How to Stop Smoking Weed?


When you are addicted to something, then it becomes really difficult to give up wrong habits. You develop a sense of satisfaction with the things you are addicted. So, if you are addicted to smoking weed, then don’t worry there are several ways to treat this problem. In this article, we going to guide you regarding various ways to stop smoking weed.

Effects of Marijuana:

Marijuana comes from hemp plant known as Cannabis sativa. It contains a very active ingredient known as THC that makes you feel so high. But, this temporary pleasure may affect your health adversely. So, it is really important to know various ill effects weed provide to your health.

Few Physical Effects of Marijuana on Health:

  • Dizziness
  • Increased appetite
  • Shallow breathing
  • Dilated pupils
  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • You will have slower reaction time. So, if any action is happening around you then it becomes really difficult for you to react against it and this is the reason why the chances of the accident will increase.

Serious Effects of Marijuana on Your Health:

  • You may suffer from a problem of low blood pressure.
  • You may face the problem of heart attack or heart stroke.
  • Smoking increases heart rate up to 2 times in 3 hours.
  • It may cause lung infection and lung cancer.

How to Stop Smoking Weed

Ways to Stop Smoking Weed:

Well, it is not easy to treat Marijuana addiction. It is considered to be a very difficult task to quit smoking weed as it becomes really difficult for the people to resist the feeling and hunger to have weed. At the primary stage, you just give a try to it. But later on, this condition becomes addiction from a hobby. So, if you are facing problem to stop smoking weed. Then read these ways to make your problem quite simpler.

1.) Try Will Power (Cold Turkey):

There are a psychological significance and reason behind your addiction. You are going to face various psychological and physical withdrawl symptoms when you are going to stop smoking weed. Remember THC is stored in the fat cells of your body and it get released into the bloodstream slowly. You are always going to get the feeling that something is missing in your life and it is completely hard to resit such feeling. In this case, it is really important to keep your will power strong to avoid withdrawl symptoms. Your psychological power can bring a huge difference in your life. So, choose this way and try to avoid intense carvings at any cost.

2.) Take Addiction Counselling:

Try out talk therapy. When nothing goes right in life, at that moment a simple talk can solve any kind of problem. Take a guidance of a psychiatrist or a psychologist. This is one of the best ways to know why you are feeling this way and how to deal with such situations. A psychologist will pay attention towards underlying issues. Moreover, he/she will guide you after analyzing your situation. Also, you need to remain focused regarding your aim and choose the right kind of therapist. So, take guidance of right therapist to stop smoking weed.

3.) Rehab to Stop Smoking Weed:

If everything is going out of your hand then it is really important to visit a rehabilitation clinic. But, it needs financial as well as time commitment. Though, marijuana is not a harder drug. It is easy to quit it. Though there are certain chronic marijuana users who can impair their potential and they cann not resist it any cost. In such situation, it is really important for them to visit rehabilitation center.

4.) Support System:

A support plays a major role in maintaining your will. At times, you may lose focus in your life and go out of the track. At that point of time, it is really important to get proper support from your dear ones to stay commiteed to your words as well as your aim. So, it is really important to get the support of your friends and family members to stop smoking weed.

5.) Stay in Right Company:

Your company plays a major role in your life. If you really want to stop smoking weed, then you need to take a step to remain in the right company. Good people will motivate you regarding the right things in your life. They will work as a great support system in your life. Also, you need to avoid the company of smokers at any cost. They will smoke infront of you and you may get the intense urgency to smoke. So, it is really important to avoid them to resist cravings. Non-smokers can guide you in the right way while smokers may demotivate you and influence you for the wrong things. So, choose your company wisely if you are planning to stop smoking weed.

6.) Avoid Cravings:

It is real to ignore intense urge of smoking if you want to stop smoking weed. These intense cravings will influence to smoke, but you need to avoid that at any cost. If you will take even a single weed then you will again get addicted. So, one you have blown the last weed of your life. Then simply make a commitment to never touch it in future ever.

7.) Keep Yourself Occupied:

When you are idle your mind is filled with various thoughts. Some thoughts may be good while the majority of them are wrong. Therefore, it is really important to avoid such feelings at any cost. You need to keep yourself busy and occupied if you want to resist the feeling of having weed. When you are addicted to something, then you get a greater urgency to have that thing. In such situations, you need to focus on the right things instead of the bad things. And this can be done by keeping your occupied in doing something. So, keep your mind and yourself busy to stop smoking weed naturally.

8.) Try to Change Your Routine:

It is really important to make a change in your daily routine. Don’t sit idle, try to find out some hobby. Also, try to switch up routine so you don’t miss weed. In addition, keep on doing something especially at the time you spent getting high. Try to follow a healthy diet. Also, change everything and replace it that keeps on reminding you about your past. It is your new life, so you need to make certain changes in your old routine.

9.)Marijuana Anonymous:

Marijuana Anonymous provide a lot of information on weed dependence. It works the same way as Alcoholic Anonymous that means it involves doing a 12-step program. But it has only 5-10% of success rate. So, try marijuana anonymous to quit smoking weed.

10.) Take a Help of a Therapist:

The underlying issues behind usage of marijuana is depression and anxiety. You may investigate cognitive-behaviorial therapy. This may help you to overcome anxiety and depression. Visit a good therapist and have a look at different modalities and types of therapy to stop smoking weed forever.


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