How to Get Rid of Wasps?


If there is wasps around your premises then you need to get rid of wasps as soon as possible. Because no one wants to get stung by these insects. As soon as you discover these insects in your home follow the below-listed ways to get rid of wasps. These remedies are 100% effective. However, make sure that you wear protective clothes while dealing with the wasps. Read more, to know ways to get rid of wasps.

How to get rid of wasps

Ways to Get Rid of Wasps:

1.) Pesticide Spray to Get Rid of Wasps

Pesticides such as an aerosol spray are one of the best remedies to eliminate wasps. Use the pesticides which are designed for wasps only because other pesticides do not work on a wasps.

How to Use a Pesticide?

  • Before using the pesticide, cover yourself with protective clothing otherwise, it will harm you.
  • Determine the sites where wasps are generally found. Once you have detected the sites you are ready to use pesticide spray.
  • Spray the pesticide around the nest and leave the place.
  • If you do not get positive results in one go then spray it regularly until all wasps are dead.
  • Once the wasps are dead clean the area and immediately dispose of the nest and dead wasps.

2.) Dish Soap to Get Rid of Wasps

Dish soap is a natural remedy to get rid of wasps. It is completely safe and sound. A solution of water and soap dish will enable them to fly and thus they will die.

How to Use Dish Soap?

  • In the spray bottle mix warm water and dish soap. Shake it well before using.
  • Spray this mixture in the nest of the wasps. If you do not get desired results in the first time then repeat this process.

3.) Insecticidal Dust to Get Rid of Wasp

You can also use insecticidal dust to eliminate the wasps. It is an ideal remedy for removing ground nests.  It can easily penetrate in the nest and kill the wasps.

How to Use Insecticidal Dust:

  • In the early morning or during night spray the insecticidal dust into the nests of the waspswasps. Make sure that before doing so you vacate the area and cover yourself with the protective clothing.
  • Do not cover the block the nest let them enter and exit freely so that the insecticidal can work effectively.
  • Repeat this until there is no wasps in your home.

4.) Smoke to Get Rid of Wasps

If you do not want to use pesticides or insecticides then smoke can be a good alternative. It will suffocate the wasps and so they won’t be able to breathe and eventually they will die.

How to Kill Wasps?

  • Light a smoke around or beneath the wasps’s nest.
  • The smoke will enter the nest and will suffocate the wasps, as a result, they will die.
  • However, do not follow this remedy in your premises. It is ideal for an aerial nest that hung from the tree.

5.) Vacuum Cleaner to Get Rid of Wasps

This is probably one of the easiest ways to eliminate wasps. Make sure that it has a long enough wand that can reach the nest. Moreover, the back of the vacuum should have grill or lining so that wasps do not escape.

How to Use Vacuum Cleaner?

  • Add some soapy water into the vacuum cleaner. Fix the suction tube near the nest so that it can suck the wasps and solution present in it can kill the wasps.
  • Turn on the vacuum and use it until the nest is empty.
  • Then immediately block the suction tube so that the wasps cannot exit from there.
  • Leave the vacuumed cleaner and clean it after a few hours when all wasps are dead.

6.) Water to Get Rid of Wasps

Another remedy to eliminate wasps is, throw a bucket full of water on the nest. However, this remedy is applicable for aerial nests only.

How to Use Water?

  • Before starting the process wear protective clothes. Then with all the safety cover the nest with a cotton cloth and tie it with a string. Do this in such a manner that the entire nest is covered and wasps cannot move around.
  • The place a tub or bucket full of water beneath the nest. Pull the branch and the entire nest will fall down in the bucket of water.
  • Cover the nest with stone and leave it overnight. The wasps will get suffocated and thus they will die.
  • Next morning check the bucket and discard it immediately.

7.) Hang a Fake Nest to Prevent the Wasps

If the wasps haven’t made their nest in your home or around then huts hang a fake nest. Wasps are very territorial and therefore, they won’t make the nest where there is already a nest. In this way, wasps will not make their nest. You do not have to scratch your head for these fake nests are easily available in the market. So get one for yourself and use it to prevent the building of wasps nest around.

8.) Plants that Deter Wasps

Another way of eliminating the wasps is to grow plants that deter wasps. Plants like eucalyptus, wormwood, citronella and mint are good wasps’s deterrents. You can grow these plants in your garden. Or you can place the pot of these plants in your home as well. These plants will frighten the wasps and they will eliminate the place. This is also one of the best ways to prevent the wasps from forming their nest in or around your home.

9.) Traps to Get Rid of Wasps

Wasp traps sound one of the easiest ways to get rid of the wasps however, it is difficult then it seems. Make a glass trap and place bait in it which will attract the wasps. Once the wasps will enter into the traps it will get close and they will trap in it. You can also buy a wasps’s trap from the market as well. However, before using this wear protective clothing and vacate the place around. You might not be lucky at first. So try it once again.

10.) Hang a Sandwich Filled with Water

To keep the wasps away from your house hang a sandwich filled with water around your home. The wasps will believe it a spider web and will do not make their nest there. It can also act as wasps’s deterrent. It is one of the easiest and safest ways to prevent the wasps from entering in your home or around.

Tips to Get  Rid of Wasp:

  • Block all the underground nest so that they cannot enter in and escape.
  • Before following any of the above remedies takes care of your safety.
  • Keep the sweets and sugar in the airtight container since wasps are attracted to sugar only.
  • Keep the pesticides and insecticides out of the children’s contact
  • Damage the wasps nest only at the night since they are not active that time.
  • After executing your plan of action vacate the place.


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