Top 10 Home Hair Color


Many women in this land afraid to use the hair color. As the hair color available in the market contains a high chemical which leads to breakage and damage to the hair. If you are turning old and your hair is getting gray, then restrict yourself for hair color. Don’t use those heavy and high expensive hair color. Just dye your hair at home safely with no harsh effect. Get the awesome and flawless home hair color without wasting money in the hair salon.

home hair color

Home Hair Color Product that You Need:

1.) Clairol Natural Instinct

Clairol natural instinct is hair care product that offers you many benefits. You can easily get this product which is available in the red and brown color. It not only help you to color your gray hair, but also offers you plenty of benefits that help in achieving the goal of home hair color. The product helps you to provide the shine and add coverage to your hair. Just try this effective home hair color and see the results in the color tone of the hair.

2.) Clairol Nice ‘n Easy

Amazing.. It is one of the super home hair colors for blonde hair. The best thing about the blonde hair hue is that it easily covers all the gray hair. It gets easily absorbed by your hair and actually takes very long time to fade. There is one truth about this hair color that it has a strong chemical smell.

3.) Revlon Color Silk

The Revlon color is great home hair color. You can use this product as home hair color as it adds shine and also hide your gray hair beautifully. But it may get fade due to UV exposure and may be four weeks after washing your hair. But it’s a worthy and great home hair color to try.

4.) Zotos Age Beautiful Anti-aging Permanent Liquid- Crème Hair Color

The hair color is very popular and gets highly used by the people because of its effective result. It is one of the best and trendy hair colors that surely hide your all gray hair color. As many says, if the person will try this hue first time, then it is a guarantee that they will become the life-long customer. It provides you best qualities to color your hair at home.

5.) Loreal Paris Couleur Expert

This one of the hair color that magnify your looks and change your overall appearance. Add beauty and charm to your hair with effective hair color. It will make your hair softer and shiner in no time. Flaunt your colored head and be a head turner.

 Best Natural Home Hair Color:

1.) Tea for Home Hair Color

You must be in a shock, but yes, tea works well as home hair color. You can get natural hair color with a home ingredient which surely gives best hair color. The ingredients that work as a natural hair color are Strong coffee, black tea, tea made from walnut shell, or cloves. If you want to get natural highlights without using chemical products then use the tea of chamomile flowers. You can reddish hair color from the cloves. You just have to simply use the tea to get the natural home hair color.

2.) Carrot and Beetroot Juice

You can prepare this great dye at home with the help of home ingredients like carrot and Beetroot that give you absolutely stunning hair color. You just have to grind some carrots and beets to prepare your home color. Take the empty spray bottle and mix the juices into the bottle. Wash your hair before applying the dye on your hair. Make sure your hair is damp before applying the mixture on the tresses. Directly apply the paste on your damp hair from the tip to root and sit in the sunlight for the process. You will the sunlight will overtone the red shade of hair. So get the desired color by dying your gray hair with natural paste.

3.) Saffron Home Hair Color

Saffron is the best to achieve the brown shade to your gray hair. If you want to prepare the natural home hair color, then you need to follow some steps. Take a cup of water, add saffron and boil it. Just take the saffron with two cups of water for 20 minutes. Remove it from the heat and leave the solution to cool down. Now apply that solution on the scalp and leave it for about some time to get dry. Rinse the mixture with your normal and see the magical hue.

4.) Henna Home Hair Color

Henna works super as natural ingredients when you use it as a dye. To prepare the home color, you need to mix some henna with the appropriate amount of water. Mix these ingredients perfectly to get the smooth mixture. Apply the mixture on your hair and leave it for the half an hour. Simply wash your hair and you will the red shade in the first wash. You will get brown if you have gray hair.

5.) Food Colors

Food colors work best as a natural dye for home hair color. For instant use, you can mix these foods with hair conditioner and then apply to your hair. Keep the solution in your hair for 30 minutes, then rinse it with water. It’s great temporary home hair color for you.


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