How to Get Rid of Centipedes?


Centipedes are nasty pest that have 100 and more legs and are in brown in color. They have a flattened and many body segments. They have one leg attached with most of the body parts which makes them quick to walk. These creatures usually live outside and enter the home in the search of the food. They prefer to live in the damp areas like concrete foundation of the house or in wholes. It is believed that centipedes are nocturnal and thus they are active during night only. A centipede usually does not bite a human being but in order to save himself, he tends to bite the person. Centipede bite might lead to a swelling, itching and rashes. However, they do not harm the household furniture’s. Read more, to know ways to get rid of centipedes.

How to Get Rid of Centipedes

Ways to Get Rid of Centipedes:

1.) Kill Centipedes when you See Them

The best way to get rid of centipedes is kill it on the sight. Whenever you find a centipede kill it. Since this nasty creature has various and long legs thus you have to be quick. The best thing about these pests is they do not invade homes in a colony like ants. So, you can easily stomp them. However, if you are afraid of centipedes then simply use vacuum cleaner to kill them. If you do not feel, killing to be a good option then simply collect the pest in a jar and release him outside. Be careful while handling the centipede.

2.) Create a Sticky Trap to Get Rid of Centipedes

If you cannot kill the centipede, then prepare a trap to get rid of it. Sticky traps are nice option. As centipedes, will easily get stick to it and will not be able to move. This insect might help you to get rid of the other insects that have found shelter in your home. You can prepare a glue trap to kill the centipedes. However, this method is quite effective for small centipedes, large one can only leave behind their legs.

3.) Cayenne Pepper to Get Rid of Centipedes

This is one of the effective measures to get rid of centipedes. Cayenne paper discourages the centipedes intrusion. However, keep it away from the pets and kids. Cayenne paper has a compound that not let the centimes to survive. So, either they will die on the spot or they will not enter the vicinity after smelling it. So, it is a good option to try in order to get rid of centipedes.

4.) Use Insecticides to Get Rid of Centipedes

Another way to get rid of centipedes is insecticide. Nothing can be effective and powerful then this remedy. These insecticides are easily available at the drug stores. The only problem with this remedy is it is toxic in nature and thus it could be harmful for pets and kids. So, make sure keep them away from the insecticides. Spread good amount of insecticides at the places where these nasty creatures are mostly found. However, if you do not want to use chemicals and wont to opt for eco-friendly solutions then boric acid and food grade diatomaceous earth is a nice remedy. These natural insecticides are equally effective.

4.) Put a Barrier Around your Home to Prevent Centipedes

The chemical and natural insecticides will kill the centipedes, but rather than killing them it is best to stop their entry in the house. Centipedes do not grow in the home. They grow outside and in search of the food they enter into a premise. To prevent the invasion, it is best to put barriers around your entire home. You can simply spread the insecticides around your home. If they will try to try the house the barrier will not let them to do so and kill them instead. For this purpose, you can also use organic pesticides that has cyhalothrin that is also used to get rid of ants.

5.) Call for Professional Help to Get Rid of Centipedes

If nothing works for you than simply look for professional help to eradicate this nasty creature. You can either hire a exterminator for this person. Exterminator will examine your home thoroughly and look for the centipedes. Once they will be able to key areas where they are generally found or enter home, they will destroy the eggs of centipedes. Since they are professionals so they know numerous tactics to deal with this nasty creature.

Ways to Keep away Centipedes:

1.) Make Sure there is no pest in your Home

Centipedes enter in a home in the search of the food. They feed on other pests. So, make sure there is no pest in your home. Moreover, insects like roaches, spiders also call for the invasion of the centipedes, so make sure there are no cockroaches, ants, bed bugs in your home. In fact, these insects are not good for the home as well. It is believed that centipede without food is good like a dead centipede. If he will not get the food, he will soon vacant your home.

2.) Keep Your Home Dry

What else you can do to prevent the invasion of the centipedes is keep your home dry. Damp and filthy floors allure pest like centipedes to get in. So, to avoid this keep your home dry and clean. Moreover, centipedes need moist environment to leave in. Thus, if they don’t find the area moist they tend to die or choose to keep away from such places. Clean your closets, basements and all the other damp areas. You simply use dehumidifier for this purpose. Alternatively, you can place packets of silica in all the areas that tend to be damp. Silica is a nice absorbent that rips of the moisture and makes the area dry.

3.) Remove Organic Materials from In and Around the House

As we already told you that centipedes do not grow in the house they tend to enter inside in search of found so if they will find food around your home, the chances of them to enter in the house will increase. So, it is better to keep the place around your home clean. For this place firewood, tarpaulin and firewood’s. Also, compost the bins far away from your house. Remove all the possible compost, woods, leaves and organic debris. Moreover, make sure the place in and around is dry and not damp.

4.) Cut Off the Entrance Points to Prevent Centipedes

The best way to get rid of centipedes is cut off all the entrance points. Cutting all points will make sure that the bugs do not enter in the home. For this seal the cracks, the concrete foundations and fill the spaces of the windows and doors.

  • For this you can apply a weather-stripping outside the house this will not let the centipede enter in.
  • Fill all the possible holes.
  • Look at downspouts and gutter and clean the potholes near and around your home. Block the natural flow of the water that connects to the gutter. This will definitely work in your favor.


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