

12.) Chestnut Ombre Winter Hair Colors:

chestnut winter hair colors

The contrasting hues will give you a look that is beyond perfection. Dark brunettes and golden chestnut work amazingly well. This a great way to rock a dip-dyed look. It goes well with most of the skin textures.

13.) Peacock Hair Colors for Winters:

peacock winter hair colors

If you are a selfie queen, then this is just a picture perfect hair color. The lovely color combination of teal blue and lavender will make your winters more colorful and energetic. Keep your hair open to show off the beautiful hue.

14.) Dark Burgundy Ombre Hair Color:

dark ombre burgundy winter hair colors

This dark burgundy ombre hair color will let other people know about your wonderful taste. It not only gives you a chic look, but your pictures also come amazing. The play up of plum is very striking and beautiful.

15.) A Mix of Orange and Yellow Hair Colors:

mix of orange and yellow winter hair colors

If you are wishing to do something daring this month, then try this blend of orange and yellow hair colors. The yellow highlights accentuate this shade instantly. It will be impossible for people to take off their eyes from your vibrant hair.

16.) Chocolate Fade Winter Hair Colors:

chocolate fade winter hair colors

A cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream is one of the classic drinks of winter. Why not take some hair color inspiration from this drink? The balayage or ombre shade will give you a chance to flaunt the beauty of your hair.

17.) Tera Cotta Red Hair Colors:

tera cotta winter hair colors

Whether it’ winters, summers or spring red color has always been in the season. The tera-cotta red with undertones of blue will give you a cool and casual look. Try this updated version of ombre this winter.

18.) Chocolate Ombre Winter Hair Colors:

chocolate ombre winter hair colors

Are you looking for a contradicting color this season? If yes, then leave behind the ombre and go for a chocolate brunette color. This warm color is perfect for the winter season.

19.) White Platinum Curls:

white platinum winter hair colors

This season also calls out for the lighter metallic shades. This platinum blonde with an ash blonde base is perfect for this winter season. The fabulous coloristic solution is going to give you a super sexy look.

20.) Black and Subtle Brown Hair:

black and subtle brown hair winter hair colors

No doubt that the beauty of black increases in winter, but you can’t ignore this fact, that a solid black color hue can make you look gloomy. Try to add some cacao bean brown highlights and get an amazing look.


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