How to Avoid Bothering Your Busy Boyfriend?


It happens sometimes in a relationship that one person tends to stay busier than other. Staying too much busy of one partner may often lead another partner to get bored and eventually depressed. There can be many causes for your boyfriend to stay busy maybe he too wants to spend time with you but he is not able to do so due to his busy schedule. Maybe he has to deal with a lot of stuff which he can’t even share with you. When you do not get your boyfriend to pay attention to you as he used to do before then you may feel bad and disheartened. But it is time for you to think from his point of view. You need to avoid bothering your busy boyfriend to keep your relationship happy and satisfied.

How to Avoid Bothering Your Busy Boyfriend

Steps to Avoid Bothering Your Busy Boyfriend

1.) Keep Yourself Busy to Avoid Bothering Your Busy Boyfriend

You tend to get bored easily because in comparison to your boyfriend you stay idle. When you will have fewer things to do then you will feel that your boyfriend stays too much busy because you yourself would have plenty of spare time. Therefore, try to keep yourself busy in order to avoid bothering your busy boyfriend. At least try to be busy as much your boyfriends stay busy.

When you will keep yourself busy with your work then you will keep your mind deviated from your boyfriend and will have less time to think about him which will help you to be less bothering to your boyfriend.

2.) Keep Up with His Schedule to Avoid Bothering your Busy Boyfriend

When you will yourself update with your boyfriend’s schedule then you will think before bothering him. To avoid bothering your busy boyfriend try to keep yourself updated with his day to day schedule. You can ask him directly about his schedule and it is not a bad thing. He would also understand that you get bored and there is nothing wrong in being concerned about where your boyfriend is. Understand what keeps your boyfriend busy and do not show him that you mistrust him. Tell him that you only need to know it because you are concerned about him.

3.) Let Your Boyfriend Call to Avoid Bothering Your Busy Boyfriend

Whenever you feel like calling your boyfriend then have self-respect and wait for your boyfriend to call. You just need to not call your boyfriend when you feel the urge for doing it. When you do not like to wait then make him wait and avoid his few calls and make him feel how you feel when you wait for him to pick up your call. If you will keep on disturbing him with your numerous calls and texts then he may get annoyed and even think for a break in the relationship. If you will always keep on calling then you will not be valued as before, have some self-respect and wait for him to call.

4.) Learn to Have Patience

Patience is very much required in every field of life. When you have patience then you can win many situations easily. Even in the past, many wars have been won due to the right patience. It is always better to think and act than to act and then think about it. If you will start to analyze your actions then you will get to know where you are wrong and where you should stop.

You can learn to be patient by meditating and focusing on most important things first. Try to do the work which is more important than calling your boyfriend. This would help you to avoid bothering your busy boyfriend.

5.) Trust Him to Avoid Bothering Your Busy Boyfriend

When you will have trust in your boyfriend then you will know that he is probably busy to avoid your calls. When you have trust in our boyfriend then you will not mistrust him if he does not pick up your call and as you will know that he is not trying to avoid you he is just busy at the moment. If you will keep bothering your busy boyfriend then he might even think that you may not have trust in him. A great way to avoid bothering your busy boyfriend and show him that you trust him is to stop calling him again and again.

6.) Plan a Particular Time to Have a Talk over Phone

When you will know his schedule then it will be easier for you to choose the better timings when he will be available to take calls. To avoid bothering your busy boyfriend, plan a time with him when you can call him. You can fix time like before going to sleep or after office hours or time when he would be traveling. These are those timings when you will find your boyfriend generally free to have a talk. Tell your boyfriend how you feel when you are not able to talk with him and decide a particular time to have a chat or talk with him.

7.) Divert Your Mind When You Feel Urge to Bother Your Boyfriend

Many times it happens that you just call your boyfriend because you have nothing to do and you are getting bored. When you feel like calling your boyfriend again and again despite the fact that he is not picking up your call then you need to take your thoughts to somewhere else. The more your will keep thinking about your boyfriend the more you will have the urge to call him. Therefore when you need to avoid bothering your busy boyfriend then you divert your mind from your phone to something else. That time you can do a bit of cooking or you can go out for a shopping or do whatever you feel like just don’t call your boyfriend for a while.

8.) Learn to Have Fun on Your Own

When you will know how to have fun in your life without your boyfriend then you will stop bothering your busy boyfriend. Do things which keep you engaged and are funny to do. Your boyfriend will also like the fact that you are enjoying when he is busy instead of bothering him. Make a list of things which makes you happy and which you would like to do in your spare time. Whenever you feel that your boyfriend is busy start doing one of those things. It will help you to keep yourself engaged and time will also fly very soon.

9.) Go Out with Your Friends to Avoid Bothering Your Busy Boyfriend

Spending time with your friends will give you immense pleasure. When you need to avoid bothering your busy boyfriend then you probably should start living your own life. Do not be clingy always and give him space and have your own space and freedom. When you feel that your boyfriend is too busy then you can call your friends and go out with them to have fun. With friends whatever you do becomes funny & memorable and you will have a great time without your boyfriend.

10.) Stop Your Negative Thoughts to Avoid Bothering Your Busy Boyfriend

It mostly happens when you are angry or frustrated. Negative thoughts come easily in minds when you are not in a good mood. When you call your boyfriend again and again and he does not pick up your call then instead of having negative and bad thoughts try to be positive. There might be many valid reasons for him to not pick up your call and you need to trust him with that. When you will start thinking negative then many things will come up in your mind which may not even exist and it can be bad for your relationship. Therefore, instead of having negative thoughts try to stay positive and divert your mind on something else.


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